Thursday, August 28, 2014

Business Expenses - Rubicon Aegis, LLC

Rayelan said she would reimburse me for business expenses related to the start up of Rubicon Aegis, in which I was to have a part ownership.  She asked me to look into where we could best incorporate.  I did so.  Later, I discovered she had incorporated in Ohio in 2010.  Rayelan refused to explain this to me. 

I kept receipts for some time, stopping when it was clear I would not be compensated, as I had been promised. 

If I had wanted to leave the cabin I had multiple options within California, Arizona, and Oregon.  I had close family then living in Oregon and friends sprinkled along the coast in California.   But I preferred to stay at the cabin with my library and my own things.    Among my objections, which Rayelan had to overcome, was the cost of driving to Ohio.  To get me there Rayelan paid for most of the trip.  

Because of my eyesight, and this I had also raised as an objection, I could only drive during the day.  This meant the trip would be much longer than for a normally sighted person. 

While it might seem normal to Rayelan for people to work for her without compensation this was not normal for me.  I was always looking for clients and projects and expected to be paid. 

In going to Ohio to help Rayelan stablize her health and the problems she told me she had with the Powers - Lee Family and then return to California no later than May, 2012.  Again, Rayelan worked to persuade me to extend the stay. 

Business Expenses – RMN

Trip to Ohio

Setting up office in Ohio


Desk, for work $89.99 from Amazon

HP Printer - $139.00

Manchester Project

Books Purchased

Splendor and Squalor - Paid by Visa:  $13.99 (private card, to be compensated)

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