Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Will the real Rayelan AKA Darlene Rae Smith of Salinas, please stand up?

First, let us dispense with the illusions Rayelan uses to cloak herself and Rumor Mill News.
  • Rumor Mill News is a reposting site. The overwhelming majority of its agents put up stories originally published elsewhere. Sometimes they follow the correct rules for usage, sometimes not.

  • The Internet has a multitude of reposting sites. RMN is in no way unique and the time it takes for hot, breaking stories to be noticed and posted there can lag badly on occasion.
Second, who is GreyOtter? Excuse my cynicism but my first thought was that this is another pseudonym for Jeff Gordon, AKA Hobie, AKA Zapper. It would be good to see some proof and stop the use of multiple identities. These do not fool the CIA or other government agencies. They are only intended to fool RMN Readers. 

And regarding this little gem:

This is a GreyOtter
"....and those readers who think they have the right
to "DEMAND" rumor mill provide a complete "balance sheet",
try that with the "Washington Post" or "New York Times".
These are my own personal thoughts.

Perhaps RMN Readers believe if they donate for years and invest in a Family Camp Ground AKA Survival Compound, they have a right to know where their money went.   Just guessing! 

P.S.  The New York Times and Washington Post don't find it necessary to panhandle. 

The Issue of Advertising

When Rayelan asked me to take over doing the advertising for RMN there was practically no ad income. I was told Angel was handling it before. Rayelan said Angel charged $50 a month, no matter what the placement. 
No accounting was ever produced so I could know what really went on before my arrival.
Starting from scratch, I did research and discovered RMN was badly under pricing its ad space and put together a new tiered plan, including the banner ads in the middle. 
This was when I discovered many ads were not paid in money. Rayelan and/or Angel had been giving free ads to their friends, or trading ads for merchandise. Goods can not be traded to help pay expenses. This continued, despite my objections. 
Since there were no records I compiled a list of advertisers with dates for billing. Because Raye has never even admitted I was working for her I have not made this information available. 
Although I had been told before agreeing to take on the job funds would be available for making alterations on the site this never happened. Such alterations would allow the site to yield a far larger income but nearly as soon as I arrived in Ohio Rayelan suddenly claimed to be strapped for money. If changes were to happen I could either pay for it myself or get people to donate their time and resources. 
This was a daunting moment. The Radio Shows were generating income, however. I brought in new advertisers and in some cases wrote the ads which were then created, gratis, by J. Griff Griffin. Griff is fast and very professional, a delight to work with. 
Despite this, I reached out for more advertisers and managed to find some. But the site still needed upgrading and the number of hits continued to drop. 
Other sites have multiple pages with regular areas for advertising which allow the use of a template. This lowers the time it takes to attend to the advertisers while providing more space for those ads.

Asking for additional funds from regular Readers for this kind of a site is just sad.
In no part of RMN overseen by Rayelan was business carried out in a professional fashion. 

Others, including Griff, and the volunteers do an excellent job, despite this. 
In addition, Rayelan appears to use all money received as her private checking account. On several occasions I watched her order items for her own use and then tell a whopper to Readers to solicit extra money, too.

Buying 'stuff' not RMN, is Rayelan's main focus in life.

If the advertising had been handled as is usual for other online publications no begging, and lying about why funds were needed, if they actually WERE, would have been necessary. 
I contacted a web developer when I first arrived who offered to do the needed changes and manage the advertising for the site. I had seen his own sites and these looked great, loaded fast, and had lots of space for advertising. 
He looked over the site and offered to make the needed changes, run the site, and guarantee Rayelan an income of $10,000 a month. He said there was a lot of unrealized potential.  He was not making the offer from a sense of charity, rest assured.  Rayelan refused to talk to him.

Read over the Saga of Rayelan's trip to Ohio from California.

Part Two – The Saga Continues – with a brief stop in reality. - See more at: 

In addition, remember the incident with OITC security. Their security expert told Rayelan RMN is on a CIA server. Rayelan implied she did not know and Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zapper must have done it.  But Rayelan does not move the site. 

Thereafter, the folks from OITC disassociated themselves from Rayelan and RMN. 

Some of us would find this especially disturbing since we have the silly idea the CIA is opposed to our rights and carried out such violations of human rights such things as MK-Ultra.  
Who is Rayelan, anyway? The Princess of Obergon, come here from another star system to live over and over again until she finds her soul mate, Gunther? 

The Arch Duchess of Austria through some obscure understanding of inheritance which makes Wife No. 2 the recipient of the title even when Wife No. 1 birthed the children and a Wife No. 3 is now Gunther's widow? 

How did Gunther get to be the Arch Duke of Austria? 
Or are these strange stories just a way of distracting us from the fact Rayelan is really a CIA operative muddling along with a disinformation site which she cannot handle? 
Of course, the death threats and unwillingness to acknowledge any of our agreements are also rather odd. But everything about Rayelan is unusual, in my experience. 
There is, however, another possibility. 
Take a look at this list of Characteristics of Psychopathy. Is Rayelan a psychopath?

You decide.

The Posting To Which This Is A Response

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: CGI_admin
Date: Wednesday, 27-Aug-2014 02:18:55
Readers have no idea just how expensive it is to
provide the large webserver, internet connection, labor,
and expertise to maintain it all.
Reader Contributions, and Ad Revenues just barely
keep it afloat.
Recently Ad Revenues have dropped 80-90% !! If the
short fall isn't corrected, they may be looking at
shutting down.
It's feasible, to many readers have installed "ad block",
or "flash block" in their browsers. are irritating,
but in rumormillnews's case a necessary nuisance.
The alternative could be "shutdown", or go to a paid
"subscription" service like many news outlets.
If neither of the alternatives are to your liking,
consider removing "ad block", and "flash block" from your
browsers. Or ruling RMN an exception.
Consider carefully what you do.
....and those readers who think they have the right
to "DEMAND" rumor mill provide a complete "balance sheet",
try that with the "Washington Post" or "New York Times".
These are my own personal thoughts.


  1. I doubt the CIA is charging for the server and I wonder if DRS has been claiming as income the fair market value of all the "trades" she did in lieu of cash for advertising? Smells like tax fraud. But the GreyOtter posts just stinks of Hobie arrogance, comparing his copy and paste disinfo site to the NYT or the WP, just laughable.

    1. Hi SSkids,

      The comment provides an interesting insight into both DRS and Jeff Gordon. DRS consistently acted out the belief she had complete and absolute control and did not need to pay any attention to the facts. This is exactly what she revealed to me when she said, "I am not a journalist and the facts don't matter." It was a stunning moment of candor on her part.

      Jeff Gordon is used to acting as her barker, bringing in the trusting to be milked. He was taking his marching orders from DRS.

      And comparing themselves to media who generate original content is hysterically funny. RMN Readers should descend on DRS and demand an accounting for the money they provided on representations which were nothing but lies. And where is their 'family campground?" I have the exact address and will supply it and directions, as needed. The property was never in the names of those supposedly building the place, according to the public records. This includes Angel and her brother, their mother, and DRS.

      One of the Readers who evidently was on a very limited income sent $5 every month. DRS told me this while she was opening the envelope, since the woman did not send money via paypal but by mail. DRS cheerfully spent the money within moments to get herself a treat.

      I suspect DRS does not list any form of income from RMN as income, if she files taxes.