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Response to RMN Rant by Rayelan - Psychopaths Tend to be Drama Queens

Rayelan could have saved everyone a lot of aggravation if she had simply called my attorney so we could negotiate a settlement.  Generally, these discussions take place after a termination of employment to smooth the transition for all parties.  But Raye does not follow the rules common to civilized behavior, living in a world she rewrites continually which bears no relationship to reality.  

 I'm never unreasonable, and was shocked when it became clear Rayelan really wanted me and Arthur, my disabled son, to be homeless, 3,000 miles from my home after we had done so much for her.  

This happened with absolutely no warning.   

Shocking, emotionally abusive behavior is one of the tools favored by the NWO and the NeoCons because it works. When you are in emotional pain you are far easier to manipulate. At some earlier point in my life this might have worked.  But Rayelan is in the minor leagues when compared to the individuals I have been dealing with over the last 17 years.  

There is no way to put a decent face on the facts.  Rayelan lies as a matter of routine.  I discovered this when I uncovered the evidence her relationship with the members of the Lee-Powers Family were diametrically different from what she had represented to me.  

Raye accused them of theft, physical threats, being incapable of civilized behavior in every imaginable way.  My experience with Raye, once I had moved to Ohio, persuaded me it is she who cannot cope with simple issues of hygiene.   

As to the question of the gas bill Raye should scan the bill in and show how many months the bill actually covers. Those viewing it should remember Raye maintains a constant stream of people living with her downstairs and working for her. She also has a full time live in companion, Jim Heath. I don't know what he does, but I'm sure Raye finds Jim essential to her continued functioning. She demonstrates a need to have sycophants in attendance at all times.  

The dishwasher and other appliances run constantly, though they eat out very frequently.

Last winter Raye turned off the heat to the upstairs, forcing me to buy electric heaters, this  on the advice of the local police.

Nothing would make me happier than to have the status quo I enjoyed while still in California restored. But my losses due to Raye's actions have been huge. While I wish I had never come it was Raye who initiated and promoted every step. 

The timing of these acts, which did not strike me at the time, today appear to be curiously in sync with the acts of a group of individuals which includes John Fund, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and my former husband, Craig Franklin.  If this seems strange I do not disagree.  

But if you read this article, the first of four parts, for the back story which includes the efforts of the Clintons and Sidney Blumenthal to persuade Saddam Hussein Bush would never invade Iraq, a project handed them by the NeoCons within the Bush Administration before November, 2002. 

You might have thought the revival of the Clinton's fortunes were due to the investment savvy Hillary brought to the problem.  Think again.  The explanation you are about to read makes much more sense.   

Look over the chronology of the campaign waged against me and Morgan, beginning at nearly the time the War in Iraq started in 2003 in the article and on this site, John Fund, See Evidence.

At the same time the IRS put a lien on my cabin and my car but refused to answer any questions. At the time my taxes were taken care of by a highly qualified CPA.  I was shocked to learn they wouldn't answer his questions, either.

Raye claims to have been targeted by the NWO but I saw no evidence this was true, ever.

I have been targeted for a long time and against all expectations, survived. My first blog went up in 2005, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom. Soon, my articles were appearing in multiple places across the web and I was doing my first radio show.

Life was a struggle, but I was making head way.

Raye Suddenly begins calling Me – July 2011

Raye asked me to do a radio show in July of 2011, the same day BBS called and asked me restart my show there.

On August 25th Raye called and asked me to help her dear, dear friends, the Manchesters, who would pay me for my assistance.

It was because Rayelan vouched for the Duke and Duchess of Manchester that I was willing to help them.

Was it true they were people of good character? Not a bit. Alex is a psychopath and a conman and over the past thirty years journalists from around the world have documented his bizarre and criminal behavior. But he and his wife, Laura, were very clearly good friends of Rayelan's. Otherwise, why would she had been paying their storage, for Alex's meds and other various expenses and been so determined to have me help them? 

L to R - Lee Powers, Raye Smith, Laura Montagu, Alex Montagu

I believed Raye because she seemed so sincere. But after getting up the website for the Manchesters and working for several weeks I noticed when I asked for documentation of their claims things got strange. For instance, Alex claimed he could not remember where he had been living, what kind of car he owned, where his kids were in school, that sort of thing. And no matter how hard he tried he could not find even one person who would back him up.

It seemed best to focus on selling the Michael Jackson Tapes, which Alex claimed to own. But then Alex decided he did not want to pay anything - though he considered the site to be his property.  I explained it was not, which only elicited a tantrum.  

So, in late October, 2011, I changed the account information on the website I had built and for which the Manchesters had paid nothing. Since I now knew Alex never paid his debts I decided to write the whole thing off – and Rayelan increased her efforts to persuade me to come to Ohio.

What happened next was even more bizarre than the lead up. 

Eventually, I was forced to defend myself, putting up a website to provide the evidence, but this only happened after Manchester, and those working with him, which included my former husband, Craig Franklin, Morgan, my psychopathic daughter, and her husband, had called my employers to slander me, losing me two jobs and, again, causing havoc in my life. 

I say again, which you will understand when you read the article, also provided above,  "How The NeoCons ‘Managed’ Saddam Hussein."

They managed Saddam to death, shall we say. 

But it did not occur to me that the incident with Saddam was the source of this harassment until in early 2012 Alex left a message on an answering machine naming his c0-conspirators, who included John Fund, a neocon operative then still employed at the Wall Street Journal.

The first two numbers on John's speed dial were, and remain as far as I know, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.  Having interviewed Alex many times I would have bet he had no idea who any of the named individuals were.  This began to worry me.  

RMN Advertising and Radio  

In September of 2011 Raye had hired me to handle the advertising for RMN and the Radio Station, which I had done, rewriting all the advertising material and providing graphics and other support for advertisers.

I had been doing this job since September, 2011, before going to Ohio was even mentioned.

Only in late 2012 would I learn, not directly from Raye, but from old correspondence I was reviewing from earlier advertising, that Raye 'hired' me while failing to tell Angel she was no longer doing the advertising. In May or June of 2013 I noticed the flow of inquiries and correspondence abruptly ended for advertising.  I later learned Raye handed the job over to someone else without mentioning it to me.

This is both unprofessional and bizarre.

However, all mysteries have answers, you just have to keep digging.

I already knew Raye was strange, there was evidence aplenty in her hoarding habits, her endless spending, the lack of hygiene practiced both in the house and with her three dogs.  Also troubling was her indifference to the reason for having a site such as Rumor Mill, which is to inform and provide solutions to the problems we face.

Raye claims to have been targeted by the NWO but I saw no evidence this was true, ever.

However, I have been targeted for a long time.

Now we know the IRS is used to silence people who know too much.

From 2003 on I kept fighting, but only slowly did I understand I was facing a real honest to goodness conspiracy. Until then I never believed it was possible for people to cooperate this way.

Why did Rayelan Want Me to Relocate to Ohio?

I had no desire to relocate to Ohio and it took a lot for Rayelan to talk me into it. The list of what she offered grew longer and longer as I hesitated, eventually including an offer of a partnership in Rubicon Aegis, LLC, which owns Rumor Mill News.

I had patiently explained why this was not a good idea. I am disabled. My vision is very bad and I can only drive during the day. I also have a bad heart. And, honestly, I liked living at the cabin. It was quiet and I had friends in the area and was active in a church.

As soon as I arrived in Ashtabula Raye asked me to make up business cards for each of us, her's as CEO and mine as COO. 


Rayelan knew how to persuade me. She had told me she wanted to be a second mother to my son, Arthur. Arthur is badly disabled and one of the chief worries in my life is ensuring he always has someone to care for him. Rayelan worked on me, making Ashtabula sound like a really nice place with lots of things to do for Arthur. Boy, was that a lie.

I agreed to come and then, twice, almost turned back because of my vision. Rayelan was always there, encouraging me to keep going. I began to really think of her as someone I could trust, even trust with Arthur, whose needs always come first for me.

It was during the time I was on the road that the Manchesters managed to get my web host to take down the 49 sites which were then providing me with a growing income. I could get no answer from the company on why this had happened. It was only because Laura published the letter she, Alex and my ex-husband had written to the company I found out. Laura had whited out his name, but then the truth came out in one of the rants from Alex, which daily were coming in to my phone.

Now I was in Ohio, my income was impacted, and I was spending all of my time attempting to cope with the Manchesters and the growing number of people I realized were now working with them and finding resources for Raye, my time was entirely taken up. I was in survival mode, always exhausted and struggling.

While my health was failing Raye's was improving markedly. It became clear her illnesses were mostly imaginary. She enjoyed the drama and having someone cluck over her and do things for her. Which I did.

Having raised children I eventually recognize what is going on when someone just wants attention and to feel special. That took about six months. But I had agreed to come because of the opportunities offered, not to be her nurse.

Raye sold me on the idea we were going to take RMN to the next level – and told me she had the capital to make this happen. Naturally, this turned out to be entirely not true, or at least she said it was, suddenly finding multiple reasons she could not fulfill her obligations.  

 She wanted everything donated, which is not that easy, but certainly I tried, no small feat when I was being hammered, slandered, stalked and harassed by Rayelan's best friends, who she had been supporting for much of the previous several years, evidently, while she was begging for money to move to Ohio herself in 2010.

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  1. "Many blessings to everyone who has helped me and RMN over these 17 very long years that has seen the deaths of two husbands and three step children. "

    Very odd for someone to brag about the high mortality rate of her close associates/family, a veiled threat perhaps?

  2. Hi there! Could be since they apparently did not die of natural causes. I still have not pulled the death certificates, but will get around to it. But those are only the ones we know about. Raye told me about some other troubling deaths which connected to her I have not mentioned yet.

    A PsiVampire engaging in Deep Feeding literally drains their victim of life and kills them. Raye is a PsiVampire, big time.

  3. That thought has occurred to me more than once. Not that you can believe anything DRS says, but about the time her second husband died, she was suddenly flush with money and moved to NY, hobnobbed in Washington DC and she claims to have made boat loads of money selling one of her new agey scams. Odd the timing of her second husband's divorce and marriage to DRS, love to know the real story on that one, but I can guess.

  4. That is an interesting insight. I did wonder but DRS's friends are murky and hard to run down. I could find no mention of her as Astrologer to the Stars of the Queen of Conspiracy, either. Except her own, of course.