Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rayelan the Rug, or she lies like one

The Truth is Not In Her

Rayelan has proven, beyond doubt, she is a liar. She said I was not working for her. In fact, I started doing the advertising for RMN in the second week of September, 2011 and this was paid work. 
This E-mail exchange between myself and DRS took place on September 13, 2011. I sent new prices for advertising. She accepted these with fulsome praise.
If I need to I can produce hundreds, if not thousands, of emails between myself and Rayelan from this date until mid 2013. 
I can also produce other relevant records. BUSINESS EXPENSES
March 27, 2012 – List of Stolen Guns
September 1, 2012 – Letter to Lee 
I do not offer unsupported assertions. I can provide facts, having kept the correspondence and copies of work provided and more. 
Did Rayelan express complete satisfaction with my work? 

I have to wonder what kind of fantasy land Rayelan's brain inhabits. She wrote:
Please remember that the only reason she came to Ohio to live with me was because the place she thought she had arranged to spend the winter at, fell through and she and her son and their cat had no place to live for the winter. In late spring she could return to her cabin in the high mountains of California. When I said she could stay with me for the winter, I never expected that almost three years later she would still be living in my house using my electricity, water etc.”
Housing was promised to me as a benefit of employment. Here, Rayelan tries to entirely recharacterize our relationship and agreement. My coming to Ohio was entirely, absolutely and completely, her idea.
I had a perfectly good place to live in California. I had lived at my cabin in the Sierras through the winter since 2005, spending one winter in Santa Barbara with a relative. My son and I each had our own bathroom and bedroom at the cabin. I had a large office area with room for my library, which includes about 5,000 books. 
My bills were paid online, something Rayelan should do. I'm still paying my bills online, as a matter of fact. I pay my home insurance online, my mortgage online, my electric bill online, and my car insurance online, along with other bills. I have been paying for my house in California for three years while unable to return there because of Rayelan. 
In September of 2011, when I began doing the RMN advertising, I was still working for Rayelan's good friends the Manchesters. Those emails are also available. I expected to be paid for this work. Rayelan had attested to their good character and ability to pay, after a short delay. 
When this blew up I initially believed Rayelan's assertions she, too, have been deceived. Later, I learned she was well aware of their scandalous history. 
Rayelan's misrepresentation of her abilities as a businesswoman and resources hit me far harder than they did her. Because of the disasters caused by the Manchesters, who Rayelan foisted on me, I lost most of my income from my 49 websites, two jobs, and suffered through months of harassment by the Manchesters and their compatriots. This only ended when I started fighting back by putting up a website to refute their slanders and libels. 
How much has Rayelan cost me by her lies and manipulations? Too much to calculate.
It was late September 2011 when Rayelan (DRS) began her campaign to persuade me to come to Ohio, for at least a while. She said she needed help because she was being taken advantage of by the Powers – Lee Family and feared for her life. 
It took a month to persuade me. My employment was verified by Rayelan before I agreed to come. LETTER 
One of my first jobs, upon arriving in Ohio, was to make up business cards for myself and Rayelan reflecting the job I had accepted. Rayelan used the same card, different name and title and phone, naturally, I made and printed for her. 
Because Rayelan failed to make good on the representations I would get equity in Rubicon Aegis and we would take RMN to a higher level of profitability I was stuck in Ohio. Rayelan insisted I stay, which I reluctantly did. But evidently she was afraid she would be liable for the promises she made and failed to keep. 
I was asked to serve on the Vestry of the church. At the time Rayelan was active there with a group she started for making jewelry. She left because she tried to get the priest, and others, to side with her and they refused. The minister told her she needed to keep her promises. Many people at the church were aware I was working for RMN because Rayelan and I had the same business cards for Rubicon Aegis, LLC, mine for COO and Rayelan's for CEO. 
Rayelan dropped out because her campaign to slander me did not work. 
I have worked in many groups because I believe in giving back to the community. Rayelan's assertion she can be anonymous are either painfully naive or stupid. 
Among other promises I received before coming was housing and expenses as long as I remained in Ohio. This entire drama stems from Rayelan's dislike making good on her promises. At no time did she even introduce the subject of my leaving, she simple ignored the fact I was working for her doing advertising, even though she had welshed on the other promises, and tried to evict me. 
Not once did she even bring up the subject.

My attorney sent Rayelan a letter over a year ago demanding a settlement. Rayelan, in her usual fashion, refused to accept delivery of the certified letter. She has consistently refused to honor her promises believing she can evade them by lying. 
The Drama of the Gold, Gunther, and other unsubstantiated claims
Much of Rayelan's post is an attempt to make her self out as something she is not. Gunther was a conman, according to this article, A Pro Con, With A Uniform And A Line, Gunther Russbacher Eased His Way Into The Confidence Of Military And Law Enforcement Officials.” The article appeared on March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett for the Chicago Tribune. 
Sometimes the mainstream media lies. But Gunther's activities do not point to any actions which makes any sense. Who cares who flew the plane George H. W. Bush was on? He was a corporate whose plans for us included milking us of every cent we make. Gunther did not stop him and this continual talk about the Gold is pointless. If it existed it still would not benefit us. 
This whole scenario strikes me as yet another Dinar Revaluing ploy, intended to keep us passive while the NWO carries out its nefarious plans. 
And if you are reading RMN remember there are better places on the Internet to get accurate information on where action should be taken. 
If you want to accomplish something donate to worthwhile.  

Electricity Being Shutoff Friday
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 28-Aug-2014 11:25:52
I need to pay them at least $500.00 to keep it on.
Financially I'm in a mess. I am in the process of evicting a house guest who has overstayed her welcome by over two years. Contrary to what she is writing on the internet, I never offered her a job at Rumor Mill News complete with board and room for herself and her disabled 35 year old son.
I offered her a place to stay for the winter of 2011-2012. She had planned on running a campaign in Montana and living with the man she was working for. She arrived in Montana from Camp Nelson (high in the mountains), California and found out that she had no job and no place to live for the winter.
At the time I only knew her over the telephne and the internet. She seemed to be a hardworking investigator who wrote good articles. So helped her and gave her a place to stay for the winter of 2011-2012. The spring of 2012 came and went with my houseguest still occupying the second floor of my home.
The only bath and shower are on the second floor. I quickly discovered that I had to make an appointment to take a bath or shower. Since I refused to do this, I spent a lot of time at the YMCA using their showers or taking sponge baths.
For the longest time I really believed she was going to leave any day so I sucked it up and prayed that she leave as soon as possible. But she never did. She joined a church and was elected to their governing board. She became a writer for the local paper, she joined the Elks in Ashtabula, OH (she already belonged in Santa Barbara, CA) -- She did everything she could to become a well known member of Ashtabula.
This is contrary to my lifestyle. I prefer to be anonymous due to the fact that Rumor Mill News has made a lot of enemies over the years because of the investigative reporting that many of our RMNews Agents post on RMN. This is not to mention the enemies of my late husband who take their revenge down to the last dna on the planet. His two sons were marked for death. One died of mysterious causes. He was found face down on the carpet. No signs of struggle and no cause of death was determined. He just died. The other son has leukemia and no one knows how much longer he has.
I have no idea if I am also marked for death. I was his last legal wife, but when he died he was married to the daughter of an MI5 agent. They were married while he was still married to me. If the sons were killed because someone did not want them to inherit any portion of the commission from the gold transfer, that would make sense. Even though my name is on the official transfer papers, Gunther probably had that changed to his new wife so I am not worried about being killed to keep me from inheriting any part of the gold.
I haven't written a lot about this gold transfer since the beginning days of RMN. All of us thought that the commissions would be paid any day. But being a true ground Taurus, I knew that "any day" could mean 20 years. I became a teacher and started RMN.
In that 20 years we discovered that the gold belonged to an organization and even though what Gunther thought he was transferring back to Austria was the Austrian Royal Treasury which was stolen by Hitler, this was not the case. What he transferred back to Austria belonged not just to Austria but to the world. The gold he took along with the rest of the gold in the Philippine vaults and the other vaults around the world, belong to the world. When the time comes and all the countries of the world have signed on to this, the world will have a worldwide gold backed currency.
This is what I thought Gunther was part of and was helping to be accomplished. But what he did was transfer only the Austrian gold back to Austria. I am not sure how this was accomplished and sometimes I wonder if that transfer was ever made. While I was married to Gunther, I never saw one dime of the gold money.
I left him in Vienna and came home to figure out how to move there permanently. Within hours of arriving home I received a call from the Vienna police saying he had been arrested for failure to pay for the hotels we stayed in. One of the partners in the gold was paying our expenses on the trip. Remember that Gunther had just spent 4 years in a US prison and I bankrupted myself trying to pay for lawyers and trips to visit him. Neither of us had a dime.
What I didn't know was that the person who was providing us with hotel and food money cut off the payments at the same time I left on a midnight train from Vienna to catch a flight out of Frankfurt. The hotel that Gunther and I stayed at was one of two hotels that our benefactor refused to pay for due to the fact that Gunther refused to sign an agreement that ALL of the gold go to him and his organization. I didn't know this while I was in Vienna.
With little sleep, I followed Gunther's orders and called his God-father, Kurt Waldheim and informed him that I was back home in the United States and Gunther was in jail in Vienna.
I have later discovered that the only time Gunther was in jail in Austria was when I came to visit him. That was probably the case for his imprisonment in the United Staes. You don't lock up the banker of the CIA who has the account numbers memorized and only he had access to them. He gave me the account numbers right before he put me on the train to Frankfurt. I slit the lining of my Ferragamo boots and put the piece of paper in the lining.
After Gunther left me to marry his new wife, I published all of these account numbers in Rumor Mill News. I bet the CIA is still wondering what else I have that could cause them problems. I don't think I have anything except RMN... and this is why I will do anything to save it. This is why I have retained a lawyer not only to evicted this woman but to be ready to counter any kind of lawsuit she filed against me which says that I promised her half of RMN if she moved to Ohio. Please remember that the only reason she came to Ohio to live with me was because the place she thought she had arranged to spend the winter at, fell through and she and her son and their cat had no place to live for the winter. In late spring she could return to her cabin in the high mountains of California. When I said she could stay with me for the winter, I never expected that almost three years later she would still be living in my house using my electricity, water etc.
The reason my electricity bills are so high is because she knows she is being evicted and is punishing me by leaving her space heaters on all the time. She probably is still running them is some part of her second floor suite or maybe in our attic. My electric bills run around $200.00 in winter and about $100.00 in the summer. The last few bills have been close to $500.00. I called the electric company and have been allowed to pay off what I owe them in installments.
The other problem I have is I don't receive my bills. I have no idea why this is. Does the house guest steal them to keep me from paying them? Does her disabled son think he is doing me a favor by taking my bills in the house, but then someone they never make it to me? I don't know. But the reason I am faced with a shut off of electricity this Friday is because I never got the original bills, and with everything else that is going on in my life including some health problems, I didn't know that the bill was as high as it was and that it was overdue.
I made a partial payment a few weeks ago, but now they want the whole amount.
I am still hunkered down in the first floor and the basement of the house I rent. The House Guest upstairs is not on the lease and has never given me a penny toward the rent or the bills.
Paying a lawyer to evict her and another lawyer for other purposes has taken the money I would have used to pay these bills.
I hope you understand that I am not asking for extra help right now, I am only asking that the Fund Razr Widget bill filled as quickly as possible so I can keep my electricity on.
The revenue generated by our ad banners has shrunk to virtually nothing. All of us who rely on this revenue have been affected. If you would like to give extra to say thank you to hobie and susoni for all the work they do at RMN and CGI, I will gladly transfer the amount you tell me is to go to them, to them.
I know that financially we are all hurting, but I an RMN need your help right now. If you can help without hurting yourself financially, please use the widget to send your financial help to RMN.
If you wish to send extra help to RMN to cover some of the legal expenses my social security and VA benefits don't cover, you can send it using this link.
I thank all of our readers who have helped me and RMN throughout the years. I don't know what I would have done without you. God bless all of you... may the combined positive energy of the universe rain down on all of you.
Many blessings,

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