Saturday, August 9, 2014

UPDATE: Last Manchester Message from Yesterday

What do you suppose Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester meant to say when he wrote this?
Wendy surmises Alex was 'on' something and so grew increasingly loquacious and incoherent during the series of emails you read in the article yesterday. This one came last and so did not appear until today when Wendy had a moment to send it along.
Several of my associates are now working on a translation. Let's make a contest of it! What do you think Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester intended to convey with the message below?
For future reference, the membership of their group have one thing in common: They are all afraid of Melinda. The reasons vary but the core motive is to shut her up because she continues to publish the truth about them. In some instances this is just one specific issue which could cause them serious problems. For others it is multiple things they have done they do not want known.
Here is the List of the We Don't Like Melinda Group
REASON: Lost my money so was no longer useful to her.
REASON: Craig is into incest and I told him people like that should have their balls cut off and shoved down their throats.
Dan O'Dowd (Dan's company, Green Hills Software, Inc., was the inspiration for Greedville.)
REASON: I got in the way as he was pursuing his life's dream, acquiring, by hook or crook (heavy on the Crook there) more money than Bill Gates.
REASON: He lied to me. He kept lying. He battered Morgan. He got his friends, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, to destroy me financially to evade the consequences.
Karl Rove (Karl shares with John and is also covered on Greedville, Koch Truths, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, and NeoCons are Cretins.)
REASON: I know about the hiring of Blumenthal and the Clintons to keep Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2002.
Dick Cheney (Dick shares with John and is also covered on Greedville, Koch Truths, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, and NeoCons are Cretins.)
REASON: I know about the hiring of Blumenthal and the Clintons to keep Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2002.
REASON: Jay is an operative. This is just a job for him.
REASON: I have made his work as a con-artist much for difficult.
REASON: Laura wants to make a living as the Duchess of Manchester. If Alex can't con she can't eat.
Rayelan Allen, AKA Raye Smith of Ashtabula, born Darlene Rae Smith of Salinas
REASON: It was just a job. Rayelan is a disinformation agent pulled in to shut me up. But then it got personal for her.

Guess how many of these people are psychopaths!

Now, here is that last Message from Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester
I never said that the FBI told me this and I
You I was contacted so was Lura I contact end the FBI and
Advice they
You but all the

Melinda had pissd
Have revenge against
Of you I
Biy my
Kids are safe
For know
Should talk to Melinda she
Is the key
To the
Trouble and
Putting you and
Family is I'm
Stop amdmtraall
THER racy results you will
Din itrelomfsd
Partial unpaid
Gavbmall pg
Layout foul info


  1. Off topic, but someone is stealing DRS 's bills.;read=315156

  2. Hi SSkids!

    No one is stealing her mail. This is a Rayelan Drama Moment, a characteristic of psychopaths. While I am rarely out when the mail arrives it used to be she was. She would bring it in and pile it somewhere. It used to be on her desk, where it spilled over onto the floor. Yummies for the Dog Brigade.

    This reminds me of when I was cleaning out her basement because she was so, so, sick. I kept finding things I had listed as stolen. She had named the Power - Lee Family as the culprits. DRS refused to go in and correct the police report.

    That was one of my first inklings the truth and the consequences to others of her lies were a problem.

    Cleaning out that basement took FOREVER. And nothing was accomplished. Within a few months it looked exactly the same, well, different piles of stuff in different locations but even more of it. I stopped trying. Soon, it was impossible to move around down there.

    Hoarders have to account for their habits. One of the ways they do this is to blame others or just refuse to let them in the house. I'm not implying more than a minority of hoarders are psychopaths but when both issues are present you would expect stuff to disappear into strange places. But it is also possible she owed nothing and just made it up or that she spent so much on movers and cleaners, necessary because of her habits, she did not have the money to pay her bills.

    I certainly would have no motive to take her mail and or bills - though I think she got the idea of accusing me from the disappearances of several items of my own mail, which I attribute to her. One of these was a UPS delivery so I know it arrived. The item was the proof copy of a book I had written.

    I, myself, am obsessively organized. I have one pile of papers at my desk which are being processed. That is it. The pile is 1/4 of an inch tall right now. Several of the papers need to go to church, as they are necessary for projects there. At the top are a pile of old newsletters for the local historical society which I will be scanning for a website. At the top of the pile is a copy of the Bible passages I will be reading on Sunday. Book of Exodus, beginning at Chapter 1, Verse 8 and Chapter 2, Verse 10.

    Now my cat, Graysom, he has several things on the floor now but he would object if I took them away from him so, grudgingly I leave them alone.

    Ask any questions you like. I will answer.