Thursday, August 28, 2014

September 1, 2012 - Letter to Lee

 At Rayelan's request I wrote a draft copy of a letter she said she needed to be sent to Lee, one of the Powers - Lee Family who had moved her from California to Ohio.  Lee is Angel's mother.  I never met Lee and knew her only from the stories told to me by Rayelan, which were shocking, horrifying and, I later learned, untrue.  


I understand that you are a psychopath. You view other people as a resource to be used for your own ends and have no concern for them and no compassion. This was the case with each of your children and is now the case with your grand daughters and great-granddaughter, Jade.

Having studied the pathology of your condition, which manifests in a complete lack of empathy and of conscience, your letter and the lies it contains, makes complete sense.

You care only for yourself. Your behavior and treatment of your children was to assert control over them for your own profit. You distorted their education and potential to maintain control so they would not escape you. The same it true for your granddaughters and for Jade.

Eventually, they will read this letter and other materials and, I hope, understand the danger which they confront in continuing to allow you to have a relationship with them or Scott.

Over the last months I finally was able to get the insight needed to understand what happened, why you wanted to move me far from the support of my friends – and how you intended first milk me dry and then dispose of me, as you have done with others.

Potential victims, who might consider entering into a relationship with you, will be warned, I promise you that.

Your letter made me angry but it also made me laugh. You think of yourself as a master manipulator. In fact, you were sloppy, the previous cover ups of your behavior were easily uncovered. You left a box of papers here and those have been thoroughly researched.

Your 'care' of elderly women, immobilized and unable to move, was, in fact, very profitable for you in ways not allowed under law.

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