Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Small Incestuous Clutch of Creeps

Their names are:  Dan O'Dowd, Craig Franklin, Rayelan Allan, Laura, the Duchess of Manchester, her husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, and Morgan Barteaux (The Pillsburys reject any relationship) Gell.

They exchange roles as needed.  Laura is presently publishing (if you can dignify her highly repetitive and erratic rants as 'writing')  as Morgan.

Laura put up material from RMN on two occasions this month, each a whining attack on me.

You will remember that Rayelan and Laura conned me into working for the Manchesters with promises of being paid later.  TIME LINE Manchester   TIME LINE Rayelan.

I put up a website, took copious notes for a supposed book to be published and then, to my horror realized they were working with my former husband, Craig Franklin, who told everyone he knew he wanted to see me on the street pushing a shopping cart.    

They drained me financially, lied to my web provider, removing 49 of my websites, destroying my client base.  During this time Morgan, her husband, and the Manchesters, were also calling my editor and clients.

Rayelan, positioning herself as my friend, conned me into coming to Ohio.  I was in shock, unable to believe the virulence of the attacks.   

The letter  below supposedly came from Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester.  I did not respond when it arrived in my email box last December because I suspected he did not write it. It is too articulate and the spelling is much above his usual work - but it came from his email address.  But clearly they wanted to get me to engage and waste my time on them again, taking my focus off Rayelan. 

The attacks I have gone through over the last three years are the NeoCon equivalent of Shock and Awe, intended to elicit a degree of trauma which makes it impossible for the victim to defend themselves.  But I have survived and stayed productive. 

If you think Rayelan is a friend of yours, think again.  You are one of the feeder lines in the Matrix to her and nothing more. 

Ask yourself what she has actually done to advance the cause of justice in any arena.  The answer is a big, fat nothing - except keep you distracted with false hope.  
Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 8:51 PM

Dear Melinda I hope this is your correct e-mail as I am sure you know Laura and I have been separated now for 4 mths this is a great thing there is a photographer who used to be friends with Laura until she screwed her over by sleeping with her boyfriend while married to me Justice sent me about 200 original negatives of Laura having sex with about three men at once now I have e not seen much porn but this stuff is the most graphic pictures with her sucking fucking to men at once in front and back holes I have about 60 pics of this she is using sex toys everything then I have about 30 more negatives of Laura completely naked being painted you even see shots of her pussy being painted inside before during and after I also have a DVD given to me by some casino owners of Laura going through the casino picking up me you actually see on the DVD THE facial recognition software working and then all of her aliases a dozen fake social security numbers fake DOB every thing we all got scammed then I have a lot more to tell you if you want to call me
She is defiantly no duchess material she is a scam and con
my number is 702 3276614 call me if you are interested I can tell you the names and address of 5 men and 1 woman she has cheated on me with also I have a lot more with criminal print outs of her and her sister you will love these storys




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