Friday, January 9, 2015

The Rumor Mill News Reality Tour

You've wondered what Rayelan is really like. Now, you can see for yourself as you enjoy a full tour of the places where she hangs out. Along with spending time in the Upstairs, listening and looking, you will enjoy, with other curious Readers walk throughs of the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and a special trip to the property in Rock Creek which was purchased with Reader dollars.

That alone is worth the trip as it is always interesting to see what your money bought, even if it was not bought and you did not get it.  Angel, always open to offers of money, according to Rayelan, would probably open up her hovel to your curious eyes.  After we have some dates and interest I will find out.  

You will most likely get a chance to get Rayelan to personally sign your copy of one of her books, including the Obergon Chronicles and Diana, Princess of Heaven. How could she refuse? 

You may also have the opportunity to see entirely unplanned events as they unfold! 

Included in the Tour will be viewing of Minions and a chance to engage then in conversation.

Since this is an unusual and limited opportunity please reply via the CONTACT on the front page of the Rayelan Report and provide your contact information so we can make sure you get the fullest advantage of this once in a life time opportunity!

Ashtabula has some nice B & B's where you can stay and a Holiday Inn. Also, if you have your own jet there is a county airport nearby.

The possibilities are without limit. Since this tour is especially designed and part of the fun will be meeting other Readers, send your preferred dates and we will include a mini-conference on the Life and Lies of Rayelan Allan.

While you are here we will show you the history of Ashtabula as well. Ashtabula was the third largest and wealthiest port in the world in the early 19th Century when its port and railroads sent people, raw materials and merchandise throughout the entire North East.

We will do our best to make this affordable and a delight never to be forgotten!

Include in your contact your name, phone, address, and the dates which work best for you!

Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
(Five minutes by car)

Off the Austinberg Road
(Eight minutes by car)

West Road
(Two minutes by car)

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ashtabula-Geneva

Austinberg Road
(Ten minutes by car)

On the Lake at Geneva
(Twenty minutes be car)

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