Thursday, January 22, 2015

How many months have RMN Readers been paying Rayelan to Move?

And now she is complaining because she is being forced to move?  Do all RMN Readers have Alzheimer's?
You have been paying for her move since last July.

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Update on the Move and the Financial Situation and the Narcissitic Psycopath Who Squats in the Upper Floors of My Home..

This place belongs to Bob Brobst, who trims trees and takes out stumps in Ashtabula.   

I am being forced to move because my living situation is not just impossible, it is dangerous. 

This from a woman who chuckles and glows when she recounts past lives where she ate her victims alive.  She tied off a limb so they would not die (preserve the rest of the meat, you know, and cooked the limb in front of them) 
 We stared at her.  We could not believe our ears.  

Cut past the drama and you will find a very not nice person occupying that chubby body. 

Her best friend, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester,
put the message on his ex-wife's answering machine at her work.  Alex was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies
in 1984 after he tried to shoot his wife with a spear gun and barricaded himself in his home and assaulted a police officer and his own attorney. 

Clearly, Rayelan should not  be allowed to have a bank account of a credit union account, or an account anywhere she can draw on.  
She draws like an addict sucking down heroin. 

And catch Hobie (Jeff Gordon of Atlanta) Zapper.  

Do you think he is Rayelan's handler?  If he is he probably deserves everything he can get.  

Now, what was that expression?  

What is Rayelan?  Oh.  A liar.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

Rayelan the Magnificent at her most eloquent!



  1. "She tied off a limb so they would not die (preserve the rest of the meat, you know, and cooked the limb in front of them."

    That was from a recent episode of The Walking Dead.

    1. How recent? She said that to us in the spring of 2012. It looked as if she was remembering how it tasted. You may be right but then she has very strange fantasies.

  2. Is that underwear another family heirloom Salvation Army find?

  3. Everything becomes a family heirloom - unless she decides to dump it. Then she forgets about having called it a family heirloom. Like the graphic? It needed to be something special. It is for that chapter of the book, actually.