Friday, January 30, 2015

UPDATE!!!!! More on the upcoming Hare Tests!

Now, Billym, you make sure you post this on the Reading Room as fast as your little fingers can type!  Make sure this is appropriate attributed to me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.


I provided the locations to the psychiatrist and now all we need to do is wait for the certified practitioners who actually give the test and times plus the amount we need to raise.

I wonder if there is an envelope with the results? I watched a video once of a practitioner giving the results to the subject, so it is probably more like that. We need to make sure we get the film if that is the way it is done. Or, perhaps, a signed letter from the practitioner giving the test would be better.

I'll ask for their professional opinion and let you know as soon as we have identified the test practitioners and locations.

It is important to cover all of the details.

Here is the test for the crowdfunder on Fundrazr.

Help Rayelan Allan, Morgan Pillsbury Gell and Melinda Pillsbury Foster establish whether or not they are psychopaths by funding each to be tested using the Hare Index, (I'll put the version suggested by the psychiatrist here).

We should have our photos here. Just imagine that for a moment. 

Then a precis of the events which resulted in the need to establish which of the individuals are psychopathic. Don't worry, I will use only materials already published, with links to exhibits and quotes. I'll get to work on it Monday. It should be short and have a Time Line.

The money will go directly to the practitioners, so sticky finger moments allowed! So, three separate fundrazrs linking off from there. I'll query Fundrazr on how we do this.

The Test Day. It would be nice if they all happened on one date but we will probably not be able to have that so we will do The Letters or Video Day instead.

And the results should also be reproduced on Rumor Mill News, Rumor Mill NewsInsights, and on Motgan Pillsbury Gell. If Morgan does not want to inconvenience Laura I am willing to put those up on Morgan PillsburyGell. From there we can link to everywhere!

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