Sunday, January 4, 2015

Surfer Girl Rayelan

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hobie -- Sunday, 4-Jan-2015 05:00:46

If you were under the delusion Rayelan was working her little fingers to the  bone on something relevant to the 'mission' (what ever THAT is) of Rumor Mill News you would be sadly surprised to discover that no only is she not doing that she also shows no signs of moving.  Her basement is stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey with garbage that makes her other hoarding look like museum pieces representing schools of art. 

No, she spends time with Jim Heath talking baby talk and planning their next special meal and telling the dogs to stop barking.  They don't.  

And there is no sign of any moving taking place, just piles of boxes placed where she thinks I will see them.  

Conspiring to commit a civil offense moves the offense up to conspiracy, just in case you did not know. 

But maybe I wrong her.  Maybe she and Jim just took off for a short vacation.  What do you think?  I think she is downstairs, hiding from reality. 


  1. Do you think she reads your blog? Talking baby talk to Jim, hiding down stairs and sending fake eviction notices to her self, almost sounds like she is losing it.

    1. I know she reads this blog. Rayelan loves being notorious and googles her name on a regular basis. Also, I can see how many people are reading the posts. The number is rising. This is likely causing problems for her. Remember, he fundraising was not moving much and suddenly the big donations. Since I now know she is hooked into the group which has been going after me for years these would most likely be from them via various non-direct individuals.

      The NOTICE TO LEAVE PREMISES previous to this was absolutely a bluff. I proved that by ignoring them. Nothing happened.

      She knew if we went into court I would present evidence to show she had mischaracterized everything about my being in Ohio. The blog has provided all necessary evidence. Her only hope, and this also cannot work, was to persuade the landlord, who knows none of the facts, to assist her by handing me another NOTICE TO LEAVE PREMISES which he signed and delivered. This is so like an extension of her past strategy as to make me very inclined to believe she had the notice made up for him by her own attorney.

      It is one thing to cooperate with a renter you have been friendly with to get rid of a 'squatter.' Quite another to undertake to evict a renter and unknown others when the renter has been living there for nearly five years. Why would he do such a thing?

      When I asked him if he had been in the basement he gave me a blank stare. If he had been down there since she started piling up garbage he would have to be concerned. He kept saying 'I don't need to know,'

      This place was entirely renovated when Rayelan moved in in October of 2010. He was very vague about why he was evicting anyone except to say 'to work on it.' But since to get rid of me he would have to evict Rayelan this is what they would have had to put together.

      The landlord is a local guy who runs another business and owns some houses, mostly rented to very poor people. Ashtabula is a very, very poor area.

      I do think she is losing it. Not getting back to Hobie on the code for their ongoing desperation fundraising certainly indicates her attention is elsewhere and when I hear her talking it is clear she is frantically trying to maintain her alternative reality at all costs.

      I have seen boxes moving out today, quite a few of them. But does that mean she is really moving or is it to persuade me she is moving and make her bluff work. Either way it makes great story.

  2. If she was really moving, why would she care about or need to evict you? She admits in her latest hysterical screed that "The freeloader who lives upstairs and is being evicted ,by me,... is punishing me by running up huge utility bills three to four times as high as usual. She is punishing me for moving, for evicting her, and for refusing to continue provide her room, heat and water in return for absolutely NOTHING except a loud mouth full of pure crap followed by chastising, brow beating and berating behavior."

    Rayeliar has a severe case of what psychologists term as projection, strange that she claims to have a degree in psychology but fails to recognize this trait in her own character, it really diminishes the believability of her lies. It must be infuriating to be forced to interrupt important matters such as her baby talk with Jim, to give hobie the widget code and write another fund raising diatribe.

    1. Exactly. She admits she had organized a conspiracy to engage in Abuse of Process, an actionable offense. And she is losing it. How much has she raised for this 'move' since last July, by the way? Inquiring minds want to know.