Saturday, January 17, 2015

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Sometimes folks just call me and read me the posts over the phone. And since I decline to visit the RMN site myself I just get the gist and consider the options. But I always appreciate the updates. Thanks!

Of course, if you could have been here and seen Rayelan operate you would not send her a cent to be used continuing her psychopathic dramas. But most Readers who are regular and glance over the continued regurgitation of her pathetic fantasies probably deserve what they get - a steady sucking sound of their life energy empties into the yawning maw of the Queen of Conspiracy.

Here is my theory as to why Rayelan yammered and hammered her Landlord, Robert Brobst, the Tree Trimming and brush clearing guru of Ashtabula, Brobst Tree & Stump Service, into having his 'staff' call the utility companies so she could yet again whimper and whine to RMN Readers about her need for more and more money to pay her utility bills in January, when I had obligingly assumed these expenses.

How can she complain if she is not responsible for the bills and is, supposedly, moving on the 30th of January? Of course, she has been supposedly moving for months and despite what Hobie (Zapper, Jeff Gordon) says, she is lively and active and does not appear to be ill in the usual sense of the word.

Cast your mind back. How long has Rayelan been begging you for money to pay her exorbitant utility bills, blaming me in serial for stealing her mail (a Federal crime), or running multitudinous appliances and otherwise wasting energy like a maniac all for spite because I am jealous of this twit?

NOTE:  All of these utilities can be paid online.  Why did she not choose to do this, looking for the handy little email sent to remind you or even put it on automatic payment?  The answer is obvious.  She likes the drama and the excuse to whine for money.  

For months, and months and months and thousands and thousands of dollars she has used this ploy.  Someone out there should keep a running total.

So, why does she not embrace with delight the idea I am very willing to pay these myself since not having running water and electricity is not my idea of a good thing.  Of course, then I thought she was moving and also that Bob Brobst was not involved in her scheming.  No problem, I thought.  I called him to ask the rental agreement be switched to my name.  No response until he handed me a copy of what he and Rayelan had cooked up together.  

No one could possibly trust someone that credulous with something as complex as a house. 

Now, Rayelan's response to knowing I was paying for the utilities had an immediate impact. 

For the first few days she, the only one who has access to how much gas is used, this being the source of energy for heating and the oven in the kitchen, pumped the heat up to sauna levels.  She was probably doing the same with the oven.  I have no access to either of these controls.  I suspect she was also opening windows and doors and leaving them that way because the air currents changed dramatically. 

I woke up one night sweating profusely and found a mint left sitting next the vent had melted into a puddle. This naturally drove up the cost of gas, but fortunately for Rayelan  her error in judgement sunk in soon enough to evade most of the consequences. The temperature upstairs again requires a sweater.  No problem.  I have electric heaters. 

So here is why she frantically goosed good old Bob.

What would happen if I published the bills, which I would be receiving? A bad moment for Rayelan.

But she was not fast enough to stop all of them. Here is the Dominion bill I received. 

By the way, as previously mentioned Rayelan is big on projection. I did not receive my new tags for my car and contacted the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to inquire. They told me the days these were mailed and delivered. I then called the US Postal Service and informed them of this fact.

I was immediately emailed an extension from the BMV. They are resending the tags. This time keep your fingers off my mail. Rayelan.

And now, what kind of graphic should I create for the book denoting Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

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