Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Encounter in the Aegean Stable

STOP THE PRESSES!   Read these two article which ran today on Love Fraud.  It is a good think Rayelan never had kids - but I do not want to risk meeting her family. 
Psychopathy can run in families – a possible warning for you - See more at: http://psychobusters.blogspot.com/2015/01/psychopathy-can-run-in-families.html#sthash.mTisLjAa.dpuf

No Remorse

Will the Hoarder from Hell be able to get her 'stuff' out before January 30th, as promised? Inquiring minds want to know the answer to this question and many more raised by what has gone in with RMN, and Rayelan, over the years.

On February second the utilities will again be in my name.  This time I will call the police to ensure I have access and can guarantee the use of these is not being abused. Presumably, this will be of no concern to Rayelan who will be long gone. But will she? There are two issues.

First, it is clear Rayelan replaces her 'stuff' as fast as it goes into the boxes for transport. So, can she actually move, or with this unsightly Aegean Stable is the enormous pile of stuff in the basement which is also clotted with dirt and cobwebs.

Will Rayelan abandon much of this, leaving it to be disposed of by Bob Brobst, the landlord? 

Second, does she actually intend to move or is this moving of boxes yet another attempted shuffle to evade accountability for her outrageous lies and cons?   

What over events will take place to shift the dynamics of this ongoing, and from my perspective, much desired final denouement?

Stay tuned, and visit this site. When all else fails, Take it to The People.


  1. Until you see the furniture moved out, I doubt she is going anywhere. She does not mention her siblings too much, I gather the final straw for them was her involvement with the conman of her dreams, Gunther. Did she ever mention getting in trouble for 'kidnapping' her brother's children? If she were my sister, I'd avoid her like the plague that she is.

    1. I agree about the furniture. Until her bed is gone she will be here. You must have been talking to her, or reading her posts, for a long time. No, she never mentioned her brother's children, barely mentions her siblings. So, what was the story. She kidnapped them? What happened?

    2. I don't really remember the details, her brother was in Oregon maybe, somewhere up North and she and Gunther flew up there to take his children because he was on drugs or was an alcoholic, allegedly. Unfortunately, they were not arrested and I am not even sure that they succeeded in taking them. She said that the ONLY person that stood by her regarding her conman was her mother. Did she mention her siblings to you? I gather that she is not on speaking terms with them at all.

    3. I noticed while looking at her photos of herself and other members of the family she always noted herself, which is unusual. Most people note those who are not themselves because, I think, they know they will recognize themselves and assume others will also recognize them. She mentioned her sister. The only thing she really said was that she had married into the upper crust in Crow's Landing. That was mind boggling. She talked rather a lot about her family's elite status. I just listened, rather at a loss for what to say. My family was San Francisco Blue Book and Transcendentalist. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a friend and Emerson's son taught at the co-education al high school by great-great grandfather started, the first of its kind in their area.

      It was clear we did not have the same frame for what mattered in any significant way.

      I suspect her siblings were more discerning than her elderly mother. When she described Gunther's ability to push his way into secured places my first thought was, "he's a psychopath." All conmen are psychopaths, according to the experts. She mentioned one of her brothers trying to kill her when she was small. Otherwise I did not realize one of her brothers had children. She implied they were both childless. I wonder if she was really going to deliver the kids to some kind of CIA program. As far as I know they do not speak, I never heard her mention it in the two years our relationship was friendly. Thanks for adding to the picture!

    4. http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com/930921.pdf
      middle column bottom of page 17, it was Seattle

      I read this stuff years ago. It was her niece, and the FBI did arrest Gunther....

      Then again, this is Rayelan, so it is probably lies anyway.

    5. https://books.google.com/books?id=uAxN_G8YmGMC&pg=PA151&lpg=PA151&dq=russbacher+seattle+kidnapping&source=bl&ots=TjA43w3I1Q&sig=3xb2d5Ff85O5pZiXSmD0PZDQOos&hl=en&sa=X&ei=bD_AVOjdOoyrogSA54HwCw&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=russbacher%20seattle%20kidnapping&f=false

      try this one

    6. Despite the content of the article it was hard to keep my eyes open. It is all about her. And the stories about Pell and the time line for events during this period have morphed completely from what she told me more recently. You have to be careful about those rewrites! She told me she was to be interviewed for a job with Pell in early 1989.
      She changed her story on whether or not such an interview actually took place. In one version it did but she had medical problems and could not take the job. In the other version the interview did not take place because her medical problems began and she had to return to the West Coast to be treated. I think she was assigned to go after Pell, then a major spokesman for the Environmental Movement, to discredit him. The Occam's Razor conclusion when you strip away the fantastic and dramatic is a narrative in which nothing makes sense. Action taking place fades into a background where you sink into a sink hole of chaos. This is a technique to engage people in tail chasing so they become immobilized. All conmen are psychopaths, according to Dr. Robert Hare, who is a respected expert. See hare.org.

      My guess is that Rayelan is a low level CIA operative and RMN is both her retirement and disinformation assignment. What do you think?

  2. You would probably find this reading interesting but not surprising regarding credit card fraud and conman gunther and rayelan

    page 63 of that pdf. Rayelan has been scamming for many years.

  3. http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com/060111.pdf

    starting on page 9

  4. There we go! Another source of information. GOD Bless the SiteSearch! Lo and behold, up comes V.K. Durham (been wondering what happened to her) Going to keep searching to see if "Amarillo Tommy comes up.
    Okay now, another subject. Been searching for John McHaffie's obituary. I posted twice in the comments section asking about it. They DID post my comments, but never got a response to where is the obit. Was he real?
    Thanks anon for the phoenix sourced distributors , com
    Also, found WAAAY more information when inputting just Rayelan in the search of the major search engine.

  5. Fantastic! Let the Light of Transparency enter the life of Rayelan from all directions!