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And Rayelan admits to the ongoing conspiracy

Link to Public Admission on Rumor Mill News

Text, copies in full 

You will immediately notice that Rayelan does not cite her sources.  This goes along with her own stated belief that, "I am not a journalist and the truth does not matter," made to me during the summer of 2012 regarding her representations that the Duke and Duchess of Manchester were people of good character and I could trust them to pay for the website and book both they and Rayelan wanted me to produce on credit.  

You could had knocked me over with a feather. I had spent nearly two months working ten or more hours a day on the site, endless interviews of both the Duke and Duchess, and reading and ordering documents and photos they sent on to me.  Additionally, I had written sales materials for a video to which Manchester claimed to own full rights.  I had discovered none of this was true and assumed Rayelan had also been deceived.  But ensuring events made it clear she had known all along, explaining her reluctance to be involved countering attacks which focused entirely on me. 

This is the website I put up, responsively, after I was attacked with  slanders and libels and calls to my editor and clients made by Rayelan's friends.  The Duke of ManchesterDrone Free ZoneMorgan Pillsbury Gell, Craig Franklin 

The group involved is relatively small.  But they are linked by a common interest in keeping me from obtaining justice for the wrongs done to me and their fear of exposure.  

Since I could no longer afford an attorney I use the truth, backed up by documents, to prove I am telling the truth.  By contrast Rayelan just makes statements and demands you believe her because for her the "truth does not matter."  

I will respond to each of her absurd charges with documents proving her a liar and a fraud.  You would think with the money the CIA has it could afford better.  

She probably didn't like the surfing girl graphic, but hey I thought it was funny.  I think I will do a tee-shirt and sell it on cafe press.  Here is my Greedville site there. 

Cheers,  Melinda 

The state of the finances... We need $500.00 asap to pay for the server. Without a server, there can not be a website called Rumor Mill News.
Next... the electric bill and the rent… 

MELINDA - Why does she need money for the electric bill? I took that over and am paying it myself.   And what is going on with the move?  When is she going to be out of the house at 525 Bunker Hill Road?  And forget the server.  Just move over to Before Its News.  Cheaper and without the DRAMA
Please forgive any typos, hard to read sentence and misspellings. I do not have the time or strength to reread this and correct things.

The freeloader who lives upstairs and is being evicted ,by me, is punishing me by running up huge utility bills three to four times as high as usual. She is punishing me for moving, for evicting her, and for refusing to continue provide her room, heat and water in return for absolutely NOTHING except a loud mouth full of pure crap followed by chastising, brow beating and berating behavior. 

MELINDA - Rayelan's personal habits including huge octopuses of cords running in every direction.  Mine don't.  I have always been abstemious in my habits.  

This is the plug for my office area which has the most simultaneously in use. 

And Rayelan's Rant continues...... 
In addition to the vast and seemingly unending onslaught of dominatrix-like fantasies and her attempted fruition of those fantasies, lies a thoroughly evil creation that got off God’s assembly line when He wasn’t looking. 

MELINDA - I do not have the faintest what she is talking about - unless this refers to a book proposal which another writer and I briefly considered taking up.  The dominatirix in question is Leola McConnell and interest in the book came from her having been William Bennett's dominatrix and also had this kind of encounter with George W. Bush.  

I read some of the material she sent while we were in negotiations, but she decided to write the book herself.  My personal experience with this sort of thing is zero and I am happy to keep it that way.  Life is hard enough without that ickiness.  

I raised children, served as a room mother, chauffeured the kids, taught them to cook, served as a telephone counselor for Right-to-Life until they decided to drop moralsuasion for legislation and served at every level in the Libertarian Party.  I will supply a full outline of my community involvements, which extends over  all of my adult life, until I was targeted by Rayelan and her  NWO Chums.  
Rayelan Continues - Of course, yours truly was, is and always will be the target of her psychopathic rages. I assure you, you have never seen this particular psychopathic three year old as it goes into violent rages when things do not go its way. The 66 year old child psychopath goes in and out of various personalities faster than a Cheetah races to its next prey. 

I do not know how long it will take my lawyer, my landlord and his lawyer to get her out of the house. I have been told by someone who knows her that she has been evicted 13 times before. This means she knows every trick in the book and probably knows more than all of the lawyers involved in this eviction. In today’s society most criminals know their legal rights better than their lawyers. 

MELINDA - No, I have not been evicted 13 times.  This is a libel.  Notice Rayelan does not provide her source.  This is likely because it is my psychopathic daughter, Morgan
Rayelan's Rant Continues........I have been oppressed by this overbearing, demanding, selfish, filthy-mouthed, spoiled child for over two years. For most of that time she has been hiding in her bedroom destroying other people’s lives, including her own children. 

MELINDA - Notice she defames me without providing any specifics, which I certainly provide regarding her behavior, as is appropriate if the point is the truth and not destroying someone's reputation.  This description is curiously projective, however.  This is exactly what Rayelan is like if you actually see her operating.  

As to 'hiding in my bedroom,' I spend little time there.  Most of my waking hours are spent either caring for my disabled son or on the computer either writing or doing research or engaging in web design.  Because my son, and I, myself,  are disabled.   

I cannot hold a regular job.  I qualified for SSI in 2009 based on my heart condition, the residue of a stroke I suffered the year before, chronic migraines,  and vision which makes me almost legally blind. 

Rayelan's Rant Continues........Her target is anyone who makes her feel inferior, i.e. someone who graduated from high school, someone who graduated from college, someone who is a professional such as a doctor, dentist, lawyer, teacher, professor, business owner, anyone with a title and/or money and anyone who is happily married. These are her enemies and her targets along with anyone who refuses to bow down to her. 

MELINDA - While graduating from High School is no big deal I certainly did so.  I also attended college for two years, quitting to marry and have a family.  But degrees are irrelevant to what you can actually do and I grew up in a family which had a very different set of values than those exhibited by Rayelan.  

My father's PhD was from Stanford.  His career is documented on these sites and the site I maintain for the family.   Obituary, UC Archive, CaliSphere 

I also put up sites for other branches of the family and intend to do more when I finish writing the book now in progress on disinformation sites.  

Mother, Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury,  majored in advanced math as UC Berkeley.  I judge people by what they do, if they are honorable and do right by others.  I never judge by their degrees or what they do for a living, which was foundational to our family culture.  This is sheer invention with no basis in truth. 

Arthur C. Pillsbury, my grandfather, dropped out of college when he was a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  Here is the site I write and maintain to extend his legacy for extending human vision.  Arthur C. Pillsbury Home

Rayelan's Rant Continues - I am one of her targets because I graduated from the University of California with a degree in psychology and a minor in English. I wanted to teach. I spent a year working on a teaching credential and subsequently taught English.
Not only do I have an academic education, but I fall into another of her hate strike zones… I own a business. I have been working in business and supporting myself since I was 17 years old. 

MELINDA - I don't hate anyone, though I was profoundly shocked and revolted by what I discovered about Rayelan.  She may own Rumor Mill News but she does not conduct herself in a fashion which is honest.  

Otherwise, this is projection.  Since she provides no specifics it is hard to know  what else to say.   
Rayelan's Rant Continues....... This woman has never worked. She has always been supported by husbands and victims while she pretends to run multimillion dollar corporations and personally knows many movie stars and politicians. This is not meant as a slap against any homemaker male or female. This woman has never functioned as a homemaker or parent. When she was 66 years old she discovered you can cook more than three eggs at a time. 

MELINDA - The degree to which Rayelan lies is mind boggling.  What corporation could she possibly mean? Dad, a professor at UCLA,  always made sure I got to shake hands with commencement speakers.  He took all of us out of school for that.  I shook hands with JFK.  I worked with Joe Shell when he was assisting in a state senate campaign I was managing.  I do, in fact, know some movie stars and politicians.  So what?  If you live, you meet people.   

I always worked, but this was work which fit into my main career, which was raising children. 

I taught natural child birth, Bradley Technique, while I was married and raising four small children.  I did graphics professionally, and was paid.  I decorated cakes, and was paid.  All of these small enterprises were designed to allow me to be a full time mother, which I believe is monumentally important and was always my priority.   

When each of my children was born I had made them a full layette myself, much of this by hand and embroidered the baby clothes with their initials.  (I chose names which had the same initials for either a boy or  girl.)  

For a number of years I grew much of the food we ate.  I made my own soy milk, soy cheese, soy meat, did all of the gardening, painted the house, sewed all of my children's clothes, made most of their presents, produced our Christmas cards, sewed and tailored my husband's clothes, refinished furniture, built furniture, rewired electrical appliances, and did household repairs which included plumbing.

I was politically active and during this period ran for office myself and managed 23 other campaigns.  I did the fundraising which allowed Southern California to have a Libertarian office on Westwood Blvd, in Los Angeles and handled training and staffing for the office and all related needs.  This was from 1980 - 1984.

In 1982 250 of my friends threw a roast for me at the Braemar Country Club in Encino.  My work was respected and appreciated.      

Rayelan's Rant Continues........She belongs to the small faction of seemingly brilliant psychopaths who are able to manipulate people to the point of getting her foot in their door. Once in their door she will squat on them until, like a vampire, she sucks the life force out of them along with their finances and businesses… if she can. 

MELINDA - See time line.  I was then living in the cabin I own in California.  I was very reluctant to go to Ohio because of my vision but Rayelan begged and pleaded with me, saying she needed protection from the frightful people who were taking advantage of her.  The story is remarkably like the one she is recycling here.  

Rayelan made the offer more and more generous until I agreed to come if she paid for the trip, which she did in large part.  

She also committed to a partnership in Rubicon Aegis, LLC, a corporation she said had not yet been formed but which we would do together.  She was lying.  She had incorporated Rubicon Aegis, LLC the year before in Ohio and had no intention of improving Rumor Mill News, which I was to handle as my contribution to the partnership. 

She also, and this was the ugliest thing she did, was to play on my fears from my disabled son.  She knew I was worried about what would happen to him if I could no longer care for him.  She said she wanted to be his Godmother and help me make sure he had the therapies I had not been able to afford which could improve his disabilities.  At one point she told me I was doing him a disservice if I refused the offer she was making.   

I was completely open with Rayelan and told her about my disabilities and my limited income and that I could not hold a regular job because I was Arthur's full time caretaker.  She used these as a means to entice me to undertake a 3,000 mile trip during the winter which could have killed us.  I normally did not drive farther than to the grocery store, which was about 20 miles from the cabin. 

Rayelan's Rant Continues.......I thought I knew Melinda Pillsbury-Foster before I invited her to spend the winter of 2011-2012 with me because she had no place to live, i.e she was homeless. I ONLY knew Ms. Pillsbury hyphen Foster over the telephone.

MELINDA - Where does she get this?  I owned a home valued at about $150,000?  I had friends a few miles away, in the Valley, who had extended an open invitation to stay with them if the weather was bad. 

Rayelan's Rant Continues......Lesson #1: Never assume that a person you ONLY know over the phone will be the SAME person when he/she arrives at your door, and unbeknowst to you settles in illegally for the long term rape. 

MELINDA - We agree.  I should never have trusted Rayelan.  She is a habitual liar, lazy, and intellectually inert.  
Rayelan's Rant Continues......Most of the people at her church feel that she needs to be taught how to function as an adult in a work-a-day world and learn how to support herself as adults do instead of bullying and forcing herself upon and into another person’s home and life. 

MELINDA - And again Rayelan cites other people she does not name.  Since I am on the Vestry and my work is appreciated there, this is just more libel.   
Rayelan's Rant Continues......I will continue The Melinda Chronicles with the intent of preventing any other living soul from going through the unadulterated Hell and torment I have been subjected to for almost three years. 

MELINDA -  Yes, Rayelan, produce more proof you are a psychopathic liar. I can use the material.  
Rayelan's Rant Continues......I am close to moving to my new home. If I happen to suddenly drop dead, tell the local coroner to assume I was murdered. But since the local coroner is my friend and doctor, she already knows all of this. 

MELINDA - The threats have all been from Rayelan.  Death Threat conveyed by the Duke of Manchester regarding Rayelan. 

And now - THE PITCH - Donate so Rayelan can keep going to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and out to eat!   And remember, Rayelan is not paying the utilities here.  I am.  

Rayelan's Rant Continues......The move to my new home has taken a large chunk of my money. I don’t even have enough to pay the first month’s rent on the new home, which is $750.00 – and in addition I am over $700.00 overdrawn in one of my bank accounts.
I need $1500.00 to pay the rent and put enough money in my bank account before they close the account and charge me with bank fraud. 

MELINDA - Can you believe this woman expects RMN Readers, or her NWO Cronies, to pay for everything?  How much has she collected for her 'MOVE' since last July?  
Rayelan's Rant Continues....I am over the pneumonia but I still have a lung and bronchial tube infection and a nasty cough. My strength is virtually gone and yet I am still packing boxes and organizing a move. 

MELINDA - I strongly doubt Rayelan packed more than a box or two, her paid minions appeared to be doing the work.  

Rayelan's Rant Continues......I have no way of earning this kind of money except for selling hundreds of things on ebay. And even then, there is no way of doing this in time to pay the rent and the bank. I have already pawned everything of value I owned. 

MELINDA - Yes she does, she just continues to attack me and her NWO cronies keep filling her panhandling box.  
Rayelan's Rant Continues......I will start to list some of the things I am getting ready to sell on ebay. Each item will only be up for 24 hours. I would love to stay up and do this tonight, but I have been pushing myself all day and am truly ready to collapse. 

MELINDA - No one can say she has nothing she can sell.  But she is a hoarder and has a touch time parting with anything.   
Rayelan's Rant Continues......I want to thank all of my friends and readers from RMN. Without your help, I don’t think I would have survived the last three years. 

MELINDA -  This woman loves no one.  But you have seen how a psychopath, or several of them, operate.  No facts, all oozing assertions and emotions and drama.  

  Many Blessings and Much Love to All!! I hope what I have gone through will make sure that no one who reads this goes through the same thing. If this is a leson your soul needs, please know that it is possible to learn lessons like this vicariously. In other words, learn from what I went through.
Many Blessings!! 

MELINDA - Balderdash - all of it.  Rayelan would stab you in the back as soon as look at you.  Psychopaths are like that.  

God Speed and Watch Your Back!!
Below is the January RMN widget. I am not asking for EXTRA money this month, I am only asking that $1500.00 of the $4000.00 be added immediately. I pray we have readers who are capable of doing this right after Christmas. I am so sorry to have to ask you for this.
P.S. With God on our side, within a month I will be back at RMN as I have been for the 18 and a half years that RMN has been around. 

MELINDA - Actually, we think the recent larger 'donations' are coming from the NWO group because too many RMN Readers are getting wise to the scam.   


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    2. Wondering what the purpose was of the lovely pics. Please note Fred, she's not wearing ANY Intrinities.

    3. They don't call her the Queen of Conspiracy for nothing - though I could never find anyone who called her that. She probably stole that title, too.

  2. It is nice to know that Raye Scammer Smith, put that supposed degree in Psychology to good use, first as a shoe salesman, and then as a scammer, starting with her lame, send me $5.00 and a self addressed stamped envelope, so that Gunther and I can send you a few pages of zeroxed fantasy and bullshit. It was later parlayed into the world wide web where it evolved into the virtual money machine of lame copy and paste agents that you see today!

    You've come along way, baby!

    (goo goo gaa gaa, jimmy whimmy wannma got out to eaty poo)

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