Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mild Update on the MOVE and related scents

For Rayelan nothing is organized, nothing works as it does with normal people.   See the latest reason she needs more money. No one is ever going to be interested in her books, except law enforcement, anti-fraud division.

This morning a stench wafted up from down stairs which was so strong it made my eyes burn.   Then I realized it was Rayelan's cloying perfume, which she uses when someone is coming over.  Yep.  A Vet arrived to see to Bucky boy.  Rayelan loves this kind of visit because she can also launch into her DRAMA and they have to listen and be polite since they are being paid.  Rolling of eyes have to wait until they are safely back, in the vehicle.   One certainly hopes they add the extra time spent. 

I can tell when Rayelan is trying to lie to me from downstairs because she talks VERY LOUDLY so I am forced to listen through a closed door.  Note:  She is not moving to Fordham Road in Austinburg because there is no such road name.  

This is not a problem because I already know.      

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Yes, there is another account... One set up for the banner ad income for hobie...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 27-Jan-2015 20:41:15

Normally I never use that account... but I have lost my paypal card to my main account.

Money that comes in to the paypal account that is used for RMN is transferred to the second account and I use the Paypal card (hobie's card) to withdraw it.

I can transfer money to my bank account, but it takes three to five days and in the middle of a move I don't have the time to do this. So I transfer it to hobie's account and withdraw it from there and pay bills by going to Walmart or to the company itself.
RMN and I share the same house. When I say I am moving, I am also moving RMN and all of the books, papers, recordings, and videos that are associated with RMN and/or me in the capacity of RMN's Publisher. All of the papers, pamphlets and books that are associated with RMN are stored in my basement. They take up a 20 feet by 8 foot area. Fortunately the new house also has a basement where all of the RMN papers, books, tax receipts and records will be stored.
I have a great deal of information that I have never had the time to scan and post or turn an audio tape into a postable audio. I have over 50 90 minute tapes that the late attorney, Paul Wilcher recorded of his debriefing of Gunther while Gunther was in prison in Missouri.
I have several videos that I would like to put up on Youtube or on RMN, but I have never had the time to figure out how to do it. I have tried, but for some reason, they are rejected. They are over an hour long.
I forgot to mention that I have an ebay account for the things I sell on ebay. I should open an ebay store and post the link on RMN. Over the years I have had to sell a number of my treasures just to pay the bills. And I suspect that I will have to sell even more to stay afloat because of this move. If I have time, I can raise the money I need through ebay. But when emergencies arise, there just isn't time to post something for sale on ebay. And with the move, I don't even know if I could find the things I post for sale.
I hope that this answered your question.


  1. She doesn't have $40.00 for a prescription but can pay for a vet housecall? Here it is $500.00 for a vet housecall.

    1. Where are you reading that? He had a very nice car and an assistant, too. They went over the treatment, which included a long list of prescriptions. And the house calls will continue! Nothing but the best for Buckey. And then there is Rayelan's make over to pay for, too. That was a long conversation. Lots to do!

  2. Here, as in where I live, a vet house call is $500. It is high, because the time it takes to do one house call is probably the equivalent of 10 office office visits.