Saturday, January 31, 2015

Natural Wisdom is impossible without the facts

Dear Natural Wisdom,

You should familiarize yourself with the facts in advance of forming an opinion.  You are wrong because you lack the facts in this matter.  

The enticement for getting me to Ohio included bringing RMN up to the next level.  Rayelan told me she had the necessary capital but lacked the expertise.  On those terms I accepted her offer of a partnership in what she said was a not yet formed LLC, Rubicon Aegis, and left my home in California, which I still own and which stands empty, to come help her in this endeavor and also to assist her in coping with the Powers - Lee Family, who she told me, and others, were preying on her.  

Watch the pattern here as it develops. 

Soon after I arrived Rayelan told me she could no longer afford to pay the cost for improving RMN and tried to get me to pay for it.  I refused.  My funds were limited, which I had told her before accepting the offer.  I offered to try to find people to assist in the project for free.  One gentleman did this, Karl Loveless, an RMN Reader.  Karl had developed a layout which Rayelan said satisfied her.  We had begun  organizing a fundraiser when an event intervened which seemed to change Rayelan's whole focus.  

I need to tell you I did not seriously read RMN.  I had been asked to post there and this was the limit of my involvement.   I had not heard of the OITC, had not heard of The Obergon Chronicles, or of many of the topics covered on RMN.  

Almost as soon as I arrived I was introduced to people who Rayelan said were working with the OITC, attempting to free of their number from imprisonment in the Philippines.  I listened.  They seemed like sensible people.  One of them was an attorney in California, another said he had a history in covert ops. 

These people and they seemed to take the mission of the OITC and believed as a matter of course it existed.  I did a little research and found the subject was very confusing and charges of various kinds of fraud and malfeasance were thick upon the ground.  I withheld judgment and focused on the changes needed for RMN.

Then Rayelan sprung on me that OITC was about to be funded and she, myself and my son were going to be going offshore so she could become the head of their media arm.  

I asked her how long she had known this and she said, oh, for months.  This placed her knowledge of this, if true, at long before I arrived in Ohio.  I found her cavalier attitude, allowing me to relocate without informing me of all of the possible developments to be irresponsible.  

Her inability to balance her check book, keep from becoming overdrawn, and other oddities also raised questions in my mind as to her ability to manage anything.  

I went forward with the idea I would finish the initial job and return to California.  

Then, Rayelan told me she was going to have a conference call with the head of the OITC, David Sales, and his security specialist.  She asked me to be in the room, out of their sight, and listen during the conference call.  I thought this very inappropriate, but she insisted.  

The call took place in the livingroom, which she had converted into an office for herself.  I had assisted her with this.  At the time our relations were very friendly.  

during the call Rayelan complained about ensuring she had control and ownership of RMN, indicating she distrusted Hobie, who I had learned was also Zapper.  The security specialist asked her where RMN was hosted.  She replied it was at a location in Georgia.  

The security specialist said he was going to check and the conversation with Sales continued.  When the security specialist again spoke he seemed somewhat flustered.  He told Rayelan RMN was hosted on a site in North Carolina owned and controlled by the CIA.  

Rayelan seemed somewhat startled and again questioned Hobie-Zapper's reliability.  Talk turned quickly, this lead by the security specialist, to downloading the entire site and moving it to a new host and out of any contact with Hobie-Zapper.  

I do not know what conversations took place out of my hearing but this never happened.  I had, however, many conversations with the security specialist and he expressed concern about Rayelan.  He and I were working on putting up the alternative radio station.  I did the scheduling and some of the design.  

Clearly, having RMN on a CIA server was indicative of a close relationship between someone in a high management position at RMN and the CIA.  Rayelan said it must be Hobie-Zapper.  But, as you can see, nothing changed.  

During this time I also put Rayelan in touch with a web specialist who offered to bring the site up to the 'next level' for us and handle the advertising, guaranteeing her a personal income of $10,000 a month.  Rayelan was not interested.  I have his name, if you would like to talk to him.  

Rayelan, I decided, did not want any changes.  

I continued to handle the advertising and began attempting to rebuild my client list so I could raise the money to return to California.  

I should explain that it was the Manchesters, to whom Rayelan introduced me, that destroyed the ones I had built and was working on.  See Manchester Time Line 

Rayelan had persuaded me to work for them and wait to be paid, telling me they were her best friends in the world.  If you read their rantings it is clear I am their target.  Why would that have been?  I did not attack them, I only asked for overdue payment. 

A combination of the Manchesters, Morgan, her husband Jay, and possibly others,  called my editor and maligned me, called my clients and potential clients, and libeled me online.   Morgan and Jay knew perfectly well I have a bad heart and should never have been subjected to this kind of hate campaign.  So did Rayelan, who shrugged off what was, for me a long drawn out agony. 
This was taking place while I was focused on bringing RMN up to the next level.  I had to grit my teeth and refuse to feel anything, it was so painful.  And all this time Rayelan was out shopping, jaunting around, and doing beading.  No 'guidance' or sensible insights were ever forthcoming from Rayelan. 

Now, to your next assertion.

I did not initiate any action against Rayelan.  Look over the TIME LINE on this site.   

And I can answer your question about my grandfather, my father and Jimmy.  Yes, I know they would be proud of me for standing up for the truth and never backing down.  I can feel them standing with me every single day. 

I gave Rayelan every opportunity to settle, compromise, come to an agreement.  But she wanted to leave me and my son on the street, homeless and without funds 3,000 miles from our home.  

I started doing serious research.  You should read this site in toto.  


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster



Dear Melinda,
Your treatment and persistent vendetta toward Rayelan over the past 2+ years has made it impossible for RMN to move forward with the times, to where we are constantly seeking larger donations from readers and supporters just to keep the website running. With Rayelan physically incompacitated and unable to provide the necessary input and advisory guidance, projects that were first proposed in 2012 (e.g., website enhancements and restarting the radio show) have been put on indefinite hold.
You have been blessed with knowledge and gifts that a majority of us don't have. For instance, you know where so many of the political 'skeletons' are buried and who's responsible for the crimes against humanity. You have personally participated in and witnessed many of the groundbreaking changes in the political landscape over the past 45 years and have the writing skills to put your experiences on paper.
Unfortunately, you have also chosen to pursue a vindictive and largely self-centered agenda that does nothing to thwart the real evildoers in our world but serves only to destroy and inhibit the lives of the innocent people that you encounter. Your personal history is widely documented on the web. It doesn't paint a pretty picture.
Would Arthur C. Pillsbury, the famous 20th century photographer and inventor, be proud of his granddaughter if he were alive today and learned of your exploits? For that matter, would a resurrected James Dean, the Hollywood actor whom you knew as a child in the early 1950s, continue to consider you as a friend?
Rayelan is not the reason why the world is in the mess that it is in. We need to help her share her unique knowledge and wisdom. From my vantage point, the NWO has begun deploying their End Game agenda in earnest and there's precious little time to fight off their efforts.
IMHO, we would all be better off if you would voluntarily remove your onerous shackles off of Rayelan's shoulders.

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