Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rayelan, Moving and whining.

Rayelan MOVING is a thing of Beauty and Joy Forever. But for some reason she did not want to share this happy moment with RMN Readers.

The Moving Monolith of Mouth did not like being photographed while she was clambering into her Jeep and grabbed her own Phone and started photographing me, claiming I make up facts while she, pure as the driven snow, is the soul of Truth.

I glanced skyward but unfortunately she was not struck by lightning. Maybe next time.

Then she claimed someone, a male since she used the masculine tense, had called her personally from Santa Barbara to complain I am a psychopathic narcissist. She offered bogus hear-say, likely gleaned from her conversations with Morgan, oh, she who my father declined to support after Mother died because, as he bluntly said, to me, “She is not to be trusted. With ample training someday she may be competent to work at McDonalds.” Dad was nothing if not blunt.

My father's name was Dr. Arthur Francis Pillsbury PhD from Stanford in Civil Engineering.

In January 1936 transferred to Riverside campus; in June 1939 transferred to Los Angeles campus to position of Professor of Irrigation and Soils in the College of Agriculture, Irrigation Engineer in the Agriculture Experiment Station and Professor of Engineering in the College of Engineering, Los Angeles. 1960 named Director of the Water Resources Center for the University System, based at UCLA. In 1965 served as a consultant for a year at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Served in various capacities as a consultant in California and then on the first EPA Committee of Congress. Retired, 1971, moving to Springville, California. Continued to do consulting work until 1990. Died April 12, 1991 in Santa Barbara, California.  Interred in Porterville, California.   Obituary, UC Archive, CaliSphere

Starting in the late 1980s Dad chose me to take over the job of ensuring the legacy of his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury was restored and honored. In 2004 there were three mentions of Grandfather online. Today we are closing on a half million. Why, you might ask since then I had a sister and two brothers living. Because, he said, I was the only one tenacious enough to stick with it, despite the difficulties he had identified.

I wondered what he meant – and I found out. This is the website as it exists today. This was one of the sites Rayelan and her scumbag friends managed to have taken down in December 2011. Arthur C. Pillsbury Home.

Rayelan's Dad was, she claims, a long term trucker who was actually a covert operative for the CIA who sold her as a test subject.

Being a trucker is an honest job, tough and physically demanding. But selling your daughter to the CIA? Wow. Some Dad, right? And that is what she says about him which is positive.

And then, of course, he also took her to meet Gunther, variously in New Mexico or Austria when she was eleven and Gunther, who was destined to be the Arch Duke of Austria took one look at her and headed for the hills. So romantic, don't you think?

It is impossible to hold Rayelan to one set of lies so why try?

If someone will not give you the facts they are a Rayelan, a psychopath who tried to hide behind evasions. Just the facts. Just the facts.

Rayelan's best friends, the Manchesters, may be the Duke and Duchess of Manchester but Alex, the 13th Duke was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984. SEE Bottom of page 9, transcript. Documents originated from the Manchester Trust.

Laura, by multiple reports had one career only, that being as a sex worker, this being the politically correct term for whore. Given Rayelan's 'career' as the appointed 'girl friend' of that Mexican Drug Lord (her story, told to many, including me, my son, and evidently others as well, was Different because she was actually a CIA Operative.)

Does that make selling sex and setting someone up moral or ethical? Actually, this is probably worse than just selling sex. But who are we to quibble? Gross and disgusting at the very least.

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