Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hi Jasmine - Boy did you swallow a big one.

I want nothing to do with RMN and have not wanted anything to do with it since it sunk in that Rayelan is a disinformation agent.  But RMN is the only asset Rayelan has which could be liened, so we used it for purposes of negotiation.  If Rayelan had simply paid my way back to California and for my uncompensated work here we would have settled.  But that is not what she wanted.  No, she shared the same goal as expressed over and over by my former husband, Craig.  "I want her on the street pushing a shopping cart." 

Rayelan has been uglier than you would believe - but clearly you believe what you want.  

RMN is very much Rayelan.  It is a top down, tolerates no dissent, and works covertly to ensure it remains in control.  If that is your preference it is the right site for you and you are welcome to it.  All of my life I have worked for individual rights, freedom, justice and care of the Earth.  This is just one more battle. 
Rayelan's name came off the utilities here yesterday and mine went on, just so you know. 

Otherwise, Jasmine, you and I have nothing more to say to each other.  

Have a nice life.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: Jasmine
Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-2015 09:40:00

Hi de ho Everyone,
agree with all above!!!!!!!! I am one of many of Raye's friends and have watched this "person" from the beginning of this saga grrrrrr. It would appear as if she needs to get
out of many people's lives!!!!! She has left a wide path of destruction in her wake and, obviously, needs lots of professional help. I know on a personal level that she is totally lying about our Raye and there is no reason of any kind that she should be doing all these cruel and destructive things to her. She needs to get out of Raye's life and leave her and her friends and RMN alone. She really does think that she can take RMN away from Raye and run it herself wellllll I for one would strongly object to that and would not be apart of anything associated with that "person"!!!!!!!! I can't see that anyone here would feel different, so maybe we all need to speak out here and let Raye and the rest of whoever know that without

Raye there is no RMN and that none of us would agree to be here without her.
I know that some will worry that she might go after them next but I doubt that there is anyone left that would believe her lies. In my past I have had several "persons" try to destroy my reputation and even my life but I am still here and will continue to be so!!!!!!!!!! ohohohohohohohohohoho Their shenigans were exposed by their own venom and so will this "person's". In fact, there are plenty of people out there who are doing their best to expose her, however, if one reads her venom that in itself, exposes her. She obviously does not realize that she is only exposing herself and laying bare her own sickness. Sooooo
Let us rally 'round and show our love and support for our Raye who's light only shines brighter against the darkness that tries to surround her.
many blessings and safe journeys for us all ttfn jas


  1. The delusion runs almost as deep as the excessive number of exclamation marks.

    1. Rumor Mill News is a well attended reposting site. It nurtures a passive waiting to be rescued by friendly aliens, OITC, Faction 43 1/2 or other illusions. People who wait to be rescued are part of the problem. Jasmine is a nice person but she never went looking for the truth about Rayelan.

  2. I love how one of those posts says that the only thing you got right was her name. But in the past month here on your blog/site, with the wonderful addition from the helpful anonymous poster giving us the phoenixfiles newsletter. ANY and all doubt I had to your legitimate claims you make here has been erased.

    I wonder if Natural Wisdom or Jasmine are aware of the damaging synchronicities that are shown in those newsletters compared to your current fight.

    The fact that Raye is even responding to them in the open suggests to me that the squeeze is working. Does she pay taxes on this average 4000 dollars a month of unearned income she has been getting from these "generous" albeit foolish readers.

    I mean I have been following your blog here for about 3 months now, and those 3 months alone she must have raised 12k over at RMN.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if Raye thinks she is immune from prosecution since she is royalty because of Gunther.

    I would gladly throw in 100$ to the fundrazr if they would link this site to my donation.

    Win or lose here Melinda, you succeeded in your aim exposing her. I have been putting your site in the hands of anyone and everyone who is interested or willing to listen, and 90% of them have told me they with you, the amount of information and proof of said offenses is overwhelming here.

    Keep at it, you are making a difference.

    Let the truth prevail.

    1. At least $12,000 - and spent every nickle on excess everything.

      Rayelan pay taxes? Never happen. Even though I do not approve of taxation over the Constitutionally defined limits (Excise) I always obey the law because I have seen what happens to people who don't. She may never have to pay if she is still actively protected - but they are pretty cynical about dumping operatives who become problems, so we will just have to wait and see.

      Psychopaths never think it is going to end. They are used to looking at people as marks who don't know what is really going on behind their eyes.

      That would be funny - doing the link. You could try it and see what happens. Small Claims Court is always available.

      Thanks for spreading the word. I really, really appreciate it. And may the truth be with you.

  3. Did I read 'her' to say that she can't move unless you do? The landlord 'told' her?

    Looks like your getting blasted with "fake" snow?

    I am curious if she doesn't let you downstairs, how do you cook, what do you eat?

    1. How could he enforce that? He might have meant she has to do something so he does not have to try to evict me. That would be awkward because she lied him into entirely false beliefs and then I sent him the information on her past as a conman. They all did evidently violate the law regarding Abuse of Process. That looked very clear. But if she had talked to him she would probably know more about the letter I sent him and this does not appear to be the case. So, who knows. The woman lies.

      Anyway, there is no armed guard at the door keeping her here. And I sure wish she would disappear.

      That white stuff sure looks real to me. Cold. Burrr.

      I cook upstairs in a closet area and wash up in the bathroom sink. It is much better than sharing a kitchen with her, let me tell you. There was never any counter space because she stored junk there so deep it was falling off the counters. Very claustrophobic.

      We eat a lot of Chinese dishes, Thai, Mexican, quiche, which Arthur has taken a liking to. And I do other things when I find an interesting recipe. I am always looking. Arthur has a breakfast menu he can choose from, too. I'll make him any of those and keep supplies on hand. Apple turnovers, crepes, waffles, pancakes sometimes. Different kinds of skillet dishes. He is not partial to pasta, unfortunately. But he likes lasagna. He also likes fish so we have that, pan grilled or sauted with capers and onions or what not.

  4. For Jasmine and billym, NaturalWisdom and whomever else commented, there is a site called which has a SiteSearch (btw RMN does not) in order to search ANY name or topic. I searched Rayelan and found she has been "getting" money for like 20 years from "READERS". I found back in 94 or 96 she needed 2 grand for her phone and electric??? Give me a break! I don't know, sounds like grifting to me. Also figured out monies going to P. O. Box and apparently different Paypal accounts are NEVER added to the running total on the FRWidget. I find THAT very dishonest. I wonder if that Phoenix site needs four grand a month to run, maybe it's 5 grand because of that site search. Look, I think it might be time for an accounting. Also want to say that Melinda and Arthur didn't sneak into the house while Rayelan was sleeping or out. It is obvious that she and he were invited in, but since there is that matter of site going to zero last September (everything gone) we can't really go back and look at what was going on at that time. I remember Rayelan writing that she was going to stay in the motor home that I believe the 'readers' bought. I don't know, just my 2 cents.

    1. Rayelan is a con artist. She always has been, along with apparently supplying services as a disinformation agent and earlier for the CIA as an operative. Billym appears to be Hobie (Jeff Gordon) Zapper. RMN Readers were buying her fantasy world for the cost of thousands a month. TANSTAAFL.

    2. I am here with my son because I was asked to come to Ohio to partner with Rayelan in a not yet formed corporation, Rubicon Aegis, LLC and take RMN to 'the next level.' At the time I was already working for her as Director for Advertising for both the Radio station and RMN. Housing, if you can call this dive housing, was a benefit of employment.

  5. OMG It is the 1st and she's holding out for that last $25

    1. What do you expect? She can pay for a big trip to Goodwill with that money. More Stuff. See posting.

    2. She's at it again -- already.

      Raye needs $1,000 right now, and of course, it's all your fault Melinda.

      "Raye currently cannot post this herself because her internet has been shut off and her cell phone bill is so overdue that they cut the data usage off and are disconnecting the phone tomorrow at which point she will have no contact with the outside world at all."

      No contact with the outside world at all? Oh, please. She has a working vehicle, yes? She has two feet, no? Is she chained in a cave on some far distant mountain?

      Ten minutes later, hobie is echoing the call for big money asap, don't ya know?

      So pathetic.


    3. When you 'get it' they lose the power to control you through your faith and loyalty. Thanks for sending.

  6. Think they are getting worried?

    A snip from a post "Hobie" wrote yesterday (3 Feb)...

    He first quotes Jasmine where she says, "She really does think that she can take RMN away from Raye and run it herself.." Blah, blah, blah. Then after explaining how he found RMN and became an 'agent', he said,

    "If it should happen that RMN were to "come under new ownership" one day, there'd be no point in my remaining here. Whether I might like, or not like, the new "owner" is completely secondary. I'm here for Raye."

    After reading your entire site (very interesting, I might add), I see that you think perhaps Billym is Hobie/Zapper/Jeff Gordon. That could very well be, but Billym wrote the post that brought me
    to your site. Why would he want to lead people here to find the truth?

    Also, the past couple of days, Hobie has been directing Raye to the lounge to see "messages".
    Oh! The one just to Raye is gone now (pretty sure it was Tuesday), but today there is a new one...
    * RAYE and ~ALL~ RMN AGENTS, please read the notes in the Lounge * (no msg inside) *NM*
    (views: 123)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 4-Feb-2015 04:59:07

    Yep, I think you've given them cause to worry. Oh, the suspense!

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. Thanks RJ.

      Thanks for sending. The links you sent certainly indicate they are spending quite a bit of time wondering what to do about the situation. And a list of questions occurred to me as I read what they had written. So See Post - We Have Answers. Melinda

  7. Verbatim and if there was no RMN, Hobie, second in command of lying and scamming would have to get a real job!

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    ...and that's why, without Rayelan, there is no Rumor Mill News.

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 3-Feb-2015 19:53:13

    In Response To: oliverhaddo: "Rumor Mill News does not fit into a box..." (hobie)

    Hi, Folks -

    Our own Jasmine recently wrote:

    Jasmine -- Saturday, 31-Jan-2015 09:40:00

    ...quote: "She really does think that she can take RMN away from Raye and run it herself wellllll I for one would strongly object to that and would not be apart of anything associated with that "person"!!!!!!!! I can't see that anyone here would feel different, so maybe we all need to speak out here and let Raye and the rest of whoever know that without Raye there is no RMN and that none of us would agree to be here without her."

    Anyone who imagines otherwise simply doesn't get it. :)

    I'm here specifically because one day in cyberspace I "saw a glow", and, seeking out the source of that glow, what I found was an article written by Rayelan and published by Brian Redman in his "Conspiracy Nation" e-mail newsletter.

    The "glow" that I saw was a ray of hope, present within what otherwise would have been "typical conspiracy theory rantings" of doom-and-gloom.

    I followed the links and soon came upon Rumor Mill News in very early days. I'm not sure which RMN Agents might already have been here ahead of me - probably Patriotlad, and perhaps oliverhaddo and Freedom4ever, and probably quite a few more, some of whom have moved on or passed on by now. I began occasionally e-mailing via the 'Send E-mail' link in some of the posts. Sometimes what I had written then showed up in a post. And so on. :)

    Eventually Rayelan invited me to become an RMN Agent. I accepted, and, as they say, the rest is history. :)

    It's very much as Jasmine said. I'm here for, and because of, Rayelan. Not because this is fun. (?) Not "for the glory". (?) But for Raye, and her particular vision, and her mission that led to the creation of Rumor Mill News in the first place.

    If it should happen that RMN were to "come under new ownership" one day, there'd be no point in my remaining here. Whether I might like, or not like, the new "owner" is completely secondary. I'm here for Raye.

    "Rumor Mill News does not fit into a box!" oliverhaddo wrote. "This place is as vast and lawless and deep... and unpredictable... As the urge to freedom. Nobody on the other side will ever understand what makes it tick."



    1. Rumor Mill News would better serve freedom from a box. I'll show you. POST

  8. Who does Hobie think he is kidding, ( besides the Rayelians) he is here for the MONEY.

    1. Hobie is a practical guy. Does anyone hail from Atlanta Georgia who could go interview him? I have his address.