Friday, January 2, 2015

Rayelan Allan AKA Raye Smith Receives NOTICE TO LEAVE PREMISES

The following Notice was delivered to Ms. Smith on January 2, 2015 by Bob Brobst.  

In her eagerness to create an appearance that she is not a hoarder Ms. Smith spent considerable time cleaning and even removed some of the trash which had been steadily accumulating in the closet she had created from the former entry area between the front door and the short hallway into the kitchen.  

You, gentle reader, will remember the hideous and slovenly appearance of this area just yesterday.  

Around December 29, 2014

It is just amazing what a transformation she was able to achieve in just a few hours.
Taken January 2, 2015

The most amazing thing about the transformation was how rapidly it took place.  This morning it was the same trash heap it has been for weeks.  Then, there was Rayelen laboring over it.

The language in the NOTICE TO LEAVE PREMISES is from a standard template.  But the Fax number from which it was sent was unfamiliar.  Naturally, I did a search for where the fax had originated. 

Ta Dah!

This is likely the legal savant to whom Ms Smith has been talking for so many months. 

David C. Sheldon
3503 Carpenter Road
P.O. Box 1152
Ashtabula, OH 44005
Phone: (440) 964-2671
Fax: (440) 964-7710

Attorney Sheldon specializes in Wills and Trusts.  

From the Ashtabula Bar Association 


  1. Why is she being evicted, do you know?

  2. It appears to be a ploy cooked up between her and the owner to get rid of me. I need to explore whether or not this constitutes conspiracy since Raybo could not evict me because my housing was a benefit of employment and she never fired me. I am sure the owner is unaware of the facts since his only source of information is Raybo.

    1. Nothing says professional competent attorney like a chicken scratch boiler plate fill in the blank form.

    2. Well, yes - and they skirt the edge of legality by trying to make it look like a real action. I suspect the landlord was not the one to pay the attorney. Of course, if this is the case it constitutes Abuse of Process. Interrogatories would clarify this point. I am already working on them. And if they serve me I will respond so fast Rayelan will wiggly like jello. Well, to be fair so will Jim. And then, since they are material witnesses the landlord will have to give me their contact information so I can have them served!