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Response to Rayelan's newest lies

Rayelan is simply projecting.  Notice she never brings up anything I have done.   But she has introduced the subject of my divorce from Craig Franklin.   It is possible to move on when you stop being a target and the other party pays what is due to you.  

I was granted stock for which the options payments had already been made my Craig.  Craig and Dan O'Dowd, GHS President, conspired to deny me the only asset from the marriage.  

This was not the first time they had conspired and I was not their only victim.  It was a "Throw Mama From the Train" Strategy, described by them as such.  Dan cooperated to defraud me.  Craig made it possible for Dan to defraud Dan's VC partner, Glenn Hightower. 

Read these two articles. 

The Corporate Greedy – When Psychopaths Cooperate

Every day I live with the struggle of caring for a substantially disabled son, now 37 years old.  When this began he was 19. His most serious injuries, an attempt on his own life, was caused by Craig, acting out a pattern of deceit comparable to what I have found in Rayelan.  

Craig had left me.  It was February 1998 and Arthur was home from the hospital and in rehabilitation but on and off subject to depression.  The motorcycle accident which had caused his first brain injury, serious but leaving him able to walk and only two years behind educationally, had taken place September 27 the year before.  

Craig called me to say he wanted to keep up his relationship with Arthur and be a Dad.  Could Arthur have lunch with him?  Of course I was delighted.  I told Arthur what Craig had said and he was excited to see Craig again.  When I picked Arthur up he was angry, hostile, filled with rage.  I asked him what had happened.  He just shook his head and ran in the house.  

The next days were a horror.  Arthur was to go into a treatment program for depression on Monday, March 23.  He asked if he could spend the weekend with his biological father, who had ceded his parental rights to Craig years before.  I called my ex-husband, Ron, and explained what Arthur was going through and the possibility he could try to commit suicide.  Ron agreed to stay with him 24/7 for the two days.  

Instead, Ron let him go where ever he wanted alone and on Sunday morning Ron left him alone in the house with a loaded gun.  Arthur shot himself through the brain.  

Again, I was at Arthur's bedside, this time 90 miles from home, every possible moment.  The doctors did not believe he faced anything but a vegetative state.  They assigned us a social worker to consider donating his organs.  After sitting by his bed  for hours, crying and distraught, looking at his distended head and listening to the machine breathe for him, I went out to the waiting room.  There, my cell phone rang.  It was Morgan.  She told me she had learned she had a bad heart and needed a heart transplant.  I felt like I was falling.  This could not be happening.

And it wasn't.  Morgan had no heart condition.  But she had received $10,000 to get me to turn off life support.  We found the check for this and the payments of $5,000 a month Craig was giving her to slander me to my friends and associates when we did the discovery.  

But I did not learn what happened at that lunch until much later.  

That night I dropped to my knees and begged Christ, God, anyone who could hear my prayer to let my son live.  And I got an answer.  The Virgin Mary appeared to me, so close I could have touched her.  She looked me right in the eye and asked if I meant it.  I said, yes, yes, yes, anything.  Let him live and let him have a life.  

She paused then and began to speak to me.  The words burned into my brain. "If you are strong enough he can live and have what you want for him.  But you must be strong enough to do what your heart tells you is right, always.  You cannot turn away when you know others are in danger.  Their danger becomes your own."  

And she was gone.  At the time I did not understand everything she meant.  That came later. 
Craig married me not because he loved me but because I had two beautiful daughters, then between eleven and fourteen.  This is his sexual target age. 

There are many issues relating to using marriage to gain access sexual access to children and steal assets.  I have not seriously raised these in my own case as forms of fraud.  But marriages motivated by these purposes are fraudulent in exactly the same way any substantial misrepresentation would be. Wanting to have sex with your children is not an appropriate motivation for marriage.  Perhaps Rayelan disagrees.  If so, she should say so explicitly. 

I did not realize this at the time but in retrospect I realized if I had been less naive I would have ended the marriage myself.  

It was finding the incest pornography, with receipt, in 2003 which persuaded me Craig was a pervert.  After this happened I re-read all the divorce documents and was struck by the Declaration made by my daughter, Ayn.  

What her declaration illustrated was the kind of covert manipulation used by the sexual predator working inside a marriage to suborn the children so they lose respect for the parent who would protect them.  In this case this was myself.

Craig continued his behavior with his oldest son's eight year old daughter in 2010.  Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife.  He was tried and convicted and sentences to ten years in prison.  Craig's first impulse on hearing Scott was out of the way was to hire an attorney to get him unsupervised visitation with his grand-daughter.  He entirely ignored his grand-son, two years older.  

The judge put the mother and children into a victim protection program for this and because even in prison Scott, I was told, was still trying to hire a hitman.  

Craig has been looking for a young woman to have a baby with him.  He is 70 years old.  He tells them he wants a little girl.  Do you think these women should be warned?  I do.   Several have written to thank me.  

The Luncheon

At the luncheon Craig spent most of the short time he sat there with Arthur vilifying me.  He told Arthur I was evil and only trying to drain him for money.  He then threw $3,000 on the table and walked out without saying much of anything to Arthur but this.  "I don't want you in my life.  Take this and get lost."  

I made a promise.  I am going to keep it.  I don't hate Craig and I don't hate Rayelan but I am going to stop them, and others,  from harming people who are deceived into trusting them.  And I insist of justice for myself and for my son.  Arthur will have a life.

If you have not read Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The Unexpected Connection, please do.  Trust, but check.  

I have never photoshoped any evidence of any kind.  The private investigator, who picked up the bag containing the incest porn from its perch on the top of a trash can where he saw Craig deposit it, brought it to my home immediately and stood there as I opened it.  He looked at everything, only a portion of which is online.  He would so testify.   

Kathy, Scott's former wife, asked me for evidence and I gave it to her along with more which has not been published.  

Rayelan is lying again. 

If you think I am a psychopath or wonder if Rayelan might be one contribute to the Fundrazr, which will be up as soon as the details are worked out.  Transparency is good for the soul. 

Computer sabotaged - email programs sabotaged
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-2015 08:41:15 


I am posting this from my iPhone Please try to read around the typos and iPhone generated words.
Someone hates me and someone fears me. Are they the same person or entity?
I don't have the answer to that. Only time will bring us a complete answer.
Melinda pillsbury foster hates me but she doesn't fear me. Psychopaths do not know fear.
Her hatred toward anyone who decides not to continue doing her bidding will last the rest of her life. Her divorce from her third husband was over ten years ago, but if you read any of her websites about him you would swear that their divorce was recent or still ongoing.
In her mind he and his company owe her a quarter of a billion dollars. And when you read about Green Hills Software, a defense contractor specializing in drones, you will think her lawsuit against them was ongoing. It isn't. There has never been a lawsuit filed because no lawyer will take her case because she only has a case in her own mind.
She has attacked her third husband online for years. And she will continue to label him a predater, a psychopath, a pedophile. She photoshops evidence to prove to her readers that he is a pedophile.
If she still hurls her hatred at her ex husband and his company ten to fifteen years after they threw her out of their lives, then you can believe that she will be writing hate web pages about me until she died. And according to her, she has the same heart problem that killed most of her family; taking many of them at a young age. Far younger than the soon to be 67 year old Melinda.
To quote Melinda as she was telling the church ladies about her heart condition, "The doctor said, 'You're going to die'"
A friend who has known me for over 20 years just read the website she has devoted to me. My friend said that the only thing she got right was my name and my pseudonym. This is what I thought when I first read the site.
Melinda raged and roared at me the day before yesterday as I was helping load a truck full of my furniture. The temperature was probably in the single digits as it has been for the last week. I know I looked like hell. The stress that this psychopath has caused me would probably have killed most people. Watch for these photos to appear along with photos of everyone who is helping me move.
Today is the last of the month. It's the day that she is supposed to be out. I can't leave until she leaves. So says the landlord.
Change of subject
All of my emails including the ones on this phone and gmail and every other mail program I have no longer works for me on my iMac. The iMac itself takes 20minutes to turn on and about that length of time for anything else I am doing.
This being said, I now address hobie. Can you please tell our mutual friend in md land the login and pw for my rmn account
That is the only way I know of staying in touch with you. Other than posting in the lounge or the reading room
I am posting this without proofing. I pray it posts

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