Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thanks for Inquiring!

So, Rayelan's failure to move is another nail in the coffin proving the Abuse of Process was, in fact, a conspiracy to be carried out to help her evade the consequences of the previous ongoing conspiracy for which she is a co-conspirator with such old friends of hers as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, John Fund and Daddy Bush and also now including her new friends, Craig Franklin, sexual pervert, Morgan and Jay Gell, ugly characters both, and the Gang at Green Hills Software, Inc.

These folks are incredibly sloppy.

I do not include the Manchesters in this because even though they were certainly involved they were clearly not in on the planning stages. One does wonder, however, what they were promised for their cooperation.

The whole thing is beginning to resemble a series of Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons, don't you think?

It would be hard for me to take this seriously except that I know perfectly well they are all cold-blooded people without one shred of conscience between them. So I do have to take this seriously and also make sure every essential piece of data is documented, clouded, and sent to those who hold evidence for me.

Thanks to the now eight of you, by the way!

Tonight Rayelan was having a confab of her fabulous Minions, all of whom seem to share cultural roots in the low end of the Deep South.

The voices are raucous and uncultured as they occasionally penetrate my consciousness, sitting, as I usually am, at my computer.

But they remain a counter point to my main focus, which is the ongoing fight for localization, Deep Green Technologies arrayed to take us off the grids and to a future which includes clean air, clean water, and land which sustains all life and not just the fume exuding horrors dreamed up by the Corporate Nations.

I started using Corporate Nation as a nice bridge to Greedville. Greedville is the top 1% of the Corporate Nations, providing a sense of just how select they are. Eject the Select is my motto. You decide for yourself how far into space is far enough.

So, yes, Rayelan is busy, busy, busy fondling her Objects of Imaginary Value downstairs. I can hear her murmuring to them and sighing over their wonderfulness as she screams at the dogs and then holds up one of these 'treasurers' for Jim to also admire and trill over.

The day after the landlord delivered the Notice to Quit Premises she was curiously quiet. No moving went on. This delightful condition prevailed for about 48 hours. Then, moved by the need to have Minions present, some socialization restarted.

But the Jeep is now here at night and the coming and going of many, many Minions seems to be on hiatus.

This raises some interesting questions.

What does Rayelan imagine she is accomplishing running around wasting the donations given to her, some of them by RMN Readers and some by her Happy Clutch of Co-Conspirators?

Doesn't she ever consider the possibility someone will finally ask, “Hey! Did you finish moving?” or utter a plaintive, “Your moving AGAIN?”

What does she think the impact is going to be when free copies of the ebook are available via Amazon? Does she think I have exhausted my zeal for funny graphics portraying her inner fantasies?

It is possible Rayelan thinks we have reached some kind of status quo. This is an illusion on her part, but she lives illusions so, there you are.

How many Readers out there are interested in hearing these exciting interchanges for yourselves? What about witnessing them with our own eyes? Let me know. Ways can be found.

Coming to you from the Upstairs, where Stopping the Keystone is more interesting and compelling than even another piece of Fosterite, yet another purse from an exciting designer, or a perfect piece of Depression Glass.


  1. I would love to see and hear it. Big improvement in the underwear department, Rayelan should be pleased.

    1. I'm putting together a sign up for the Tour. I'm talking to a local group about video. What fun!

  2. Someone is lying, who could it be? Rayliar the queen of scamming? Since when is $4000 not more than $3000?


    Hi, Folks -

    Just received word from Rayelan that her overdraft situation continues to worsen; She writes:

    "...the $900.00 morphed to $1500.00 -- with over $400.00 in fees as part of the $1500.00

    "I have no idea how it could have gotten this bad. I use my iPhone and check my balance before I spend any money. I can only think that my high fevers and the pneumonia caused my mind to be too fuzzy to be doing business.

    "I told our readers that I needed the entire amount for January as early as possible. I think they need to be reminded and I am in no shape to write a post that would impart this to them."

    Folks, PLEASE DO CONTRIBUTE NOW. The sooner the better, so we can stop this financial hole from getting deeper and deeper. She's not asking for "more". She's asking for "sooner".

    Blessings, all.


    1. Well, you can see by looking at the graphic Rayelan is not in good shape. But she is in good enough physical health to bounce around the house trilling and plotting with her henchmen, AKA, Minions.

      She is not packing. She and the Minions spend a lot of time cooking and plotting, however. And I am paying for the utilities. The heat goes up to sauna and then plunges to arctic. For the record, the Henchmen are Jim Heath, a woman who appears to be Angel of the Lee - Powers family, Tom, and perhaps, occasionally one other man who may be Scott of the Lee - Powers Family but may be someone else entirely.

      There is a whole lot of pounding, grunting, and other noises emanating from Downstairs in any case.

      I do know Tom's last name but am holding it for now, though the folks holding records for me do have it and his contact information. I say this because I do not feel safe here in the least.

      Rayelan knows perfectly well how it gets this bad. She never checks her accounts. Psychopaths enjoy living on the edge and RMN Readers enabled this ghastly addiction for literally years.

      If she had pneumonia, or any illness which incapacitated the lungs, except for the short periods of time when potential witnesses were in the house (The presence of such individuals always resulted in 'I'm dying' dramas accompanied by LOTS of phoney hacking and coughing. But it ended as soon as the door shut.)

      I think it more likely Craig and the NWO cadre and throwing her some bones. But time will tell. It is also possible they are funneling money through her ebay account by buying her junk for more than it is worth. I still have to check on that.

  3. Melinda you certainly have my sympathies, it must be hell to have to live in close proximity to all the evil energy DRS and her paid minions are putting out. Rayelan is such a creepy person, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just hearing her speak on a video.

    1. I keep working on the book. It makes it tolerable because then the nastiness is being used for something positive. The calloused disregard is creepy. Thanks for writing! Melinda

  4. Love the entitled arrogance of this statement, Rayelan is a disgusting piece of work.

    "I told our readers that I needed the entire amount for January as early as possible. I think they need to be reminded and I am in no shape to write a post that would impart this to them."

    1. The arrogance sense of entitlement is outrageous. And all this for a reposting site which the CIA could, in all decency, at least fund themselves. When is someone going to file a complaint about the "Family Campground?" Rayelan said Angel and Scott spent all the money, by the way.