Monday, February 2, 2015

Sorting the Lies - Is It Possible?

Furniture from Rayelan's bedroom  entered the White Pickup Truck.  But she is still here at 3:22am, February 2nd.  I can hear Jim's less than dulcet tones downstairs and where he goes, she goes. 

My son, Arthur, came to me yesterday and said Rayelan had asked him to visit her in her new house on Washington Avenue.   He is supposed to tell me when he leaves the house at all because of his disabilities and also because of the calloused and abusive behavior he has suffered from Rayelan.  

With this 'invitation'  Rayelan did not provide the address.  But she did know a severe snow storm was on its way and because Arthur is entirely blind in one eye and 70% blind in the other this could have put him in a very hazardous situation if he had not asked me first.   

Washington Avenue is inside the City of Ashtabula, close enough for Arthur to consider walking there but not a location Rayelan would choose because one of her reasons for moving is to evade the several years of income taxes due to the City of Ashtabula she never paid.  

Also, I know where her new rental is located. 

I have to wonder what kind of woman would give a false address to a man who struggles to walk, but who would have likely gone looking for her to be friendly. 

I showed him on a map where Rayelan will be living.  Much too far for him to visit via his limited mobility.  This actually amounts to intentional endangerment of a disabled person. 


  1. According to RMN's Shaman this kind:

    Let us rally 'round and show our love and support for our Raye who's light only shines brighter against the darkness that tries to surround her.
    many blessings and safe journeys for us all ttfn jas

    1. It really is sad when people's trust is so badly violated. It feels like a physical blow when you realize.