Thursday, March 5, 2015

Agent 86 has more to say.

He is channeling the real Raye and Hobie

I'm Broke Folks -I'm Broke Folks - I sold my Jim's jewelry at a Pawn Shop to pay for the storage unit rent – Jim has nothing left to sell to pay for my extravagances.
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 18:38:22
If you want RMN to continue swindling you, you are going to have to pay me more for my lame website.. I'm old and fat and nasty and the Royal Douche of Austria should not have to beg from her benefactors, that is Hozies job. I just can't take the waiting until the 10th of the month for your lousy $1000 donation, from now on pay up by the first of every month.
I ran to five different banks with two of my paid workers who are NOT associated with RMN. I pulled everything out of all of their accounts. But I still didn't have enough, because it is never enough so it was on to the pawn shop to sell the last of Jim's belongings and leave him completely destitute. Finally, after raising money from selling Jim's property I had enough to pay the rent and enough for six trips to the goodwill store and money to dine out for the next week.. But I ran out of friends to swindle locally, Jim is now destitute and under my complete dominion but I still need $400.00 to pay for the server. I don't know how I forgot to pay server and without a server there will be no way for me to swindle the rubes of Rumor Swill News.
Here's the widget... If you can't put $100.00 in... put in $99 dollars. We have hundreds of of readers each month but only 100 regular donors pay the tribute to the Royal Douche of Austria. If you have never given before, just give a $100 dollars. If every reader gave a $100 dollars I wouldn't have to beg for money to keep myself in the profusely squanderous lifestyle that I so enjoy.
Are you one of the ones who reads for free? If so, why? Don't you know I am only receiving $10,000 per month from advertising? Don't you know I have to split that money with Hozie an Sosume? Are you afraid of having your name associated with RMN? I know it is embarrassing to be associated with my lame reposting site, but if that's the case you can put a few $100.00 bucks in an envelop and pop it in the mail.
Times are rough for some of you, but that is your problem. And I am immune. Life is NOT fun for me these days and a lot of the frustration centers around scamming money from the rubes at RumorSwill, it is taking to much of my time.


  1. Rubes of RumorSwill? How picturesque! LOL!
    Lemme guess, Agent86 ... Hozie and Sosume ... So Sume? Aaahh, yes, got it, I assume you mean CGI Admin, former Mission Ignition Lakota Lady. Do you know her?


    1. Hi G! Susoni? I think her name is Linda. I might have talked to her briefly once. Maybe. I have worked in, managed, and run many organizations and the true-believer attitude of those I encountered at RMN was distinctly distasteful. I wish I had known what the culture was like - and how it is enforced - before agreed to come to Ohio. I would have stayed in California without question. Raye has to be the focus of attention and she naturally finds people who will fit into her emotional paradigm. Since she and I had agreed on a list of changes in RMN before I came I assumed the top down management would become a thing of the past. But naturally Raye lied. She always does. It has been fascinating being able to study her strategies in a way. But when I talk about her paid employees I am referring to the ones who get loud, obnoxious, and ugly supporting her asinine assertions late at night. Tom is actually Thomas Scott Lee, the brother of Angela - Angel, who has worked for Raye for over ten years. Lee or Leigh, is the mother of these two aforementioned individuals. The Handyman is another guy who owns a pickup truck. If appears Raye has four employees and Jim - who does not appear to do anything.

  2. No, I don't know her, but she does give off an unearned air of self importance. Glad somebody liked my satire.

    1. I liked it sskids. Second Tier people tend to get smug and self-important. It goes with building their self-image.