Monday, March 2, 2015

As Promised, Documents for Today, March 2, 2015

I have never in my life sought conflict.  But when you are viciously slandered and libeled or defrauded it is incumbent on each of us as an individual to respond with the facts and prepare for the conflict in possible way allowed by the limitations of civil  behavior.  

I also accept that where others are harmed I must help them evade the ugly and grasping maw of those who have no conscience.  

It is my fervent goal that Rayelan and those associated with her will be forced to confront the truth and the damaged done to me and my family by their lies.  

My son, Arthur has lost years of his life and the hope for rehabilitation therapies now available which I, his mother, cannot afford to provide.  I have lost years of productivity and the happiness and comforts of a family who could trust each other.  

Each day I pray God for the strength to continue and I know the ctrength I find is through Him, His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit which brings to each of us compassion and love beyond measure.  


 Ashtabula Municipal Court - Small Claims Case No.



Case No. 15CVF00096


  1. Melinda, no need to post this. WOW, good find on Sheldon - attrny/judge (or Shelton)-whatever.
    Also, I did not see how to look at "exhibits" so I don't know if you included somewhere the information about RubiconAegis that I think "G" found. Remember it had a date of registration and included your name in the description. The date was 2013 or 2014. Good proof on her intentions of you being part of RA.
    Also, print out this to take to court:
    Server is due Need $400.00

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 2-Mar-2015 10:19:45

    I also need $500.00 to pay the rent on the new house.

    I was $400 overdrawn on the account where my social security comes in. I had no idea that I had a number of automatic withdrawals on that account. I also had no idea that the bank had not put up all of the $36.00 overdraft fees.

    My SS check is what I normally pay the rent with. I also use this card to pay for the auto-renewal of my domains. I used to use Paypal to do that, but we lost because there was no money in Paypal. So I switched them to my private account. I usually monitor this account well enough to be on top of things like this. But with my best friend Buck having major problems with his back and not being able to walk, my mind was more on getting him well and not on anything else. Add to my distraction, the cost of the vet and medication.

    Buck walked yesterday evening for the first time since his problems. He still limps on the right side. His right leg is the one that was most affected. I've had a three legged cat and a three legged dog, so I know he will soon learn to not use the bad leg at all.

    With all the overdraft charges and automatic withdrawals I have $164.00 left out of $1,254.19.

    I need $600.00 more just to pay the rent and $400.00 for the server.

    I am planning on making a huge effort to move most of my furniture out of the house this week. I also have to appear in court. The freeloader is taking me to small claims court to pay for things she thinks I owe her. I have hours of research to do so that I can prove that her charges were NOT paid for by her... but by me. Thank God Paypal keeps track of all my expenses going back years.

    I was given a number of things to sell to make up this $600.00.

    Here is one of them. It's a man's citrine ring size 10. It's from the Suzanne Summers collection from the Home Shopping Channel. It's gold plate. I think. I will have to do some research on it to find out what it is. I took one of the rings to a pawn shop a number of months ago. We both thought it was solid gold. We were told it wasn't, it was gold plate. But I never followed up to find out what the manufacturer says it is. I will do this and let you know before it's sold.

    Of course women can wear it but you would have to get one of those ring sizers. What ever the metal is that it is made out of, it can't be resized by cutting it down. It has to have a re-sizer put in.

    I am opening up the auction in a few hours. There will be lots of things for sale.

    As I said, this move is costing me 10 times more than I ever imagined. I still have to rent a truck for the large furniture. Most of the rest has been moved in my Jeep or a friend pickup truck. We're going to try to move some of the bigger things today in his pickup, but if we can't, we have to find a truck.

    I am also going to have to find someone to plow the driveway. We got stuck yesterday after taking a load out. My vet's husband just happened to be there plowing our neighbors driveway. One thing I have found out about my new neighbors... they help out neighbors. I'm going to have to have an open house and invite them all. Maybe one of them has a plow to plow the field where my Victory Garden is going. I've already started the seeds. By the time the snow and freezing weather has stopped, I will have small plants ready to put out.

    My dining room in the new house used to be a porch, then it was a sun room... and finally it became the formal dining room. It has windows on three sides and gets strong afternoon sun. So that it going to become my seed starting room.

    But back to reality. I need $1150 to pay the server and the rent. And I need it by the 5th.

    I can get all of my furniture moved, but I still can't move out until the court date for the eviction which is sometime this month. I have a futon bed to sleep on. and I will put my computer on a TV tray.

    My landlord formally evicted me and the freeloader. I guess that means I don't have to pay the rent any longer. I was planning on paying him as long as she was here, but with the eviction notice, my lawyer tells me I no longer have to pay him. I know I won't get my $700.00 deposit back,. but I will still leave the house in rentable condition... FAR better that what it was when I rented it.

    If you can help me with the rent on my new house and the server fees, I will never be able to thank you enough. Please check out the auction page in a few hours to see the things I am selling to raise enough money to pay for the move and the cleanup of this house.


  3. Continuation:
    At the moment, my life is going from one crisis to another, and I haven't even told you about the bad tires from too many nails and screws going into them... which meant I had to buy two new ones, and it seems that I am going to have to buy two more to make the Jeep stable in this weather. I don't really know if it's the tires or the brakes, but if I apply the brakes, sometimes I skid. Which is quite frightening when I am in 4 lane traffic. I applied the brakes at a red light and slid sideways all across a 4 lane road and came to rest in the driveway of a muffler shop. No damage. Thank God that none of the drivers, who had just gotten the green light, crashed into me. No damage was done to the car. I just backed it up and went on.

    I know that this will not last. The freeloader will be out of my life soon and legally she is entitled to nothing and a judge will see through her lies. I am praying that she gets some kind of punishment for bringing a case to court that is a total lie. People are punished for perjury. Are they punished for bringing a case to court that is a complete lie? I just don't know.

    If you can help right now, I truly need it. I'm not asking for more than usual. I am just asking that it be given earlier than usual.

    Thank you for all the help you elite group of donors have given me throughout the years that I have been asking for help. RMN is going to be 19 year old this June. I was able to pay all expenses during the first years. My husband was alive and I was teaching. After he died and I had to quit teaching to care for my mother, I only had to start asking for help with RMN. Until I got his social security and VA benefits, I was living off his very tiny life insurance. I used it to make the $3,000 a month payment on my house in California. After my mother died, I moved to Ohio and let the house be sold on a short sale. Prices had gone down so much I couldn't sell it for what I still had owing on it. I essentially walked away from a beautifully remodeled home. Believe, me... I still miss it. It wasn't much but I loved it. If you want to see the photos on zillow, you can see them from this page.

    I think you will see why I miss it. But I sure don't miss the $3,000 mortgage. Needless to say, I have not been able to afford a house in Ohio that is as nice on the inside as the house in California was.

    Thank you for all the help you have given. Hopefully after the move there will be no more emergencies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    And to the writers who wrote telling my to charge a subscription, I just can't do that. I have always believed that the general population needs to be able to read RMN. We have information that is valuable to everyone and I have always made sure that everyone could read RMN without having to subscribe.

    I would probably have the money to do everything I needed to do to RMN and my own life, but I would lose the reason I started RMN which was to educate the world. I have paid a very large price for going this way.
    tsk tsk tsk

  4. Sounds like she may be on the outs with the landlord?
    RE "subscription to RMN" Say she charged $15.00 per year (like magazine subscription) (that is ALL I would pay THAT would likely bring in 15 grand for the year. HELL NO, she can't do that. It is not enough! Not nearly enough!!!!

    1. She lies about that too. Rayelan the giver, what a joke. It would be illegal to steal other people's work and then charge a subscription for it, without compensating the original writers. The only care she has for the general population is to find the ones dumb enough to pay for her personal lifestyle.

    2. Raye gives away stuff when she no longer has any places to put more. Then she feels she can go out and shop some more. The stream of stuff was truly amazing. I was told she has five storage units, large ones, filled to the brim and views it as her bank account. She would probably like an ATM that regurgitated junk jewelry. It is tough to consider the word 'style' in conjunction with anything Raye does.

    3. We MUST understand, she's been graduated, years ago somewhere in California, to Bishop of Holy NoName Church. She and Hobie generously spell BLESSINGS (devout ejaculations) on their even more devout discipleship. That cannot be for nothing! Imagine, all the chistian churches collect money, what for? So why should Raye`n Hozie restrain themselves, hand out blessings for nothing? Besides, Raye has been on MARS, a very expensive journey, she founded the New Age religion centered on "Diana, Queen of Heaven". This can't be done for nothing! What did YOU expect? Life is precious, so peoples have to pay. Now please dig deep into your pockets and scratch for your last penny before Raye'n Hozie blessings be gone forever.


      G (Grin!)

    4. Hey G! You should have seen the enormous crosses she wore to church, while she was going. One of the people who was beading with her told me Sunday she made off with the beads and supplies he brought and those of others, too. A real giver, especially at church. They can keep their blessings and their RayeTox, which is what I call the creeping crude you have to fight off when you are any where near her.

    5. WOW Melinda! That was an instant check'n clear of my comment above. Amazing. So you sit in front of the screen in Bunker Hill right now at roundabout 1 p.m. 4480 miles from my place, you have a little snow, chilly 28° F, wind 14 mph from South and on coming Thursday degrees will drop to -8° F but not for long. I feel for ya.
      (did you get my elaboration 'interest calculation on credit card debt'?)


    6. Yes! Such fun. I liked your post on Her Pompousness. She comes across as trying to emulate a member of the aristocracy and badly overdoing it. Pretty funny. Yes, it is cold and when I was out earlier it was snowing on me and being very annoying. How is the weather where you are? It is probably so much better you are gloating, which is fine. I certainly understand how much nicer it is elsewhere. I did not see the interest calculation. Can you resend to my email? Enjoy!

    7. Right here it's pre-spring, sunny with clouds during day time, temperatures above zero but cold, icy winds and at night still freezing. It will stay like this for the coming week but slowly rising. Birds are so active, especially the black bird males. You can hear and feel the joy these small lovely creatures express. It's like a triumphant rebirth at dawn.

      My elaboration on the dangers of living on credit cards, I will load it up again, please feel free to post it or to keep it for your private considerations. Probably you also didn't see my report on my experience with lawyers and courts, unfortunately I didn't copy it before loading up (which will never happen again, now I copy & save always before I send it up)

      here it is, my mentioning of credit card dangers with focus on Rambling Raye:

      Imagine, Raye has no clue, doesn't check the fees and interest rates, she's just lucky to have some 3500 per month to fill the holes. 3500 x 12 = 42,000.

      I got the impression Raye can't deal with money and doesn't have a clue how to calculate bankster interest rates. Like most people nowadays she's hobbling (hobieing LOL) on credit cards, will say, instead of being on the plus without having to pay credit fees aka interest rates (apart from annual fix amount for the credit card itself) she appears to be always in the negative, unbalanced. Assumed, for example, she has 4 credit cards each of them could be OVERDRAWN with 5000 bucks maximum, this would mean she has a total debt of up to 20,000 dollars by the end of the month. If she can't see the problem or if she feels no need to pay back step by step until she is equal then she has to pay the highest interest rates (besides so called micro credits, the NWO scam to small businesses in the so-called third world). If she's in debt with a limit of 20,000 per month on credit cards and if she gets monthly 3500 then she's still in debt with 16,500 every month, the whole year thru (that's what banksters like the most). Why do I elaborate on this? Because the interest rates for overdrawing, that is for taking advantage of the 'generous' financial bridging the bank allows without special credit contract flanked by insurance fees or other securities, well these interest rates are, as far as I know, between 12 to 16 per cent, some companies charge up to 30 per cent. If you take an electronic calculator it will tell you, let's take 15 percent interest as an example, that you have to pay 1500 dollars in the first year if you are always in the negative with 10,000 dollars. But what do we see after 2, 3, 4 or 5 years? Interest calculation is done EXPONENTIALLY! Most people don't know what this is.
      After 2 years it costs 3225 dollars for not having balanced your bank card, after 3 years it's 5209, after 4 years it's 7440 and after 5 years it's 10,114 you have to pay to the bank in form of interest rates because you did not try to reduce the gap on your credit cards to zero. Using credit cards is the biggest rip-off for bank costumers.

      Might be interesting to know how much of the money (the gullible 'RMN Conned Tributors' paying for the Reposting Room) goes in fact to the banks ONLY because Raye is too sleazy with bills and doesn't know how resp. want to calculate the total costs of living on credit cards.

      By the way, last month of February, if I didn't miss something, miraculous Shadow Soul at least 3 times paid 500 Fund Razr dollars to keep RMN running. Stands Shadow Soul for Stupid Servant or is it a paraphrase for Secret Service?


      Please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot something.

    8. Thanks G! Let's hope Raye sees it. I do not think she will actually read it or change her evil ways because of the Rayelity issue, but maybe it will jar her for a moment. The most fascinating aspect of all of this is the shadowy presence which keeps bailing her out. Who is it? And why are they throwing money away? And if spring is coming you are in the Northern Hemisphere, naturally. I'm looking forward to flowers popping into view and the scents of new life. I wish I could have seen Yosemite when the meadows stood waist deep in flowers. That is how grandfather described it in 1895.

  5. Rayelan cannot even keep her lies straight within the same post, she opens by saying she needs $500 for the rent and then a paragraph or two down, claims she needs $600 for the rent. Then she claims she was given stuff to sell to raise this $600.
    So why does she need $600 from the readers> Rayelan, the bald faced liar, a lying liar who lies.