Sunday, March 22, 2015

Commentary on the Death Threat Comment

Below see the comment which I published a short while ago. As I said in my Reply, this could be Jay Gell, Morgan's handler and husband. But it could also be someone else. One thing we can know for certain this is not, NOT a response from someone who is not being paid by one of the co-conspirators who have stayed in the background since joining up in 2003 over their common need to shut me up.

Paid assets are generally best handled by letting them squeal on their payers. Rayelan, as should be obvious by now, is an Asset, paid to handle me in a place remote from any of the primary players.

So, there are three of them in the background. I decided to leave Karl Rove out because his fat face is too large to be appropriately visible in this graphic.

So, there you are. How do you like Rayelan as a gorilla? The theme occurred to me after listening to her and her paid employees cavort and scream like a pack of posturing gorillas the other night. I carefully did not listen because they are so nauseating when they think they are being clever.

But in my mind I could see them ripping off the branches of trees and thrashing around with them as they delivered their lines, Ug! Growl! Ug, Ug, Ug!!!!!

So eloquent. 

Rayelan and her sponsors gathered for a quiet get together.

Exhibit 40 – Anonymous death threat March 22, 2015

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "G~ asked a question so I am posting the answer":

Your lucky you never crossed paths with me like you did with Rayelan.
You would be so dead that you wouldn't even stink!
I live for bitches like you and I get off on destroying cunts like you!!

Yours is coming soon!

Ps. I see you often from down the road...


  1. Melinda, you say "a copy of this, with link, will be going to the police here with all relevant information". Absolutely!
    I suggest to additionally open a new tab on top of this blogspot named Threats where you collect and list these menaces, the harrassment and ongoing bullying in a timeline, for all to see, to better get the picture of their criminal activities. Criminal it is, no doubt about.
    The Drama Queen can shove her government style camouflage shieldings with signs, symbols and (stolen?) plates "up where the sun ain't gonna shine any more".


    1. Hi G~ - I did not find this until last night. Someone is stopping the emails announcing comments to me. I agree, that is a good idea for several reasons. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I think the Ps line is a lie.

    But it could be one of Rayeliar's thugish goon 'paid friends', stupidly sending criminal terroristic threats over the internet, could be Rayelan herself, she is not very bright. Here killer handyman, I'll write it on your smart phone and you send it. Don't worry it is not traceable......