Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Unit Sponsorship is a natural for Rayelan

OK Readers - it is time you got off the dime and really put your support behind Rayelan, your owner and controller for the good of the New World Order through our main sponsor, the CIA.  

I mean it.  If she has a few little issues, for instance not being able to discern reality and some habits which are lamentable, for instance spending every penny she gets her pink, pudgy hands on, and ignoring the need to keep paying rent and the compounding of interest on those credit cards you forced her to take out by not doing your duty earlier,  that is something you should find adorable and entirely understandable.  In fact, you should celebrate her ability to be herself and not make her expend her time thinking up lies to get you to do your duty and fill the till.  

So, we have instituted a new way for you useless eaters to express your undying loyalty for all that Rumor Mill News stands for, which is naturally reducing the world population by 90%, instituting absolute control over useless eaters, and determining the course of the future for the entire globe and the rest of the Universe, known and unknown by you dopes.  

Time is a wasting.  Rent has to be paid on Rayelan's homes and on the Units.  Shadow Soul has signed up for No. 1.  Get in line and do your duty.  NOW!!!!  We know where you live and the name of your companion animal.  And we know what we are doing. 

And Blessings from the Most High (namely Rayelan) to all of you.  - Hozie

Rayelan - The Most Magnificent


    ** Please contribute TODAY so Raye can pay her rent. **

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 23:26:33

    Hi, Folks -

    Thanks greatly to the 9 fine folks who have contributed $760 toward this month's expenses. :)

    Raye's still short of being able to pay rent, another $150 or so would be a very big help.

    Please CONTRIBUTE TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting:

    Blessings, all.


    1. Thanks! And Hobie continues......and Rayelan, your fearless leader and worthy of every penny you peons provide, is all dressed up and ready to go out to eat. Do you want her to STARVE?

  2. ** Please contribute TODAY so Raye can swindle you for her storage unit rent. ** (views: 92)
    hobie -- Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 23:26:33

    Thanks, you 2 marks, for the $70 and the 2 delusional comments. :) PLEASE KEEP IT COMING, defrauding the readers is hard work. (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 13)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 02:02:15

    1. Thanks again, sskids, it is amazing what these people swallow, but if they had lived with her, they would not be putting their money there. It would, I am sure, find other destinations.

  3. Shadow Hole paid for five, that leaves eleven for the marks, figuring $100 each per month.

    1. Did Rayelan ever provide a figure for how much each of them costs every month?

  4. OMG< I went to the grocery store, came back and find this:
    I still need $240 for the rent & $400.00 for the Server - If you like Jewelry I am selling some

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 12:03:20

    I have some necklaces I am going to sell on ebay after I offer they here first...

    I have $498 which means I need $252.00. The widget says there is $840.00 in it. That is true. But my paypal has $118.00 in it. $700.00 of that went to save my Golden Retriever Buck. I thank all of you who helped out. I truly don't know what I will do when his time on earth is over. He's been my best friend and companion ever since his daddy and grandma died.

    This multicolored necklace below is from the Home Shopping Channel. It's from Technibond. On ebay Technibond necklaces are selling from $13.00 to $50.00.

    This is one of the necklaces that my friend Jim gave me. I also have many men's necklaces and rings in addition to the women's rings and necklaces.

    I'll take anything above $30.00 for this one. I expect to sell the others for $50- $100.00 on eBay because that's what comparable necklaces are selling for.

    I didn't expect to have to do this but the witch upstairs has poisoned many of my donors with lies. How does one combat a woman who is so evil she will do anything to destroy the person who is currently her target. And to make it worse, she's like a dog with an old bone... they will never give it up.

    She has been harassing her ex husband ever since their divorce from which she was paid $600,000... and now she lives rent free in my upstairs. She pays for nothing but food. She is on social security and her son in on SSI. In addition she makes websites for people. She has no problem with money.

    Sadly, she has told so many lies about me that it would take 100% of my time to find the information that will rebut the lies. I will eventually rebut them and show you exactly what she is, but that doesn't help now

    She is a brilliant psychopath and people like that are dangerous... and quite frankly, I am in fear for my life.

    If you want to buy the necklace above, please send your bid to

    My earthlink email is broken. I can't receive or send.

    I am now off to the pawn shop to pawn the only piece of gold I have left.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    I can hardly stand it. ~dmh

    1. "Yo, yo, ah, ah, yeah!"

      Central Telligents RayHob Show

      Part 1

      Lesson learnt and even more:
      Let the rumor hoe go to the grocery store.
      She comes back home, finds new unpaid bills
      Crying out loud who must do for her the urgent fills.
      Besides, we can say, if she'd go shopping every day
      she'll see back on arrival in her dwelling trifle
      what`s cooking in her blowsy booking.

      We can finally reason, no matter which season
      the rumors go in central telligents RayHob Show,
      always 'the sow is in pig' with an open check
      like a multicolored trinket around her short neck.

      Part 2

      Cute web site stats and valuation
      to better grasp the RayHob equation.

      as per March 4th in 2015

      Rating by CuteStat is 1 decade 6 years old. It has a global traffic rank of #25,372 in the world. It is a domain having .com extension. This site has a Google PageRank of 4/10. This website is estimated worth of $ 327,600.00 and have a daily income of around $ 455.00. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse

      RMN estimated worth of 327,600 Dollars ???
      Have a daily income of around 455 Dollars ???

      455 in 30 days sums up to 13,650 Dollars per month!

      So WHY do they beg for money?


    2. Hey G! Loved the verses. It will never be enough because greed expands to consume everything it can grasp.

  5. Haha...I just love her arithmetic. Why is she taking Jim's jewelry and selling it? Oh, I know, many of her donors are catching on.

    I am sure her use of the word poisoning was merely a freudian slip, although Rayelan seems to know a lot about poisoning.

    1. Hi sskids! It sounds like some of those 'donations' are chumming the water to catch other fish. The deal may be that the money be returned immediately to the chummer. Rayelan is poison in every way imaginable.