Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Poor Rayelan is Cut Off From Contact With Readers - and Entertainment

But we have solutions! 

See this interesting boxy thing, which you probably have sitting around the house someplace.

This is the computer which connects you to your Readers and those hard to understand utility and credit card companies.  You can start an ONLINE ACCOUNT for each of these companies who expect to be paid on a regular basis.  You can use your ONLINE CALENDAR to note when the bill will arrive and each day look and see if there are any REMINDERS.

Then you pay the bill.  Since these recur you will have a good idea how much the bill will be and then you can........BUDGET!!!!!  

This interesting word means you do not look and see if there is enough money is in your account before buying that neat new dining room set or the new dog dishes.  You deduct what you will need to make payments on these recurring bills and then decide what you can afford to spend. 

This is Reality, a nice place to live.  Things make sense in reality.  Checks do not bounce. In Rayelity you are entirely detached from the real world.  This is bad because you look like a fool and also very simple minded.  So, check out reality.  The rest of of us like it very much.
Response to Whining Post Below 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
My Cable and Internet are Being Turned Off
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 11-Mar-2015 18:53:57
I never received a bill. I did not know that I hadn't paid them.
I have no idea how much I owe them because I can't reach them right now.
I'm just letting everyone know that I will be answering no emails for a while.
sigh... if it's not one thing it's another.
bye for now


  1. Musica Maestro, por favor!!!

    1. Eloquently stated. Perhaps a graphic is in order.

  2. Rumors have it (it's a rumor, the truth doesn't matter thou quite often it's stranger than fiction)

    The time when Rayelan was selling shoes she also had a freebie affair with NSA Officer Ass-Ange (she so devotedly bound the laces of his sneakers that the bloke caught fire) They met to sniff in his collegue's so-called 'secret snow den'. (Raye was overexuberantly fascinated with everything secret, hidden, far astray) Sly Ass-Ange used the opportunity also to test a new spy device on Raye. He managed to tap into Rayelan's brain and the NSA experts much to their surprise detected something worthwhile in the left half of her grey totally intertwined mass.
    Now please look what they had found: it's said to be her life time core theme.
    Is it therefore she was recommended to CIA as willing helper?

    Money Money Money


    1. G~ So true. Rumor Mill News is a placebo laced with poison because it produces no forward progress and breeds dependence on a top down organization which saps the ability of those participating to take back their own power.

      Raye slobbers with delight at the idea of betraying people. Like so many without conscience deceit is an art to her. I wonder how much she was being paid to get me here and then make me homeless?

  3. POOFness for MAR 11: Mid-Week Bullshit (views: 3172)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 11-Mar-2015 21:06:27

    Thanks for the $100, you 2. :) Raye will promptly squander it on dining out (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 31)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 11-Mar-2015 23:56:21

    Thanks so Much - That $100.00 Kept my Internet on, but I don't know how much I owe or when it is due or who my internet provider is, so, PLEASE SEND MORE MONEY NOW (views: 20)
    Rayelan -- Thursday, 12-Mar-2015 13:41:38

    Thanks, Reader, for that $20. :) Who says there isn't a sucker born every minute? (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 19)
    hobie -- Thursday, 12-Mar-2015 04:05:59

  4. Uh, what? I think I know why it's so easy to fleece the kool-aiders. This post actually hurt my head while reading.

    Cmanynames gave $75

    I look at my contribution as a monthly contribution
    and I write or at least attempt to
    I contributed and I am thankful for the right to post
    It kinda reminds me of a subscription
    and I enjoy being able to contribute

    1. Cmanynames? Is that another name for Hobie? Thanks for Commenting and providing yet another example of the Highly Questionable Logic of Continued RMN Readers!

    2. She is a poster in the kiddie room, the secret agent in training room, she'll be graduating to Rayelan's agents for RMN as soon as she learns to write, she has the contribution part down.

    3. And perfectly credulous. But she does not need to be able to write to be an Agent. All she has to do is Repost. Thanks sskids!

    4. From the wordsmith herself:

      sorry I do not re-read some of my stuff
      spelling and grammar are not on my radar
      the odd missing word could appear
      so is much of history


    5. You know, sskids, Cmanynames sounds a lot like RayTox herself.

    6. Cmanynames real first name is Cathy. She's a real person from Calgary, Alberta, a granma and heavy smoker btw.
      She's fond of Scottish highlanders (those who throw wooden beams thou they don't have lots of trees and have no underpants but woollen skirts 'cause they're always hot and filled up top down and they also play doodle sack pipes, ya know) Cathymanynames hopes to become a real rumor agent since 7 years but she's not invited. Methinks it's because she does very little reposting in the common ground international but rather writes about private opinions, what her husband is like, sometimes posts family pictures and hits the nail of topics now and then. Sorts of private entertainer, good friends with Lynda Brasier aka Susoni, they are distant Alberta-Montana hillbilly neighbours and very afraid of being listed in 4th Reich Nazi files (it's in my archives).


    7. Fascinating, G~ The only Hilly Billy I knew very well was an unmarried massage therapist in Santa Barbara. She also taught Yoga. She had her tubes tied because she knew if she had children she would have to let her mother know them and had ample demonstrations of the ways of her kin. One of her cousins was killed while drunk when he bounced out of his brother's pick-up truck while they were off-roading, she told me. The other stories were just as incredible to me. I thought those sorts of things only happened in the movies. But she said there was much, much more. I have no direct knowledge, however.