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DEBUNKED in BUNKER HILLQueen of OhBeGone Crown Nickles Stripped Naked

What a jolly idea, G~.  And including the dogs gives it extra appeal to animal lovers.  I did not provide enough background on Raye's whining about her bedroom, which is bedroom sized and full of furniture which includes a huge canopy bed and lots of storage pieces which, the last I saw, were stuffed to overflowing.  She has enough to start a thrift store in that room alone, to say nothing of the room in the basement also filled with clothing awaiting her use on hangers.  

And now I will add come commentary on your delightful ideas.  

  Greetings, boys and GIRLS in the rumor front trenches :-)
A little gunpowder of mine (just to please this Raye who's so fond of guns, military and
proud to be Gold Star home front sutler LOL)

1) Let's start with DRS doggie style: Poor old buck has in fact a miserable life with
this deranged lazy bitch. The last pic we've seen shows a suffering, bloated animal with
a very sad facial expression. 15 years of age for a dog is near the end of life span.
Please consider, under given circumstances, It might be an act of grace to euthanize
this creature. If we take the dog owner's arguing about the costs for Buck's medical
treatment for sure (which we can't because she's so different) it could save her
hundreds of dollars per month, so she could dutifully on time pay the $99.99 MONTHLY fee
to ValueTech LLC and have left enough money for water and electricity. Plain and simple.
Okay, we know that poor old Buck is just a pretense to collect some more bucks from the
gullible rumorswillbrews' sheeple.

Raye seems very attached to the dogs, more so than to any human being.  Buck's age is in question because she told me he was 14 when I arrived here.  Though he is friendly he was trained to grab things from people and persisted in stealing food from people who attempted to use the dining room table for having a meal.  Raye would speak to him but her tone told him to go right ahead. 

2) Smithy's incessant whining of fear that her highly overrated tabloid rumor
bin, registered under false family name, would be shut down if the CON-tributors won't
continue to transfer them fed shekels is baseless, as we have seen, be-cau-ause,
always in the last turn her ominous friend Shadow Soul aka Shady Solver jumps in and
fills up her bread basket
Yes, Shady Solver could well be Craig, or someone acting for the Greedville contingent.  The willingness of Readers to donate when she is going through one of her dramas really lends credence to the thought they get off on the drama and come back to see the next episode.  So for them RMN is the right place.  They will probably enjoy watching it go down, as long as it is entertaining. 

3) There's a real chance that Smithy herself is blackmailed by her background
con-panions (npi). So she's passing it further to her online rumor addicts assembly in
ways of scarcely veiled blackmail expressions, always dramatically painting her final
shut down on the horizon. Blackmails, lies, cheats, cop-outs, false pretenses being her
favorite traits of activity.

Craig is in the habit of paying people to carry out schemes when his personal involvement would make the victim leery of being involved.  He is very vindictive when he does not get what he wants. He pursued Morgan for two years because she declared bankruptcy on money he had originally given her to slander me and to introduce him to hot young girls from the film industry.  He was happy to pay to keep her talentless self there but he wanted results.  

I found out from another friend he also chased Arianna Huffington around at a Dark Ages Weekend once.  This happened right after he left me.  I had been invited to go because of the conference I put on in Santa Barbara in 1995.  Craig wanted to cut off any possible way for me to continue doing these and also steal the credit.  The only thing he did was not show up to do one introduction and then use another one to sing one of his songs.

Morgan used the event to look for a rich husband.  That is how she met Eugene Volokh. 

4) RIB Page Reads going up sharply, in other words, the click-counter shows increasing
interest for Rumormillnews-Insights-Blogspot. Melinda, do you see a possibility or an
advantage to include a click counter (for example REVOLVER MAPS) on this web site, so
that everyone can see the far reaching vibrations of ours, the 24(7 busy insight diggers ;-) ?

People like to know who else is reading - and it will worry Raye and Hobie, so yes.  I put one up, as you can see.  We could use all the characters in

Saddam Hussein and Billions of Dollars - The Action 

and more I have never had a change to use.   Let's think about it. 

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