Sunday, March 22, 2015

What? Again? Panhandling is Her Business, her Only Business

And again Melinda responds to the lies, libels and blatant incompetence of Raye, the Magnificent

Agent 86 sent this to me. - How many times in one month is she going to forget to pay the server, and she has been reading our comments about posting the bills?



12:05 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

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Help!! I Forgot to Pay for the Server This Month - RMN Could be Thrown off the Internet!!
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Mar-2015 09:45:48
Below in bold print is the invoice I just received. If this is not paid, RMN will be shut off.
Raye Allan
525 Bunker Hill Road
Ashtabula 44004
Invoice #: 123101
Date: March 1, 2015
Amount Due USD: $396.00
Item Description Unit Cost ($) Quantity Price ($)
Dedicated Server Unmanaged Dedicated Server* 426.00 1 426.00
Reduction due to no backup service. Sites are not backed up by ValueTech. -30.00 1 -30.00
Subtotal: 396.00
Total: 396.00
Amount Paid: -0.00
Balance Due USD: $396.00
You may pay online securely with credit card or PayPal. We accept all major credit cards. You may also mail payment to us at:
Value Tech LLC
PO BOX 811690
Boca Raton FL 33481
I remembered several days ago that I had forgotten to pay for the server... Or had I paid it?
How many ways do you spell STUPID?
I pondered this while I was drifting off to sleep...and in the morning I did not follow up on it because circumstances here took over and pulled me into a different arena.
Ah! The endless drama of being Rayelan the Magnificent.
I am going to need $396.00 as soon as possible or RMN gets shut off. I have $90.00 in my Paypal account, but I am -$400.68 overdrawn in my bank account.
Who thinks Raye should not be given the responsibility of overseeing any finances for anyone or anything? Let Buck do it. He could not be worse.
Sadly, one of my donors called to say that she received an email from Melinda accusing me of misusing RMN money. I am sure many other donors received the same email. Of course Melinda didn't bother to mention that she has been running up my electricity and water bill. The excess I have paid for electricity and water because of her could have paid the server many times over.
Do you remember the plea for money for the recent Times Warner bill for around $900? That was for lots, and lots of electronic equipment in the basement. It used electricity, which, incidentally, Raye is not paying because she and Brobst called the electric company and without my permission had it put in my name. I have th latest bill and am filing with the PUC. This is corporate housing until Raye settles. By the way, let's see those corporate tax returns, Raye! If you filed did you write off the corporate housing?
Please understand the dire need for the money. If you would rather pay it directly to ValueTech here is their website and their telephone.
Phone: 1-888-470-5556
Here is the fundrazer widget...

Thank you so much for understanding that these are very difficult times for me. I am moving myself because I have no money to hire people right now... and I am being harassed by a hedonistic psychopath who has occupied my second floor where all the bedrooms for the house are located. I sleep in the small butler's pantry off the dining room.
Raye is occupying the room she chose because it is next to the back door so she can let the dogs go out and do their business. I am where the Lee – Powers Family was living before Raye suddenly decided to dump them in favor of enticing me out here and making me homeless for Craig.


  1. Does she post while intoxicated? Does she even bother to check her last set of lies? She must be a full-time job for her handlers. How many times a month can the kool-aiders pay for the same thing?

    1. Good question. She contradicts herself within the same sentence sometimes and she does not appear to have handlers as such. Perhaps the importance of the operation no longer justifies the expense. Or maybe they are leaning on her and so increasing the pressure which increases the rate of contradictions. As to Kool-Aiders our page reads are sharply up today.

    2. Greetings, boys and GIRLS in the rumor front trenches :-)
      A little gunpowder of mine (just to please this Raye who's so fond of guns, military and
      proud to be Gold Star home front sutler LOL)

      1) Let's start with DRS doggie style: Poor old buck has in fact a miserable life with
      this deranged lazy bitch. The last pic we've seen shows a suffering, bloated animal with
      a very sad facial expression. 15 years of age for a dog is near the end of life span.
      Please consider, under given circumstances, It might be an act of grace to euthanize
      this creature. If we take the dog owner's arguing about the costs for Buck's medical
      treatment for sure (which we can't because she's so different) it could save her
      hundreds of dollars per month, so she could dutifully on time pay the $99.99 MONTHLY fee
      to ValueTech LLC and have left enough money for water and electricity. Plain and simple.
      Okay, we know that poor old Buck is just a pretense to collect some more bucks from the
      gullible rumorswillbrews' sheeple.

      2) Smithy's incessant whining of fear that her highly overrated tabloid rumor
      bin, registered under false family name, would be shut down if the CON-tributors won't
      continue to transfer them fed shekels is baseless, as we have seen, be-cau-ause,
      always in the last turn her ominous friend Shadow Soul aka Shady Solver jumps in and
      fills up her bread basket

      3) There's a real chance that Smithy herself is blackmailed by her background
      con-panions (npi). So she's passing it further to her online rumor addicts assembly in
      ways of scarcely veiled blackmail expressions, always dramatically painting her final
      shut down on the horizon. Blackmails, lies, cheats, cop-outs, false pretenses being her
      favorite traits of activity.

      4) RIB Page Reads going up sharply, in other words, the click-counter shows increasing
      interest for Rumormillnews-Insights-Blogspot. Melinda, do you see a possibility or an
      advantage to include a click counter (for example REVOLVER MAPS) on this web site, so
      that everyone can see the far reaching vibrations of ours, the 24(7 busy insight diggers ;-) ?

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      5) Have a nice day and don't wet your pants in the trenches when it starts raining cats & dogs (just kidding)

      BTW Who Let The Dogs Out?


      I have a book title in mind, blueprint for bestseller, a comedy show, online TV:

      Queen of OhBeGone Crown Nickles Stripped Naked

    3. What a chuckle, G`! I'm going to do a post now inspired by your comment.