Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Wicked Witch of Hoarding Heaven Speaks (Spell that LIES again)

And again Rayelan lies through her teeth.  

In the post below she says I hacked Sidney Blumenthal's computer when it was Morgan who did so.  Morgan, according to her, also hacked the Wall Street Journal and put as a signature line on the Editor's email template, "Out of the closet and proud of it."  Morgan says.  Did  Morgan do that?  

Well, in the case of Sidney's computer she certainly got copies of his correspondence and sent those to me.  I read them, horrified.  I told her this was not ethical and if she believed Sidney had put a keylogger, that was the claim she made, on her computer she should call the police.  

Morgan never listened to me.  I have no idea where she learned to hack computers but clearly she picked it up somewhere.  I have not the foggiest how such criminal activities are carried out.  

But Rayelan should remember it is MORGAN, JAY, CRAIG FRANKLIN, ALEXANDER, 13TH DUKE OF MANCHESTER, LAURA, DUCHESS OF MANCHESTER, DAN O'DOWD, JOHN FUND, DICK CHENEY, AND KARL ROVE who are her co-conspirators and people who do ugly and criminal things.  I am merely a victim who would not shut up and go away homeless. 

Thanks to 86 for sending this as I was busy compiling Exhibits for tomorrow.

The story about Morgan and the Keylogger was told in GREED - The NeoConning of America, my first book, and repeated in other places from 2004 until today.  That is more than ten years.  

Notice how Rayelan the Rabid and Raunchy just reverses the facts when it suits her.  This is one of the things you need to remember about her.  

I've never hacked anything.  I have, however found out how to remove them as I am frequently hacked by Rayelan's co-conspirators. 

And here is the lazy woman's latest attempt at panhandling since that is the only reason her fat fingers hit the keys.

Thanks For Paying our Host for our Server -- All Paid -- but it took me over Two Hours!!
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 23-Mar-2015 21:10:50

Paying a bill with Paypal is so simple and easy and quick.
But today it did not seem simple or easy or quick.
I looked up my password
And then I entered it!
My new password did not work
Upon the screen a message flashed...
It said there was an error
Then it told me to call them.
I have a private number for them.
It's a number that prevents me from spending so much time holding a phone to my ear.
A nice man came on the phone and told me that what I was experiencing was on a Paypal wide level. He said they were not hacked... they have NEVER been hacked. He said there is a glitch in the system and I am not the only one who is experiencing this. He told me that this was a system wide error. Experts are working on it,
I was able to get in to my account use my credit card to send myself the last $20.00 that put us over the $396 mark.
Even though PayPal is having a problem with logins, they were able to lead me through the woods and show me how to send ValueTech their money from the paypal site.
In other words, even though there seemed to be many errors in the process, I made it work and our server has been paid.
I truly wish I could have been so lucky last night and this afternoon when I was trying to post photos of all the items I am selling.
Last night I resized all the photos so they would fit the RMN image uploader. The I uploaded 30 of them, three at a time. I wrote a little about each item and posted it.
The post seemed to go through perfectly. I always check to see if everything in the post went through ok. I pulled up the Reading Room and thought my post would be at the top. It wasn't. It wasn't anywhere... it had vanished into thin air and I lost the three hours or more than I had devoted to this project.
After moving a few more things this morning, I sat down at the desk and started to upload the jewelry and things I am selling. Two hours later I was finished uploading everything and was ready to post. I checked everything to see if I had done anything wrong. I hadn't and so I pushed the "post" button.
It almost seemed as if I saw the post disappear. I swear it just vanished before my very eyes. I pulled up the Reading Room. My post should have been the very first one. It wasn't. Maybe a number of people had all posted at once. I began to look down the list of posts. All the posts had been posted much earlier in the day. Try as hard as I could, I could not find my new post. I finally accepted the fact that I had lost it.
I wrote a note to all of you about the problems I've been having trying to post photos of all the things I am selling. I posted it and then ran out to do some errands.
When I came back I wanted to look at my post to see if anyone had replied. Even that post was not there!
I have wondered if the freeloader upstairs had hired a computer hacker to hack my computer and make it so she could read it anytime she wanted. She bragged constantly about hacking into Sidney Blumenthal's computer and putting a key logger on his computer. I don't know all the things a key logger can do other than read everything on the computer. I don't know if they could do the things that someone or something did to my posts yesterday and today.(The witch is either lying or has Alzheimers.)
Next time I take the time to get the photos ready to post, I am first going to save it in a word document and then l post it.
I'm not getting a lot of sleep these days. I am moving and trying to sell things so I will have money to hire people to move me. It will go much faster if I can hire people. (Some of us do our own work and do not expect to be subsidized continuously - like you.)
Tomorrow is out because of a doctor's appointment. and Wednesday is out because the freeloader upstairs is suing me in small claims court.(And really, really looking forward to it. How are those insanely clever legal strategies going for you?  Why don't you try telling the truth sometime for a change?)
Wednesday night I will try to post the items I have for sale. Most are really lovely.
There are many rings that are size 10. Some are mens and some are womens. And some were worn by both men and women. Some of the women's rings are size 8 and others are size 7.(Are these items the property of James Heath, or your own this time?)
There are necklaces, bracelets, purses and there will even be a few pairs of shoes... size 7. The purses are all name brands. There are a few that I am unsure are real. The fakes look so good that it's getting really hard for me to tell.
I am going to try to post this now... I'm keeping my fingers crossed and going to bed!
Thank you all so very much

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