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Major David L. Kooker - Buried at Arlington

According to Rayelan she got the Jeep she presently drives from Kooker, who made sure it was paid for.  After I arrived in Ohio she told me her medical benefits are through Kooker.  She had told me she had corporate medical paid for my RMN and I was to be added along with my son.  This was one of the main reasons I agreed to come to Ohio.
Rayelan lies.  She does not necessarily remember her lies so trips over them routinely.  I never heard her say a nice thing about her husband, David.  Every story painted him as nasty, angry, and abusive.  Therefore we know nothing about him.  I believe nothing Rayelan says unless I see it happen myself or have overwhelming confirmation of the facts.  
Major David L. Kooker Died October 5, 2005 at Watsonville (California) Community Hospital of natural causes, he was 59.
Major Kooker was born in Columbus, Ohio and was a resident of Watsonville, California.
David Kooker served in Viet Nam with a Marine rifle platoon. In 1969 and 70, he spent 13 months in the bush as a forward air controller, achieving the rank of Sergeant. After Viet Nam he went back to college and graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in Electrical Engineering.
Instead of accepting a job with Bose, he rejoined the Marines. He used to laugh that he was the oldest Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He spent 26 years in the Marines before retiring in 1993 and moving to Aptos to join his father's insurance business.
He is survived by his wife Raye, his son, John Kooker, of St. Augustine, Florida, his father and mother, Jack and Pat Kooker, of Watsonville, his sister Jill Coulter or (sic) Tucson, Arizona, his brother, Mark Kooker, of Memphis, Tennessee and his nieces, Victoria and Allison also of Memphis.
Services will be held at Davis Memorial Chapel, Thursday 10/13 at 2:00pm. Burial will be at Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Meyer, VA with full military honors, November 2005.
Donations can be made to US Marine Corps Toys for Tots.

DATE OF BIRTH: 05/04/1946
DATE OF DEATH: 10/05/2005

Posted: 4 December 2005


  1. I never heard her say a nice thing about her husband, David. Every story painted him as nasty, angry, and abusive.

    That probably means, he refused to let her bankrupt him by buying useless junk and politely suggested to her that she find some part time employment to support her junk buying habit.

    Rayelan is a nasty malicious sh-t stain on humanity

    1. Well sskids, it is demonstrable that the begging and whining did not start until after he died, though this was not immediate. Someone else pointed out - could have been you - that she put in a new posh kitchen after he died using money from a flood in the house, I think. Rayelan directly told me she spent more on it as well so that may account for her losing the place. Can't know for sure but is is a possibility. Otherwise, I certainly agree with our assessment.

    2. I remember the kitchen affair (hopefully right). She had bitterly complaint in the Reading Room about the craftsman who didn't deliver the kind of quality she expected, therefore she boasted, she will not pay him. She had loaded up a photo showing the tiles and the kitchen. I found her public ranting about the poor guy who had tried to do his best rather sadistic and overdone.


  2. My apologies. Sorry, have to correct myself. So Kooker really ended up as Major (Sergeant+Engineer -> Lieutenant -> Captain -> Major). I only had remembered he had served as Sergeant in Viet Nam. Lesson learnt, will try to be more accurate in the future. I think his son John then is from another wife ... or did Raye have a boy with him?
    Being curious about Raye's past.


    1. Major Kooker's kids must have been from a previous marriage. Raye never had any children. She told me once she had an abortion. Buck is Raye's only son. The other two are her grandchildren.