Monday, March 2, 2015


I received a call from the Clerk of the Court about 15 minutes ago telling me the hearing had been put off until next week, Monday or Tuesday.  It will be an out of area retired judge who hears the case. 


  1. Well that is good news!

    As per usual the Entity calling itself Shadow Soul, has stepped up to the plate, dug deeply to keep the queen of liars on the web

    March Bills Are Coming Due... Please Help!

    by Raye Smith


    Personal campaign Keep it all Ashtabula, US

    It's March 1st and the bills are already starting to flow in - Please help pay the bills and keep RMN on the web. See the whole story


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    Rumor Mill News is one of the oldest independent news websites. It was started in 1996 as a monthly news magazine. In 1998 it went up on the web. We are not like the Main Stream Media or government funded sites. RMNews is totally independent. We rely mainly on donations from our readers.

    RMNews is not like PBS or the BBC. We are NOT a propaganda arm of any government.

    RMN doesn't take kickbacks from the corporations that fund most of the mainstream media and therefore the major media has to march to their drum beats.

    Because we are independent we do not have to toe the party line, whether it be the government, or the war mongering corporate line.

    We have over 150 Independent RMNews Agents who find and report news around the globe.

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    Your subscription is a voluntary monthly donation to help Rumor Mill News stay on the web. There is no newsletter that is sent to your home. All of the information that our reporters discover is posted in the RMN Reading Room for all to read... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...


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    Rayelan Allan
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    March Bills Are Coming Due... Please Help! has raised $500

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    Thanks a lot Shady

    1. What do you think Readers will do when the penny finally drops and they know how they have been taken?

    2. RMN around the globe? What a joke. Rayelan - it is a reposting site. Lose the attitude.

    3. A new Site? Why bother, the competition is hot and providing the most important element - payment for WRITING, not stealing the work of others.

  2. Latest:

    IIspent my Social Security on Buck -- No Money for Rent

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 12:49:08

    I normally pay my rent out of my social security. But there were emergencies at the end of the month that ate up all but $88.00

    Most of the money went to overdrafts. I still don't understand how that happens since I check the balance on my smart phone before I make any purchases.

    The only thing I can think is some merchants don't update minute by minute like most do.

    $337.15 of my $1250 went to overdraft charges. Leaving me $913.00. The auto-payments I had set up came to $326.00. Buck's appointment today for a longer lasting cortisone shot came to $150.00. With the rest of the purchases, glucosamine for Buck, Buck's office appointment, money for my moving workers, parts to fix the brakes, and heater in my Jeep, I have $88.00 in my bank account and I have $324.00 in Paypal.

    That adds up to $412.00 and my rent is $750.00.

    I need $338.00 asap so I can pull it out of a machine today and again tomorrow.

    I can only pull out $300.00 each day which is $600.00. I can transfer the rest to a friend's paypal card and she can pull it out.

    The landlady is coming to pick up the rent money tomorrow at the new house. Please help me pay the rent for me and for RMN. Since my landlord evicted me, I am no longer obligated to pay the rent on the old house where the squatter is fully ensconced in the second floor (three bedrooms) and the attic.

    I really do need to pay the landlady her payment on time. I need $338.00 asap.

    Thank you so very much!!

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    Listen close at 1:33

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    1. Bravo! And the Squatter does squats, yoga and Pilates and so avoids the consequences so obvious with Raye.