Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thanks Agent 86 - Quick work

Do you believe Rayelan is broke?   When is she going to break out the 'bank account,' you know, the numerous storage units where her 'treasurers' are stored so they will be available for her to fawn and moan over.  How about spending less money on people to sit around, nod, agree with her, and then go out to eat with her?  How about BALANCING her check  book instead of looking online to see how much money there is now and consider what she has already spent?  How about paying bills first and deferring the gratification of self-indulgences?

Do you like paying her over-drafts?  She acts like it is normal to overspend every month.  Did she consider the cost of rental space for her junk before she began collecting it?  

And she has libeled me as a means for pumping you for money.  I have been accused of every possible ugly and illegal act you can imagine.  But what do real people say about me? People who know me, worked with me?  Let's have a look at what they say and who they are.  

    You may have forgotten but Leon wrote the editorial which redefined the issues in the 2004 election between Bush W, war-monger, and John Kerry.  The Editorial received awards and made the Lone Star, and Leon, targets for the NeoCons.  Eventually, this cost Leon his entire life's savings.  But he was serene, knowing he had said what needed saying and done the right thing.  Keep that in mind when you read the character reference he sent.
   For me personally Leon recorded and transcribed the ugly slanders Jay Gell called up and tried to sell him about me.  Jay cursed him when he realized it was not working.  This was after I arrived here.  Rayelan shrugged when I told her.  The crew of them lost me clients, income I needed to care for my son and continue to fight for your freedom doing something which will matter.   

They wanted me broke and vulnerable.  You helped them accomplish their goal by donating to Rayelan's pity party and believing her lies without proof. 

Gail Lightfoot is a former State Chairman for the Libertarian Party of California.  She also ran for state wide offices and more than once kept the LP on the ballot.  Gail is a straight arrow who has worked for freedom for decades.  

    Dave loved science and had intended to be a astrophysicist but influenced by the men who were using him to create a clean public relations presence for Big Oil he went to USC and became a geologist.  He saw what was happening to people around the world because of the cost-cutting practices of Big Oil.  He saw toxic dumps concreted over and donated as appropriate locations for schools.  In 1996 he was working in Malaysia directly with Ken Lay, designing and honchoing the building of a pipeline.  And then he could not take it any more and walked away from a six digit salary, plus huge benefits.  He returned to the US and joined Green Peace, working for practically nothing.  He is a court certified expert witness who is Big Oil's worst nightmare.  Read what he says about me.  

Sonja Loll is a friend of mine from Church.  She was told not to trust me by someone whose heard from Rayelan I had bilked her out of $80,000.  But she did not believe it.  I did not know this until recently when she brought up the subject.  When she told me I asked her two write a letter.   

Michael Spencer was someone I only knew because he contacted me about advertising for RMN.  I remembered him and asked him to write something about our interaction.  Read what he said.  Then ask yourself if I was working for Rumor Mill as Director of Advertising.  

Rayelan did not 'give' me anything.  I worked for it and never received what I was promised.  Rayelan lied me into coming for her purposes, not mine.  I wanted dental insurance for my son, which was promised.  Arthur has not been to a dentist in years, nor have I, because I can't afford medical or dental for either of us.  If I had any money I would take care of him first.  

There could be twenty similar character references up here from people I knew in the Republican Party, through my kids schools when I was a room mother, worked in every way you can imagine.  I can get letters from old friends who knew me when I was small and people who I worked with in Right to Life, in the National Federation of Republican Women, in groups which helped battered women escape violence and parents regain custody after their children were stolen by CPS.  I occupied positions of trust, not because I asked for them but because I had proven I could be trusted.   

Rayelan has no respect for those who donate.  I noticed that immediately and was revolted.  I told her she needed to account for the money sent to her in trust so a Family Campground could be built.  Do you think she listened?  She brushed it off because the truth does not matter to her.  But it matters to me, it always has and it always will. 

I'm Broke Folks - I sold my jewelry at a Pawn Shop to pay the rent - I have nothing left to sell to pay the server
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 18:38:22
If you want RMN to continue, you are going to have to help me. I'm old and worn out and I just can't take the pressure on the first of every month any longer.
I ran to five different banks with two of my friends who are NOT associated with RMN. We pulled everything out of all of our accounts. But we still didn't have enough, so it was on to the pawn shop. Finally, after raising money from family and friends and pawning a ring, we had raised enough to pay my rent. But we ran out of time and friends... and I still need $400.00 to pay for the server. Without a server there will be no RMN.
Here's the widget... If you can't put $10.00 in... put in a dollar. We have hundreds of thousands of readers each month but only 100 regular donors pay the bills. If you have never given before, just give a dollar. If every reader gave a dollar I wouldn't have to beg for money to keep RMN up and running.
Are you one of the ones who reads for free? If so, why? Are you afraid of having your name associated with RMN? If that's the case you can put a few bucks in an envelop and pop it in the mail.
Times are rough for all of us. And I am not immune. Life is NOT fun for me these days and a lot of the frustration centers around raising money for RMN.
many Blessings!!


  1. Oh Boohoo Rayelan, you bald faced LIAR, life is NOT fun these days? Why not? You are still scamming the rubes of rumor swill. Since when is it the responsibility of the readers to pay for your extravagant lifestyle? If you weren't such a vicious vindictive fat, old shrew, you'd be pathetic.

    1. Hi sskids! I noticed that and then forgot about it. Yes, since when has life been fun for anyone struggling to stop the juggernaut of corporate oppression? What a sad sack.

  2. Melinda. God be with you at court today. Think she will show up? Can hardly wait til this afternoon. ~dmh

    1. Thanks dmh! And thank you for your support. This has been hard to go through for both Arthur and myself.

      I have not the foggiest what she is going to do.

      Other matters also advance. I wish I could tell you guys about them. Exciting stuff!