Tuesday, March 24, 2015

UPDATE - From the Ongoing Conspiracy

NOTE:  One the Dog front - Someone, probably Thomas Scott Beckenheimer, Angel's brother, who I saw yesterday carrying a large box into the house (Not out, as one might hope).  Since he was the only person I saw except Raye I am assuming it was he who left the front door unlocked and also left the barrier which creates the dividing line between Raye's Domain and the Upstairs, where I am, unbarred.  There was an invasion of small brown dogs who chased and terrorized our elderly kitty.  I promptly evicted them.  Lots of little dog howling.  Meow is now being held and comforted. 

Raye had taken the barrier which formerly kept them out at the bottom of the stairs.  I therefore used a large bucket of something to keep the door closed so they would not again come marauding.  

The Earlier Story

Raye is, again, supposed to out of the house at 525 Bunker Road, from which she is attempting to evict Melinda, by the end of the month. The hearing on the eviction is on April 2nd, after she is supposed to be gone and after Melinda plans to have moved.

How much progress has been made in her moving? How much stuff could she possibly have stuffed in a house which could have taken from June 2014 – April 1, 2015 to move? Pause to consider. It must have been a lot. Who do you think paid for the stuff she stuffed in every nook and cranny? 

The two photos below were taken of the basement through the one window left uncovered at around 3AM March 24, 2015. 

Raye is quite the Neat Freak, Right?  

And I am sure she thanks RMN Readers who fill the Kitty!

Of course, Raye, during this period, had a couple of quasi bathrooms installed, thanks to the generosity of RMN Readers. Living quarters were constructed in the basement for Angel and her guy, the Deadly Handyman, thanks to RMN Readers.

Then, clever woman, she claimed Deadly Handyman had threatened her life and got – guess who – to fill the Kitty AGAIN!

We understand Jim is still sleeping on the couch in the living room as his life time collection of stuff is sold off. Living with Raye has been a real adventure for him! Here is the article Melinda wrote for the local paper which mentioned him when everyone was friends and Raye's plans to make Melinda homeless were still in the Drain Her of Money Phase and Stall the Redesign State.

That Redesign of RMN has brought in a lot of money itself. Almost as good a Kitty Filler as Buck!

And, you know, Raye has to keep trying. When Morgan failed to kill off her brother, Arthur, while he was in the hospital on life support and Craig had paid her good money, $10,000, to finish the job he had started he sued her to get the money back.  Sh had declared bankruptcy on the bogus debt because he tried to have sex with her. And certainly she had tried as hard as she could to kill Arthur off. Begging Melinda for his heart because, she told Melinda, she needed a heart transplant.  So, please, she pleaded, turn off his life support so I can have his heart.  It hadn't worked.  But she tried!

You can read the court documents below. There is more, a lot more on Just The Evidence.  If a link is not working let Melinda know. 

After the Deposition 

Around February 23, 2001 Morgan filed bankruptcy in Santa Barbara to clear the issue of the coerced promissory note from Craig and other debts she could not pay.  Melinda paid for this, too. 

On May 23, 2001 Craig filed a COMPLAINT to stop her from clearing the issue of the coerced promissory note.  In the motion he mentions more money he gave Morgan.  Since we know that Craig routinely hands over about $5,000 a month to women who he wants to be available to him sexually.  Morgan believed the money was payment for the assistance she was giving Craig to defraud Melinda and also kill her.  

Craig never gives away money without expecting to get something of value to him.  Destroying Melinda and securing all of the marital assets was of enormous value to him so it seems petty that he would also insist on getting sex.  But Craig is a psychopath and so this was a natural move for him.  

Morgan was part of the conspiracy which she admits to in the response below.   This is an example of what happens when psychopaths collide instead of cooperating. 

On August 27, 2001 Morgan responded to a RESPONSE filed by Franklin to stop her from declaring bankruptcy on the promissory note she had signed under duress.

This document is well worth reading for the shock value.  The document names Dan O'Dowd, Michael (Emerling) Cloud as co-conspirators with Craig.  The document was produced by We The People, a legal service in Santa Barbara at the time, using statements from Morgan.  The document is signed by Morgan, the Debtor and Defendant.  

January 15, 2003 - Franklin Complaint Dismissal

Very brief.  Too  bad the judge and those reading the documents did not comment for posterity.  

October 6, 2003 - Letter to the IRS on Craig's fraud  

This short statement repeats some of the events Morgan admitted to in her Deposition but also quotes Craig telling her he needed the promissory note to commit fraud against the IRS by declaring this a bad debt.  The IRS failed to take action.

Craig and Morgan are a lot alike in many ways.

Yep. In early March 1998, after he left Melinda, Craig called her up and told her he wanted to have lunch with his son, Arthur, and renew their relationship. Melinda cried she was so happy. She drove Arthur down to the restaurant after telling him what Craig has said to her. A little hope means a lot to someone as down as Arthur was after the motorcycle accident and still coping with the major brain injury and daily rehabilitation.

So Craig threw $3,000 on the table and told Arthur he did not want him in his life. He then walked out. Arthur walked home, his depression deepened and in anguish. He would not discuss what had happened with Melinda, who was frantic because he was so angry. She called Craig to ask what had happened. He lied to her. Surprised?

And let's pause for a moment to, again, renew the offer for Melinda to take the Hare Index for psychopathy as soon as even just Raye, and not Raye and Morgan sign up to do so as well.

In case you have forgotten Morgan Melinda's first biological daughter, who was eventually, at their request, adopted legally by her parents. Morgan drained them of money and went on to other family members. Melinda's sister, Anne, kicked her out of the house because of her sexual habits while she was living there and supposedly attending college. Check out the site she uses to libel Melinda and her siblings and see if you think she ever passed a class in English Composition.

Melinda has to wonder if Craig is paying them $5,000 a month for this service. That is what he was paying Morgan to slander Melinda during the divorce, after all. And he has more money now and a string of women who receive the same amount for just being sexually available if he wants sex.

Morgan and Laura, the Duchess of Manchester take turns there attacking and libeling Melinda. What do you think? Maybe $2,500 each?

Since libeling and assaulting people is not yet an Olympic sport one would wonders why they bothered if not for Craig's history.

Money, money, money, that is the There has to be motive, which, of course, is the same as Raye's, the promise of MONEY if they manage to make Melinda homeless, the fond wish of her ex-husband, Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin, the very man who sent the uncertified Deposition to John Fund so they could defame Morgan enough to keep Fund writing for the Bush Co. NeoCon Cabal then ensconced in the White House.

Melinda learned this from Anne Fisher, who got to hold the letter in its Green Hills Software, Inc., envelope and Craig gloatingly told her what Deal had been cut. Big Bucks in Government Contracts for this tiny little thing. Of course, it was illegal, but what does that matter?

Anne stopped trusting Craig after the second time his lies to help her get a business up and started destroyed her and, surprise, made her homeless. She is not going to take the risk again and began supplying Melinda with information, photos and documents.

And let's talk about utilities since Raye spends so much time complaining about them. The temperature upstairs is around 90 degrees now, and no, the house has not been moved to the tropics. Raye pumps up the heat so it is impossible to sleep up here – a counter point to when she turns off the heat in the middle of winter. Now, it is possible to go outside with just a sweater, so let the sauna days begin!

So, you clever, canny and well informed RMN Readers just keep on filling the Kitty so Raye can continue to enjoy the life style her career as a CIA asset accustomed her.

Write Rayelan at RA@rubiconaegis.com to ask her to take the Hare Index. Money to be delivered directly to the therapist as it comes in for both Raye, Melinda and Morgan. Let's add Craig, too!

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