Thursday, March 12, 2015

And Agent Insighter 86 Poses a Question to be Answered

Agent Insighter 86 sent on to me this Panhandling Product from Rayelan.  The subject line was his question:  "Does that mean the BITCH downstairs is not enjowing every moment of it?"

Of course, 86 means  'enjoying.'  Which Rayelan clearly is, enjoying the thrill of conning Readers and selling her lies.  What kind of a person is practically drooling when she opens the mail and smiles happily when she reads the notes from her earnest Readers who include the tiny amounts of money they can afford on strictly limited incomes?  

It took some time for me to realize what a charge this was for her.  At first I was confused about so many things.  Rayelan insisted I become her chauffeur when I first arrived so I had many opportunities to observe her first hand as she tore into those sad little envelopes, sent from people who believed in her. 

Now I realize Rayelan was paid to get me out here and pulled every trick in the book to engage my sympathy and get me to make a trip which terrified me.  The farthest I had driven for six years, as my eyesight continued to fail, was about two hours and this was always carried out in daylight hours.   

But Rayelan knew from Morgan and Craig I was a sucker for helping people. Over and over again Morgan drew me back in to believing her in the same ways.  I thought I was through with her when she called me in September, 1999 and told me John Fund had forced her to have an abortion.  When you listen to the Weasel Search Tape do you think you are hearing a normal woman as she takes Fund through his unwitting confession?

Morgan and Fund are talking about me. I had helped raise the money Fund needed to make it in Washington DC in 1983.  I bailed Morgan out over and over again, forgave her lies which could have killed her siblings.  But I no longer trusted her.  That is why she NEEDED the tape, to persuade me to help her - again.  And this time she wanted help with Fund.  She wanted to force him to marry her.  She had failed with Eugene Volokh, she was getting older, and she needed someone to carry her.  She knew what Craig and Dan's plans were for me so if she was going to drain me further it had to be then.  

Fund had never been interested in her except as a way to slap me for dumping him.  He talked me into sending my third daughter to Hillsdale, when she had been pre-admitted to North Eastern, Syracuse and Mt. Holyoke.  That was a real mistake on my part.  He told me over and over again to have my daughter look him up when he was there.  He was, he would say, her "Uncle John."  

I got clarity from another of Morgan's ugly habits.  That was to get to know other women Fund had seduced, call them up, and record the calls.  She played these for me.  It was nauseating.  

Time lines make so many things glaringly obvious.  She wanted an apartment in NY; she wanted to marry Fund - and then, no doubt, she intended to finish the job for Craig and Dan O'Dowd.  

I have to wonder what lies she had told Fund about me.  As you listen you hear him say comment he is surprised she got in touch with me again.  She responds with a lie.  "She is my mother."  Morgan was raised by my parents, who adopted her legally when she was twelve.  I permitted it because Mother seemed to want it so much - and because Morgan's visits were disruptive for my other children.  Ugly irresponsible things happened behind my back.  She was six years older than my next child - but it was always her who caused the serious problems.  I thought she would grow up.  I had no idea she was born this way and would never change.  

She had collected over $70,000 for slandering me to my friends and associates, this paid for in $5,000 monthly payments by my husband, Craig Franklin.  She had accepted $10,000 to persuade me to turn off my son's life support in March of 1998.  She and Rayelan have a lot in common, a lot.  

It takes a lot for me to stop believing people and back away.  And when I found I could not back away I realized how many lives people like Craig, Rayelan and Morgan destroy.  I became determined to leave the world a safer place than I found it.  So that is what these sites do.  They should you from real life what you can expect when you are dealing with those without conscience.  

Rayelan is having a wonderful time.  Last night she had a party with Leigh and other members of the Lee - Powers Family.  She must be promising them the money will flow.  Why else would they forgive her for her ugly behavior toward them?  I can understand why they feel they have no options.  They don't.  Rayelan has equated with income when she was paying, and right now she is.  

These people enjoy the deceit.  Love the conflict because it makes them feel alive. Morgan and Craig enjoyed their ugly attempts to destroy me and my other children.  This must end, not just for me, but for all of us.  When you see, you understand.  When you understand you can recognize what is really happening and so protect yourself. 

Read the evidence on Just the Evidence.  Approach this dispassionately, looking for the truth which Rayelan says does not matter.  You need to know. 

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Thanks so Much - That $100.00 Kept my Internet on
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 12-Mar-2015 13:41:38
This move is costing me more than I ever imagined. And the witch upstairs is enjoying every moment of it... since most of the extra expense is being caused by her and there is nothing I can do about it except wait for court dates and continue paying rent on two places.
Bigger Sigh...


  1. The "move" has generated more funds for a longer time period than Rayelan ever imagined. At this rate she will never move, why ruin a good fund raising scam?.

    1. Hi sskids! And it has also allowed her to continue with her assignment to leave me homeless 3,000 from my home and destroy me financially. Such a deal for Craig, Morgan and Dan O'Dowd. I'm sure she is on their Christmas gift list.

  2. This move is costing me more than I ever imagined. And the witch upstairs is enjoying every moment of it... since most of the extra expense is being caused by her and there is nothing I can do about it except wait for court dates and continue paying rent on two places.
    Bigger $igh...
    R. - See more at:

    1. Thanks Anon. Now, why am I costing the overweight, cloddish White Trash downstairs anything? She was, presumably, writing off the cost of this, ahem, corporate housing, which certainly did not match what I was promised upon coming out to Ohio very much. She doubtless wrote off the entire cost off on her taxes which would have likely make the house rent free for her. If she actually pays taxes, of course. We, myself, my son and the cat, do not, despite the White Trash's whining, cost much of anything to house and our use of utilities is minimal. And she has made over $30,000 with her panhandling, which increased sharply when she started libeling me online.

      But she clearly wanted to render me homeless, without funds, and 3,000 miles from my home, for which I had continued to pay as the White Trash ignored every assurance made to me regarding a partnership in Rubicon Aegis while enjoying my labors in multiple ways. She is still selling podcasts from my radio show, for which I naturally never saw a penny.

      Where is the logic in this? Let's take the concept of 'leaving me homeless 3,000 miles from home," up for a moment.

      This is exactly what Craig Franklin wanted. Morgan commented on this to me as he repeated it over and over again. Craig tried to do exactly the same thing to his first wife, Eileen, and failed only because her parents and his parents joined forces and demanded he settle. Craig made his girl friend, Anne Fisher homeless in exactly the same way twice, because he was able to con her a second time.

      There is a concept of 'pattern' in behavior. It is present here.

      What would you think if you were lied into relocating and found your resources drained, your time demanded for unpaid labor, and then you were abruptly cut off from the tools needed to bring in even the tiny amount it was possible to make on commissions on advertising because the White Trash preferred giving advertising away for free goodies to her friends? And, of course, Hobie had his banner ad, which, from what Rayelan said, paid more than you made by several times.

      The reasonable person would look for an explanation. Craig routinely pays women $5,000 a month just to be sexually available to him in case he wants to screw them. He bargained with Regina Russell, in Anne Fisher's presence, to find him a woman he could date once: Regina's Commission $1,000. Have sex with Regina's Commission $5,000. Or Impregnate $10,000. I did mention Craig is a sexual pervert whose most potent fantasy is raping a little girl who is related to him, right?

      So. I am in Ohio so Craig can fulfill his fantasy of making me destitute and homeless. Rayelan is his paid worker bee.

      On to what is happening with those law suits.

      The original judge, who was actually Brobst's attorney and wrote the phoney NOTICE TO LEAVE THE PREMISES form has been recused by my incompetent self. The charges of abuse of process remain. I am writing interrogatories and Rayelan's law suit is yet to be rescheduled. I look forward to the rescheduling with eagerness.

      So, that is the report from here.

  3. Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 16-Mar-2015 04:32:55

    Hi, Fools -

    Great thanks to the 84 foolish folks who have contributed $3,253 toward Rayelan's March extravagances, at time of this posting. :)

    The bills keep coming, of course. :) And it would be a great help to Rayelan's junk shopping budget and dining out expenses and to the minimal expenses of RMN if we can keep the contributions coming, too.

    PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.

    Blessings, all.


    1. She needs every penny of it, sskids. And she had better be putting away more for legal expenses. They, too are coming.

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    1. Hello dmh, I tend to concur. If RumorRaye would wave her flags at GLP she won't be staying for long.
      Susoni (Lynda Brasier) had been posting at GLP before she was entitled CGI admin. GLP has changed over the years, now there seem to be less trolls and shills. RumorRaye was also very busy in her Yahoo forum. Haven't been there for a while to see what's going on. WIll come back on this. Thanks for your response.