Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Exciting Article and A Report from the Rayelan Front

Don't miss this article about aother psychopath who sounds a lot like Raye.
Grandmother, 63, on trial for stabbing husband, dismembering him, and keeping his body parts in Tupperware - See more at: http://psychobusters.blogspot.com/2015/03/grandmother-63-on-trial-for-stabbing.html#sthash.ma5oKRXL.dpuf

Last night I was going out to the car and chanced to hear an ongoing conversation between Raye, an installer from Times Warner, who was there to collect between $900 and a thousand from Raye for something installed in January.  It could have been at her new home but I thought I heard it said it was in the basement.  I have not the foggiest what that could have been.  Perhaps spy equipment?   Speculation is fun - but I prefer facts.  We will see. 
Raye and Tom Guzzo, the Deadly Handyman, were there, others murmuring in the background,  trying to persuade him to take a partial payment, around a third of what was owed so in the range of $350.  I think he said he would have to check with the office.  

But the amount was clear and repeated several times.  What did the old witch, who joined the Episcopal Church to find more prey, but who has been promoting a New World Religion in the worship of Diana, Princess of Wales, have installed?  The spy equipment occurred to me but seems unlikely.  What else does the company supply?  Inquiring minds will inquire. 

But it got better and I took out my phone and made a recording of their plans to replumb the water upstairs, going to me.  It was clearly Guzzo who was in charge of this operation so he has been elevated to Subject of Interest, for your information.  Isn't it nice of him not to object to being libeled for attempted murder of Raye, according to her report?   

And now I am going to tell you why I have several sites up focusing on different people.  

One, they have all attempted to destroy me or my son and other children.  (Morgan for any purposes is not my child.)  

Two, I long since became fed up with people telling me to run away.  I do not run.  I became an activist because I believe passionately in justice for everyone.  I am included.  

Raye has been defending Morgan and Craig (Child Porn) Franklin.  I put up sites because I realized how psychopaths use lies and normal civil behavior to manipulate others.  The sites have proven over and over again to work.  People read about these creeps, notice the similarity in behavior, and refuse to continue dealing with them.  This reduces the overall transaction cost of all of us and specifically protects people who would otherwise have been harmed.  

My experiences have been too expensive to be wasted.   Now, you know.  

Morgan Gell

Barteaux, the Family Story

Craig Franklin

Drone Free Zone - For Dan O'Dowd and other co-conspirators 

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The Duke of Manchester 

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  1. Hobi was once soliciting donations from the dupes at RumorSwill so that Rayelan, the world class fraudster would have money to tithe at the Sunday Service.

    Pathetic eh?

    1. Sskids - that is the least of it. Thanks for letting me know. I will include it in my letter to Father Peter.

  2. Hi Melinda. I did a quick search for TWC Time Warner Cable pricing.
    The amount of 900 to 1000 bucks makes sense if you look at this triple play offer

    TWC Triple Play Package Price: $89.99 a month for 12 months

    We can assume Raye has a bad credit rating so the TW guy wanted payment in advance. Let's multiply:
    89.99 x 12 = 1079.88 (possibly) minus 5% special rebate = 968.90.

    Needs to be questioned:

    1) Is it for the Bunker Hill house or is it for her new home?
    2) What for does she need a TWC triple play connection if she allegedly can hardly pay the bills for her web site provider?

    "Poor Lady Raye, can't indulge herself in a standard middle class life because she's always short of pennies.
    Shouldn't we pity her and close both eyes facing this triple play extravaganza? (she's so attracted by TRIple inTRInity things)"


    1. Hi G~ Thanks for the research. It appears from what you sent and from what I heard that Rayelan had her unlicensed Handyman, Tom Guzzo, install a love nest for him and Angel in the basement - with full media entertainment included. This reminds me that she paid for phones and whatever for the Lee - Powers Family and was still paying these monthly when I arrived. She tried to get me to take one she had confiscated from them. I refused. I prefer to have my own and pay for it. She then insisted on giving one to Arthur, who also did not want it. But since it had a local number he started using it. Naturally, she then shut it off without mentioning she was going to do so. Rayelan's 'generosity' is a lot like my ex-husband's. He 'gave' me a cabin on which we could not afford to make payments, driving me to distraction at a time I had FINALLY gotten the finances, which he continually compromised by his over spending, on track. He did the same to some of his later girl friends, I found out from Anne, who had a relationship with him for a number of years. He and Rayelan should have to live together. Then neither one of them would get what they want - which they each richly deserved, and the screaming and battering would be constant.

      By the way, I heard late yesterday from a very unexpected source that the recent signs of moving were Angel (Angela Kay Lee) moving out to live with her honey the Handyman on 'Angel's Farm in Rock Creek.' I still think this must be land from the Family Campground. Someone - Demand an Accounting!

    2. You say 'love nest' and I picture 'rats nest', how did they fit any nest down there among all the boxes of junk? Maybe that is why you saw boxes moving 5 months ago.

    3. Rat's Nest may be more accurate visually and in terms of hygiene but in matters of love perhaps, to them, it was an idyll to be always remembered fondly, evoking the tenderest emotions which touched them deeply. Where is your sense of romance, SSKIDS? But maybe moving the boxes had more than one motive. SMILE

  3. Too Much Too Soon and this is what you get:

    * Please Contribute - I may ask you to exceed the goal - $217 will reach it *

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 17-Mar-2015 05:07:45

    Hi, Folks -

    Just to let you know - I'm keeping a close eye on what's happening in Rayelan's world right now, and I can see I may need to ask you to exceed the goal this month. If the RV happens, of course, all manner of things change for the better. :) So, we'll see. Meanwhile:

    Thanks indeed to the 86 fine folks who have brought the FundRazr widget to $3,283 at time of this posting. :) Another $217 will reach our goal for RMN's March expenses.

    Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting.


    Blessings, all.


    What emergency will it be next? Really, I can't guess since she used the jeep in the last month or two. ~dmh

    1. Thanks Anon! - Well, we know that the set up in the basement for internet, massive television, and other goodies will be paid for. Doesn't it warm your heart to know you are supporting a whole clutch of con-artists with your hard earned cash?

  4. She must not be moving, doesn't she have a lease option to buy that she wanted to exercise?

    1. Or perhaps the other house is her summer place, it is only fit that the grand doucheness of Austria have at least a summer castle, surely it is not too much tribute to demand from the rubes of rumorswill?

    2. Hey sskids! Happy Saint Patrick's Day - I suspect Rayelan is still facing enormous moving needs. She is like the monkey who sticks its hand in the coconut, which is carefully set with a treat which cannot be withdrawn without losing it. She can't dump stuff so eventually I will move out and she will be evicted. Now that I know it was Angel moving anything is possible.

    3. Melinda, is this person the
      Angela Kay Lee, 45 years old
      we're talking about?


      Angela Kay Lee, 34, was arrested June 20 and charged with DUI-third offense, careless driving and driving with suspended drivers license. She was released the next day on $6,000 bond. Her court date is scheduled for Aug. 13.

      source: The Dispatch. Columbus/Ohio, Arrest Report: 7-2-13

      Is she one of them, found via Instant Check Mate
      ICM Search Results for Angela Kay Lee


    4. Greetings G~! - This link is more likely to be Angel of RMN -
      Angela K. Lee - 46 Westlake, OH; Rock Creek, OH; Cleveland, OH. She has a daughter named Amanda Lee and her mother's original name included Donna. Donna Lee They change their names nearly as often as Rayelan does. I did not get the report. I did, however, look to see if a Lee owned land in Rock Creek, which I did not see. The original land where I was told the Family Campground was to be located was in Rock Creek. In 2012 Angel was still living there. I never saw the inside of the habitation. Rayelan described it as unfit for human habitation and claimed the Angel and her brother, Thomas Scott Beckenheiner had stolen the money donated. But that is Raye saying it so there is no way of knowing the truth.

      The first link, a photo, looks nothing like Angel, who is overweight and has dark hair and a rounder face. I caught a glance of her pretty recently and saw her once or twice last summer. Just not the same woman.

      Thanks for looking! And you did place her in Westlake and Cleveland so there are more possibilities. I tried once and found nothing about any involvement in local activism. Wouldn't you think RMN people would be activists?

  5. NEW: * Rayelan would like to waste some more of your money folks. Please Contribute. * (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 29)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 18-Mar-2015 05:03:17

    1. Thanks sskids And now we know Raye was actually supporting the Deadly Handyman, who was living in her basement with Angel, when she was begging for money to keep him from killing her. I don't think we can be sure of the truth with these people without photos and audio tapes. I have come to the conclusion they live in a capsule which does not differentiate truth from their lies.

    2. Do you know the poster FREEDOMFOREVER, Bonnie? A long time ago, when Rayelan, the lying thief, ratcheted up the hysterical monthly demands to $3000, I emailed Bonnie and told her that it was bullshit, that the site couldn't cost more than 300 or so per month and Bonnie's rather lame response was "Well, I don't know how much the site costs". Bonnie did however, post a suggestion to Rayelan that she scan all her bills in and show the readers the costs.

      You can already guess that never happened, but we did have the accounting and financial genius, Angel, post a totally bogus list of monthly bills. The Royal Douche of Austria has been laughing all the way to the bank ever since.

    3. Hi sskids! I remember this incidence and Freedom4ever (<- written like that) aka Bonnie.
      Don't know how bonnie or pathetic she really is. Did some homework to further our insights:


      Search Results:

      27 Articles Displayed of 12,915 Total Messages
      (Reversed Chronological Listing)
      Articles Posted By "Freedom4ever" since September 25th 2014
      last was article was

      'Gray State' Movie Writer/Director Found Dead! Wrote Martial Law - FEMA Camp Movie! Another Watchman Brought Down? (views: 755)
      Freedom4ever -- Monday, 19-Jan-2015 14:12:55


    4. G~ I hope Bonnie stops feeling intimidated and gets comfortable with the truth. Sad story.

      I am talking to Zak Carter right now and Gray State will be coming out as a memorial to David Crowley. Zak said David was the second friend he lost to PTSD. It looks from the evidence that he killed his family and then himself.

      They have a second movie now in pre-production and we will also be talking about the Saddam Incident for an interview and on some green start ups. This is my week for making the crowfunding calls for the start up so I am sorry if I am a little distracted.

    5. Right, that is how she spelled it. Maybe she should change it to "DeafDumb&Blind2Rayelanscams"

    6. Hey sskids, RMN probably feels like home to her. It is really sad since, as a home, it is so very abusive.

  6. Sskids, is Bonnie still posting on RMN? I have an idea. Get me your email address.