Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Your input is solicited for the purpose of fleshing out the Picture

Raye told me many stories, which now I question.  Please participate in helping us dig down to the truth. 

About Angel

Raye introduced the subject of Angel on several occasions when she was attempting to persuade me to come to Ohio to 'take RMN to the next level.'

Raye said she has known Angel for around ten years. I think she said they met when Angel became an RMN Reader. Raye said she and Angel had met in person for some reason and when they first met Angel was skinny. This soon changed and Angel gained considerable weight.

Since I had a similar experience once I came into direct contact with Raye I wonder if anyone, including Angel, has insights on this assertion by Raye. I know Angel is still heavy but do not know if she was thinner when she first met Raye.

Raye never said a nice thing about Angel. She said she was incompetent and lacked talent as a graphic artist but needed help, which had elicited Raye's compassion so Angel was kept on.

I thought this odd. If she wanted RMN to be professional she needed to find people who were competent.

She also said Angel divided the world up into two kinds of people. As she was saying this she paused. Raye continued, saying these two types of people were vampires and werewolves. I was incredulous. There followed an entirely incomprehensible explanation of the theory Raye ascribed to Angel as the basis of her world view.

Notice all of these statements originated from Raye. Since Raye lies automatically I have reconsidered every statement she made and these statements about Angel are among these.

Angel seems to be assisting Raye now and is probably being paid, as is also likely the case with her brother Thomas Scott Lee and, perhaps, their mother Leigh.  

In the same conversation Raye said Angel built the site Surfing the Apocalypse. I went and looked and was very impressed. The graphics were beautiful and it seemed to be much more up to date than Rumor Mill. I asked Raye why she did not have Angel do the redesign. At this point I was still at my home in California.

What followed devolved into the events surrounding the Family Campground, which, Raye said, had persuaded her she could not trust Angel, who with her brother had stolen / misspent the money entrusted to them.

I'm publishing this because Raye often reveals elements of the truth through her lies.Putting these together with research could yield results.  

There are many possibilities for what was really going on and because of the dearth of hard data I may never know. But comparing stories could provide some direction to the inquiry.

Does anyone have insights on what was really going on with the Family Campground or regarding Angel?


  1. Compassion? Not in that predator, she has lied to her readers that she had compassion for you and out of the goodness of her stone cold heart, took you in and sheltered you from the cold of winter as you were homeless at the time. That Raye, she's a real giver, eh?

    1. No, alas, she had not a whit of compassion for anyone except, perhaps, Buck, sskids. My house in California had two bathrooms, two bedrooms a huge office area, and no Raye - which I have to count as a real advantage.