Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sheldon Recusal

Magistrate David Sheldon is recused. 


  1. Good or bad for you, Melinda?
    From my point of view:
    1) With two women quarrelling a male judge might have a more impartial stance (?)
    2) The case "shall be continued to a time that is convenient for Judge Wynn". More time to prepare enables better defense (?)

    When Attorney Robert Herman meets Judge Robert Wynn
    then we have a firstname twinning right from the beginning
    Hence, a lucky coincidence?
    Raye has HerMan. Who will Wynn let win?

    If you think about it ...

    BTW Melinda, all RMN sites accessible again. Most probably maintenance interruption, as you said.


    1. Hi G~ I wrote the motion to recuse because he had a conflict of interest. I found his fax number on the papers written for Brobst. Then I found out he was the judge who would hear the case. He should have recused himself before it became an issue. It did bounce it out of Ashtabula Municipal Court to Eastern District.

      We shall see. Annoying you can't flip to the back of the book, but there it is. I have some plans for each hearing.

    2. March Bills Are Coming Due... Please Help!

      11 days into March, one third, and Hozie Zappman begs for 825 Dollars to fill Raye's tributary basket for March 2015. Next step would be to demand 3500 for April before the month has even begun.
      So what did Raye scribble and post, what is her share of valuable information within these 11 days that could carpet her rumor lounge until the end of March?

      Since most of the RMN archive is gone and because the rumor sites need very little server space (an advantage of the WebBB vintage layout) they can't claim to need thousands of dollars every month to keep the sites up and running.

      I will look up several providers who offer something similar to what the beggar crowd needs for their online rumor volumes and then let's see what the real market price is, per month, and what is siphoned from the gullibles plus
      payments of SS ghost Shady Soul to sustain a living for the rumor mill clan.


    3. G~ Could you put together an estimate on what is required? I can tell you Rayelan, in my experience, spends practically NO time working on RMN - most of her time is spent slandering me, giving orders to her paid staff, or indulging herself. What do RMN Readers want to pay for? If they want to pay to keep an aging CIA paid sex worker in a style to which she is in no way entitled, that is up to them. Perhaps they are enjoying the continuing Drama. But then they should categorize the site as FICTIONAL. But it should be an informed choice.

  2. Why doesn't it have Sheldons name on it? It DOES say "the undersigned".
    What about your case 48? Not rescheduled yet? Sorry, trying to help you keep track. : )

  3. Did Rayelan ever tell you that she had a higher Security Clearance than the President of the United States?

    1. No, sskids, she did not, and it is just as well she restrained herself. Snicker. Would anyone believe it? I think not.

  4. She used to routinely brag about this, I heard her tell cliff High this on her first and only interview of him. She said it was due to her being married to her second husband.

    That Raye, so humble and such a giver.

    1. It does not surprise me, sskids. She told me none of these whoppers until I arrived in Ohio. Then I was in for a series of shocks. It was like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland, but not as rational or entertaining. Also, highly repetitive.

    2. You are right, sskids. I'm a witness, I remember this as well.

      Yes, of course! Before there was
      the Ubergone Chronickles appearance
      she needed Above President Clearance
      for the hot investigative milly trip to Mars.
      otherwise DHS would not let her pass.

      Also, she once bragged about having accompanied Gunther the CIA Russbaker in a special high level flight from Paris to Moscow (the US president was also on board, imagine, shiver, tremble, such a wonderful exclusive privilege).
      Besides, on another occasion, there were tons of gold to be retrieved from the Philippines, remember?
      We can sum up: She saved the world and the lives of her rumor addicts. It has to be paid for this. Yes!

      By the way, if you have seen HMN Humor Mill News postings: that was my idea, I had suggested to Her Highness to pep up her rumor mill with jokes and music clips from earlier decades. At least something she accepted without complaining.


    3. G~ - No, I have not seen that. She should give credit. Oh. She does. She says it was her idea, right?

      And the Gold in the Philippines - how could I forget? She was going to get a cut of some amount with Gunther. Then Gunther evaporated into another relationship, probably annoyed at being left in the lurch in Austria at his coronation and Rayelan was STILL going to get the gold.

      I heard about the trip to Mars several times. The words did not deviate. It was well memorized.

      So, with all that clout why is she living in Ashtabula? Why couldn't she use her contacts to threaten the foreclosing bank? What gives with the UberInfluence?

  5. The deletion of the archived messages occurred after she started begging funds for her ''original' move. Who moves into a rented place and then upgrades the flooring and other things to make it 'liveable'? Months later, she's still 'moving' and begging for money. How can a site be free, as she so vehemently defends, when the kool-aid drinkers are contributing 3500+ per month, not counting the money coming in via snail mail. What a scam. I feel for those who give their hard earned money to this huckster.

    1. Anon! She must cover up her blatant lies and predatory behavior because she fears (and not without reason) someone will file a complaint for fraud. But fraud is Raye's middle name. She learned how from Gunther, the ha, had, Arch Duke of Austria as they traveled in style across the country on Other People's Money, which was unwittingly made available by the use of their credit cards.And after Gunther, oh, great hero of the Faction Two, was nabbed by the authorities, Rayelan beat feet, returning to the US to panhandle in print in the Phoenix Journal.

      She is what she is. You got it. She is a huckster who is aging out of interesting enough to play the shell game, even with the support and barking of Hobie - Zapper - Jeff Gordon of Atlanta Georgia (address available upon request.)