Friday, March 27, 2015

Another leap of Idiocy is made

Even someone as slack jawed as Rayelan should remember I was using HER Internet, "The Corporate Internet Service" until she turned it off with no notice along with the "Corporate phone" I used to make calls to  advertisers in late August 2013.  At the Cabin I had a satellite.  Tough to move the dish, you know.  And the company has since gone out of business. 

Otherwise there is no reception even for cell phones at the Cabin.  You have to have a land line.  No putting some neat little box in the car and taking it with you.  
 I suggest you non-rocket scientists stop making yourselves look even  stupider than you usually do.  

Merced is 2 hours and 45 minutes  from Camp Nelson.  

  Merced is close to Crows Landing, where Raye originated, so it is perhaps Raye should consider people in her earlier life who have motive to make fun of her.  I'm sure there are lots and lots of those around. 

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Angela Lee Did Not Post the Above Post - More than Likely Melinda Did
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Friday, 27 March 2015, 2:33 p.m.
The IP address that posted the above comment is from Merced, California. Angela Lee, aka NeverSurrender lives in Ohio. While Melinda Pillsbury-Foster also lives in Ohio, she has kept her internet provider which is in Merced, Califonia.
Please scroll down to see map and more comments...
The IP address is:
The following information is from this page:
Country Code:
Postal Code:
At&T Internet Services
Time Zone:
-07:00 UTC/GMT
Melinda lives in Camp Nelson which is in the mountains near Merced. More than likely her ISP is located in Merced. She never changed her internet provider to Ohio.
Here is the map. You can see the distance from Merced to Camp Nelson. Angela Lee... aka NeverSurrender doesn't even know where Merced is, let alone Camp Nelson.
I bid: $
I bid: $


  1. The ISP in fact originates from Stockton, which she failed to mention, because it didn't fit in her plot. And that jewelry, egad, how gaudy can you make them? The 'gold-like' mens ring, if I buy that, can I click my heels together twice and be transported to Mars?

    1. Raye didn't need a vast technical expertise for the work she did for the CIA. Quite otherwise. But maybe this is the very ring she used to transport herself to Mars. Maybe she should raise the price because of its historical value. What do you think?


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      Posted By: The REAL Angel!!!!
      Date: Friday, 27 March 2015, 6:35 p.m.

      In Response To: Re: Beautiful Multi Stone Ring with Large Lapis in the Center (Angela Lee)

      Hi All -

      Sorry a child came here to play childish baby games but where they made a huge mistake is when they decided to pretend to be me - how very sad -

      I know I am AMAZING but no matter how much you wish to - you will never be me :)


    3. Step away from the keyboard, wait by the door. Two nice men in white suits will be there soon and all will be well.