Saturday, March 7, 2015

Legal Shield and Raye's Down Line

You might not have known that Raye is a huge promoter of LegalShield, a pre-paid legal plan.  She urged me to sign up  and use them for the removal of my websites from the web by the Manchesters and apparently Craig and Raye, herself.  

Here is a comment from Consumer Affairs on the 'Service.'

The websites included the one I had put up for my Grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury, on which we, myself and my photographic forensics expert, were going to start selling reproductions of his work to generate income.  I had been rebuilding his collection of images for over fifteen years and borne the entire cost myself.  

Their lies destroyed everything I had been working to build for years.  

The goal, I now understand, was to take down the site I had put up to out Green Hills Software, Inc. and their unethical and likely criminal behavior.  This included their entire core of senior management, including my former husband, Craig Franklin, and Dan O'Dowd, who, together, had planned the Throw Mama From the Train campaign intended to leave me homeless and on the street caring for my disabled son.  Here is the site.  You can only see the front page but it was all true - and they knew they could not take me to court.

Raye made money for everyone she signed up for this 'service.'  Tim, the guy who wrote a letter for me was incompetent. Raye shrugged it all off and pocketed my money until I cancelled the service a couple of months later. 

Here is the email she sent me after I explained the gravity of the problem.  

Sign up on my personal website for legal shield

Rayelan Allan <>


to me

I had been hysterical when I lost the 49 sites, which in no way violated the rules laid out by Yola, the host.  I had to do all the research for the stupid letter and Tim, the 'attorney,' (I later wondered if he was the mailroom clerk or took out the trash), changed the letter I wrote for him so it said NOTHING I had asked be covered. 

Now, if Raye thought this was such a good idea we must ask the question of whether or not she used it herself.  So, is Robert Herman a LegalShield attorney? 


  1. I surely hope so, perhaps somebody could call and ask.
    I'm Robert Herman
    I represent Vermin
    If you have Legal Shield
    Despite not practicing in that field
    I can assure you, your fate is sealed

    1. Cute sskids! I could not find any reviews of his work. Perhaps that is not as common here as it is in California.

    2. It has to be the most incompetent way to pick legal representation so I sure hope DRS is using her Legal Shield.

    3. Welcome to Melinda's Poetry Club! You're inspiring my thoughts. It resonates. Thanks.
      Poems have the advantage to better transfer the message to the memory and activate thinking.


    4. Yes! Let's all write poetry. It is inspiring. Have you been to my poetry site? If not here is the URL, it is on my personal site. I have been letting poetry time slip away, eaten up by the shocks, grief and trauma we have been going through here. We should versify and so delight the souls to which we best connect.

    5. I had made a short visit to Melinda's Poetry Site before, today I went back, read poems, looked at pictures and just let myself walk around, I imagine how I would have met you in 1967 or 1958 or 1978.
      Could it be you've been born at the wrong time in the wrong place? Did you sometimes feel or think this way? Do you think you are an incarnation of somebody who lived before, a reborn spirit of other times?
      What was your favourite music when you were in high school? Did you like Nashville sound, country or pop music? Do you remember Woodstock Festival? (I think it was yesterday, was it?)


    6. Well, G. I read Atlas Shrugged when I was twelve. I had read Conscience of a Conservative a couple of years before. I went through the 60's with a passion about philosophy and history and archeology and geology and science fiction. I just read everything. Dad took us to to library twice a week starting just before Kindergarten, I think. I always maxed on books. When I had worked through the local library he started bringing me books from the library at UCLA. He was a professor then Director of the Water Resources Center for the UC System. He also took me on field trips to see irrigation systems and such. I did have spontaneous past life memories starting when I was around 17. They kept coming. I would only remember when there was a reason, it seemed. These were very vivid and I was very much in the other head, seeing through who I was then. That clashed with the Objectivism but I did not let it stop me from exploring the consciousness zone. I chewed through Objectivism and rejected much of it by the time I was an active Libertarian in 1973. Rand made me uneasy, she felt like an energy pit.

      I like music that makes me dance. The energy in music flows through you and makes you feel differently. I remember Woodstock as a news item. I was still an Objectivist then. My friends thought I was a little odd, I think. I really loved having babies. They smelled so wonderful and the endorphins were very happy.

    7. I did not answer your first question. I know I was born now for a purpose. The past lives all lead here.

  2. It would be nice. But not likely. I strongly suspect Mr. Herman came well recommended and is perfectly competent. Remember how much Raye has raised with her pleas for money since last May, the amount always rising and her panic becoming more pronounced. I'm just surprised Dan hasn't bought her a house in another part of the country, as seems likely he did for Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester who has become quiescent since mentioning last summer he was living in Willoughby, which he said is in Northern California - which does not possess a town by that name.

  3. some sites about Robert L.Herman, a likely peasant in the promising field of legal shield

    Robert L. Herman Law Offices Brookfield, Ohio Office Profile, Client Rating 3.0 out of 5.0

    only 3 of 5, not very flattering for Mister Herman

    About LegalShield the really really really no no never NO-SCAM SUPER MLM multi-level-marketing organisation where the most hated professionals in the US of A (the lawyers) have knotted a tight web to go fishing for those who don't understand and follow their insider mumbo-jumbo rules.

    LegalShield MLM Promo


    1. Thanks G! Well, he seems to rank right in the middle of the pack. I wonder why Raye retained him? He has several offices, one in Ashtabula County.

    2. Why Raye retained him? If I understand your question: Because Herman asked her to do so, because he has insight into her long years of financial troubles, her delayed payments, her shortcomings. There are so many profilers in the US to serve lawyers, courts, companies with essential data. Layers surely collect all critical data they can get, also data that is not available to the public. It was before the start of the digital communications when I happened to view a sheet of data with coded messages only for insiders. Credit enquiry agencies for example collect much more information about their members than they let them see and behind the back of the registrants they give these files to banks, insurance companies, loan sharks.
      When Herman has several offices in Ashtabula County this could mean that there's not enough income for him in only one location, so he has to travel around. There might be too many of his kind to earn money with cantankerousness. This implicates the possibility he's doing 'legal shield' MLM.
      The photo of Herman in my perception doesn't show a man who is lucky with his job, he looks like a bully, his beard and his facial features remind me of some special people.

      Well, let's say, Robert S. Herman's features remind me of a certain person named - RDS!
      What a coincidence!


    3. Oh G - Maybe it is sincere. Maybe they have found true love in someone who shares their innermost spiritual values. No, isn't that a lovely thought?

    4. Very lovely contemplation, indeed (I taste the irony)
      Let`s not forget, spring is coming soon (hopefully).
      Everybody should be entitled to find the perfect soulmate, sooner or later.
      I will create a photomontage with Robby & Raye,
      both of them have so much in common, the R and the Y.
      Sorry for Hobie, he's not the only companion of Her Highness, Empress Of Many Stuffs.


  4. Well, G. R is a lot of woman and perhaps she has needed more than one to make all of them happy. Perhaps Hobie can fit in to the future with them and also find his own fulfillment. And Buck can be the Bride's Maid.