Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Schematic of the Plot to Make Melinda Homeless, with benefits offered by Craig Franklin

Craig Franklin
Make Melinda Homeless Campaign

With his C0-Star

Dan O'Dowd
The Other Half of the

And in Supporting Roles a Cast of
Night Crawlers like none you have ever seen

Craig is a sexual predator and incest hungry schemer whose most cherished pleasures in life are living out fantasies which would make Attila the Hun blanch.  It was the offer of the Throw Mama From the Train scheme by Dan O'Dowd which opened up an avenue for realizing those fantasies.  Does that make Dan a co-conspirator in the violent crimes committed against a growing number of women and children and family members of these women?  

I think the answer is yes. He knew what was happening and enabled the ongoing crimes.  

As we confront the need for accountability by corporations, who have attempted to assume the role of barons of privilege in our world, we must at the same time confront the need to deal with the psychopathic individuals who accumulate in the boardrooms of these companies.  The FBI on Psychopaths

The impact by the psychopathic on the financial break down we face and the constant wars now destroying people and everything they hold dear around the world, is now being ascribed to the presence of psychopaths in finance and politics.

Some, like Craig are driven by unthinkable fantasies.  Others, like Dan O'Dowd, focus on the fantasies of power in the accumulation of money.

Dan needed Craig to fulfill his fantasy.  Craig needed Dan for the same reason.  This is why O'Dowd protected Craig from the consequences of his criminal activities. Green Hills Software, Inc., President Dan O'Dowd who sympathetically told one victim, “You asked for it.”

Craig sharpest satisfactions are realized by leaving his victims homeless.
Craig was thwarted when he tried making his first wife, Elaine, homeless by refusing to negotiate a divorce settlement. His parents and her's intervened. He has made many of his girl friends homeless through lies and broken promises. After they are homeless he continues to destroy them.

And the Make Melinda Homeless Hit Team -
assembled by Craig with aid and abetting by his good buddy, Dan O'Dowd and others not yet named.

Psychopathic Eyes, so like her father

Morgan Pillsbury Gell
Morgan  has always been willing to do anything for money with the exception of having sex with Craig. 

Morgan lied about Melinda, She saying she left her in the hospital and never took care of her. Those who were there know better.

Morgan stole from everyone in her family.  She used insinuation and lies to build distrust between family members who had always trusted and supported each other.   And her sexual behavior  as a teenager caused her to be ejected from her Aunt Anne's home. 

This shocking revelation conveyed directly to Melinda, who to her detriment, refused to believe it.  How could her little girl do these things? She finally wised up.

Morgan's life is a complete fabric of ugly behavior intended to enrich herself at the cost of people who are unwary enough to trust her.  

Morgan started a sexual relationship with Eddy van Halen in concerted attempts to end his marriage while she was supposed to be going to college, stealing from her elderly grandfather, teaching her siblings to lie to their mother while she attempted to kill or destroy them.

If it wasn't her getting a special moment she did everything in her power to destroy it.

She then accepted $5,000 a month for the job of scheming with Craig, Jonathan Scott Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, Michael Emerling Cloud and others to bring about Melinda's death. And if that was not enough she then accepted $10,000 from Craig to work to get Melinda to turn off her brother, Arthur's life support by claiming she had a bad heart and needed it. The list of her ugliness is seemingly endless. 

Morgan knew that Melinda did have a heart problem and gave no thought to the emotional trauma she visited on her as Melinda sat by her son's bedside.   

Morgan's Depositions reveal making Melinda homeless as one of Craig's many obsessions. Morgan knows giving Craig what he wants will pay big.


Jay E. Gell

Jay impregnated and married Morgan to get her off the back of John Fund and then, with Morgan, found a handler, Robert Even (Van) Hughes, to lie Melinda into poverty and stall her from demanding her exercised stock options from Green Hills. 
His earlier family life  does not bear examination.
He handles the ugly shock campaigns and with Morgan, coordinates the lies, leading Melinda on with promises of caring and family and the two of them scheme and extract money from her. Or did until Melinda confronted the truth.

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester & 

Laura, Duchess of Manchester
Ah!  The delicious fantasies which must had run through Laura's mind when she met Alex the first time. 

Laura may well have run out of options and have been desperate when she married Manchester.  If so, it was understandable.  She has always used her appearance as an asset which could give her what she wanted from life - and this is an asset subject to rapid deterioration. She is well aware of this fact.  

The idea of being Laura, Duchess of Manchester, could not help but be appealing, given the fact her other options had grown seriously thin. 

Marrying a duke, even one with no money and a criminal record, must have seemed like grabbing the gold ring as she was sinking into the mire of late middle age.  Laura was going to make the best of it, as she told Wendy when she returned to him earlier, having spent a couple of months living with Wendy and her kids. 

Set on Melinda by Raye A. Smith the Manchesters stole Melinda's time and work, then subjecting her to a harrowing campaign of ugly lies which they, and the rest of the TEAM anticipated would kill her.

Their pay offs started immediately.

In late 2011 the ducal duo was treated to a lovely holiday at the Biltmore Hotel in Montecito at the expense of Green Hills Software, Inc., most likely using the corporate card of Craig Franklin since the corporation did not check how it was used or for what as long as the total was less than 1% of what Franklin brought in every year. Quite a deal, Huh?

The three of them then took jaunt up to the cabin owned by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. Their possible motives included a break in.

The Duke and his wife then became part of a scheme to take down the site put up by Melinda, which GHS did not dare sue her over because it was all TRUE and would reveal their various abuses and frauds, carried out in conspiracy against Melinda and Glenn Hightower and later against Melinda and everyone she loves
And now, where have Alex and Laura gotten off to? Alex says they are living in a house provided for them in Northern California called Willoughby. But no such town exists. It seems likely Alex's constant conflicts with the law made it imperative he be given a place to live and just enough money, with strings, to keep him quiet. Laura is still posting. Eventually the scum will float to the surface, rest assured.

Raye Allan Smith
To destroy Melinda they needed to entice her out of her home in California and Raye, the Wicked Witch of both East & West drooled at the multiple benefits she would accrue.
First, there was the fun of destroying someone, which always makes her ooze with delight. 
Then, she could bleed Melinda of money, destroy her credibility with slanders and libel while getting her to work for nearly nothing. What fun! 
There were other benefits as well.
She, Laura and Morgan began their intimate conversations about Melinda and her vulnerabilities, her caring for others, her dedication to ensuring the well being of her disabled son. Morgan suggested that after they killed off Melinda Arthur could be milked for his Disability and then also killed off. Lively negotiations took place as to who would get to do this. 
And -

Was it Craig or Raye who helped take down Melinda's websites in December 2011? What do you think? Both names fit - and also telling, the Manchester site was using an URL then paid for by Raye,  This was likely the fact which made Raye's participation weight.  

When Melinda arrived in Ohio, sick and exhausted Raye began telling her immediately she was not going to live long, but she, Raye would, so not to worry about her son.

Pretty good retirement work for a former CIA prostitute and con-artist.

All of these people talk to each other, this revealed by emails and the reuse of lies about Melinda.  They coordinated their attacks beginning in November 2011 and continue to cooperate today.  Now, you tell me, when people coordinate their lies with the intention of destroying the ability of another person to make a living, causing trauma they could reasonably believed would kill her, what kind of conspiracy is it? 


  1. He must be paying a monthly retainer fee via various anonymous donators, Shady Soul, Night Lisp et al.

    1. Craig would consider it worth the while - if she delivers. After Morgan failed to get me to turn off Arthur's life support Craig went after her to get the money back. It was a real Rayality kind of campaign. First, he pressured her into signing a note stating the money was a loan so, he told her in front of his attorney, he could defraud the IRS. They he tried to pressure her to have sex with him because she owed him money. Then, when she declared bankruptcy (I paid for it) to get him off her back he pursued it for three years in every way possible.

      Craig also sucked in Regina Russell and one point, funded a business for her and then pulled out and it went belly up. She does not like to admit they had a relationship, which is very understandable.

    2. Darn, lost my response. Craig is not a good loser and Raye had better watch out for his nasty blow back. When Morgan failed to get me to turn off Arthur's life support he conned her into signing a note saying the payments for slandering me, helping him, and making the attempt, were loans. Craig said this was so he could defraud the IRS. According to Morgan he said it in front of his attorney, the vicious Misho.

      Morgan signed because she expected the money train to continue but he did not give her another cent, just started pressuring her for sex. She moved to the East Coast, NY to be near John Fund, who she had started a relationship with a few weeks after her last wealthy boy friend Eugene Volokh, who designed the strategy for the NeoCons Monica Lewinsky law suit.

      Being out of funds was the reason she got back in touch with me in September of 1999, which was when the Weasel Search Tape was made. That happened because I knew she was a liar and refused to believe her about having a relationship with Fund, who was an old friend of mine from politics.

      She played the tape for me and I realized they were both liars.

      Anyway, in 2001 I paid for her bankruptcy and Craig went after her yet again. Here is her response.

      The case was not ended until 2003.

      Craig also went after Regina Russell, a soft core porn star and celebrity, after loaning her money to start a business. The business went belly up.

      So I don't know what Craig would do to Raye when she fails.

    3. Hi there and okay then, while waiting and watching
      what crook Craig would do to rube Raye when she fails to fulfill his evil will.
      I have a little distraction for you, it's a touching song by an Irish guy
      and that is also why
      I decided to draw your attention
      and I also should mention
      it's about going to church
      and the feeling God left you in the lurch
      and the singers name,
      certainly not Hobie to blame,
      is Hozier.
      His first great hit from 2014 - in case you missed it - scores altogether close to 200 million clicks on youtube (remixes, covers, live shows etc).

      Here's the version with lyrics, there's a lot of other good takes, instrumental, vocals and guitar only.

      Hozier - Take Me To Church


    4. Wow. Craig should steal the song, it was written for him. And the poem if perfect as an intro. Strumming and singing, if that is what you call it, is a huge part of his fantasies.

    5. 50 Shades of Grey (should we say Prey?) comes to mind.
      Craig rhymes on wreck, Craig the woman wrecker, a predator who follows the rules of the satanic upper scum?!

      KJ Ozborne: 50 Shades of GARBAGE! A Very Dangerous Game!


    6. !G~ Funny you use 50 Shades of Gray. I know the real story about the woman in that. Her first husband told me about it. Shocking!

      Raye's shortfalls continued on April Fools Day 2015!
      How haunting! Her Huntington Account was clean swept with overdraft fees.
      No joke here. This happens when customers can*t count to ten and are in persistent spending overdrive.

      Here's Raye's non-surprise for first of April, one of her many personal fool's days.

      Help - Another Crisis - My Land Lady is Coming for the Rent and The Money That Was There Last Night Isn't There

      Phew! Who hacked her hunt(!)ington account? The drama goes on and on ...

      So ... she rents a second house and out of a sudden she doesn't have a few bobs to pay for it?

      Anyone surprised?


      Hobie Juggernaut Song for Rumor Bills Fuse?

      Too much spills of bills in the mills?
      Hence never ending Incompetence?

      full text in case her rumor archive gets hacked again by ohbegone fortune fickle virus

      Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Wednesday, 1-Apr-2015 12:21:41

      Huntington has screwed me again. This will be the last time I really am going to close that account.

      Last night... between my bank account and Paypal I had exactly $750.00. This morning I logged in to my Huntington account because my VA benefits should have come in today and I should have had over $1500 in the account to pay the rent and bills.

      When I brought up the account I couldn't believe my eyes. Between last night and this morning, Huntington added well over $700.00 in overdraft fees. There were NO overdraft fees last night or on any night that I checked the balance. But suddenly this morning there is over $750 in overdraft fees.

      Needless to say, I am closing the account today!!

      But that doesn't help me out because I have a landlady who is driving from Cleveland to Ashtabula to pick up the rent that I don't have.

      I truly need help today.

      On top of everything, the Fundrazr widget is being upgraded and I don't have access to it this month. There is one other that I will try to fill out the application for, but I don't think they will approve it fast enough.

      So... here is the link to the paypal. I need $700.00 for my rent that I normally pay out of the VA Benefit check that comes in on the 1st. But Huntington Bank... at the last minute takes out over $750 in late fees. Never Again. There was NO notice that I didn't have the money in there... I always check my bank balance before I spend a dime. What happened is purchases that I made weeks ago were NOT taken out of the account on the day I made the purchase, they were taken out yesterday. Thinking that Paypal takes out the money the day the purchase is made has been the mistake that I made last month.

      If anyone has had this trouble with Paypal before, please let me know. This is the second time these actions on their part has cost me hundreds in overdraft fees.

      However, I have no choice today but to ask for help via paypal to come up with the money to pay the rent... $750.00

  2. Oh Oh Oh!
    Did see that?
    The Canadian CunTrazor Fidget is beeing upgraded during full month of April so she can't access this account?
    She'll cancel the Hunt(!)ington account, is forced stay out of the Fundrazor account and - Sayelan says sis - will try to open a next account?

    Lemme sink aboud tse sircumsdances here ...(hold on tight)

    Did somebody start a distraint procedure?


  3. Sayelan's Funtracer widget shows a surplus of $ 4,688 and she can't access the money till end of April because of long lasting upgrade? Or is it her personal downgrade or outgrade?

    "Extended time! Our deadline has passed but you can still help."

    do do do do it
    will you

    sayelan sigh oh my oh my

    G~ (frowning)

    RayElan: Shaddap You Face!

  4. Thanks G~ And the Pleas go on, and the Pleas go on. Rayelan makes them thrilling, filled with llieful trilling, and heart-felt boobish shilling as she sings the song.....And the Pleas go on.