Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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This morning an assessor came by to look at the house on the direction of Brobst, the owner. He knocked on the front door, the only access I have.  I did not know he was coming but showed him around.  He was quick and professional and naturally knew nothing about the ugliness Raye spews at a moments notice.  

People like Raye win by the use of lies, slander and libel, as you have seen demonstrated here.  The former Readers who support me do so because before ever contacting me they real the evidence and were persuaded Raye was a con-artist and fraud. 

I told the assessor to go to the side door to see the rest of the house, not having mentioned any of the issues you see here.  It was a long time before he left.  I did not hear him talking but Raye was spewing and ranting, as usual.  

Raye does not realize the truth is protected under the First Amendment.  Lies are not.  Raye is demonstrably an online panhandler who lies to extract money from unwitting Readers.  Her history is filled with this kind of behavior.  Lying, inventing and reshuffling information is an actionable offense.  

Refusing to cite your sources reduces any statement to hearsay.  Raye never cites sources because she knows these will then be debunked.  The informed listener should reject such statements as either being lies or highly questionable and in need of documentation.  

Now, for some facts. 

ATT'N FRIENDS: I still need $240 for the rent & $400.00 for the Server - If you like Jewelry I am selling some

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 12:03:20

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The entire section below is filled with lies, which are libelous because they are presented in print for public viewing.  Her intention is to defame.  

Telling the truth about people who are engaging in behavior which should be chargeable as fraud is a public service.  It is virtuous and helps people identify appropriate recipients for their generosity.  It is true I persist in outing frauds, sexual perverts and other criminals.  This is also a virtue which provides protection to the public.  

 I would not be in Ohio if Raye had not enticed me with promises she failed to deliver.  There is every reason to believe she was paid to do this by my former husband, who she defends. At the end of this commentary on Raye's lies I will provide a more in depth background narrative, with links, so the reader can understand these more recent events in context. 
        I didn't expect to have to do this but the witch upstairs has poisoned many of my donors with lies. How does one combat a woman who is so evil she will do anything to destroy the person who is currently her target. And to make it worse, she's like a dog with an old bone... they will never give it up.

        She has been harassing her ex husband ever since their divorce from which she was paid $600,000... and now she lives rent free in my upstairs. She pays for nothing but food. She is on social security and her son in on SSI. In addition she makes websites for people. She has no problem with money.

The $600,000 were paid to my attorneys from the money I received.  It came to about half of what I got.  But what I should have gotten included stock in Green Hills Software;  I was defrauded of this marital asset.  If I had received it today I would be an extremely wealthy woman.  I am not.  I receive half of what most people get for Social Security because Craig refuses to begin receiving SS.  He does not need it.  Arthur receives SSI.  I am not paid to care for Arthur.  I do so because I love him.  From March 22, 1997 until September 2009 Arthur received no income from anyone but me.  I can never convey enough how glad I was, and am, he is still alive.  

Coming to Ohio destroyed the business I was then growing using the 49 sites which were taken down. 

Raye was paid by the State of California to care for her own mother.  

Craig receives at least a million every year, from what I understand because of the deal he cut with Dan.  Craig and I were married over ten years.  I should still be getting support but it ended after six years because the judge said I would be taken care of by the dividends from the stock.  But GHS refused to give the stock to me.

What I received from the marriage was much less than I was due by law.

On a million and a half subtract the $600,000.  That leaves $900,000.  Now subtract a quarter million went to cover medical expenses for my son's two major brain injuries, the last, a suicide attempt, caused by Craig.  I had to pay the mortgage, though Craig received half of the money when a sale was forced.  I had received no support payments from Craig for months so had to borrow money at a high level of interest to even move out.  I rented a room in a house.  Justin was in an expensive school in Maine.  I paid for it.  Craig refused to share the expense for that or for his therapist.  Arthur was with a family in the San Fernando Valley until I could get a place in California and it was not much, it was a guest house with one bedroom.   Arthur slept in the livingroom / diningroom.  Supporting Morgan cost me over $160,000 plus.  

The other kids were furious with me because they had all long since refused to acknowledge her as a relative.   

Raye was clearly working with Craig and Morgan and Jay, her husband, to get me out of California where I have family and friends.  They wanted me in Ohio, where I would be vulnerable to slanders which my family and friends knew were untrue. 

My former husband, Craig Franklin, married me to gain sexual access to my daughters.  This was itself a fraud, and one which takes place all too often.  My daughters did not tell me until after the separation that Craig had been exposing himself to them.  I will let my daughter, Ayn speak for herself.  Here is a link to the declaration she made regarding Craig in 1999.  She had graduated college and was completely independent and wrote every word herself.  This was the first I had heard of many of the facts cited.   Ayn Declaration - 1999

Ayn recounts an event during which Craig battered me into unconsciousness because I refused to leave the room so he could manipulate the children who were then from around 7 - 12.  I suffered a concussion from which it took some time to recover.   These are facts confirmed by witnesses who were conscious, which I was not when part of these events occurred. 

        Sadly, she has told so many lies about me that it would take 100% of my time to find the information that will rebut the lies. I will eventually rebut them and show you exactly what she is, but that doesn't help now

I have never lied about Raye.  I urge her to name the lies and provide refutation - she cannot.  

She has made death threats, conveyed through her dear friend Alexander, Duke of Manchester, lied about me in outrageous ways and treated me with an ugliness which is impossible to convey.  She paints herself as an innocent when she has made her living by fraud, deceit, and manipulation all of her life.  

She employes multiple people to drive her around, do her housework, move the boxes and bags of 'stuff' she accumulates, and listen to her rant.  She is incompetent, obsessed with spending money, and a hoarder.  Then she calls these paid workers her 'friends' it is just pathetic. 

        She is a brilliant psychopath and people like that are dangerous... and quite frankly, I am in fear for my life.
I have never been violent.  Anyone who knows me knows this because they have seen me when I was angry and know I will not harm anyone no matter what the provocation.  This was true when Craig attacked me.  I could not hit him.  I never spanked my kids, either.  I hope I would response and defend myself if attacked but I am not sure I could.  

It is Raye who solicits violence and who claims a history of being violent herself.   

I once owned a gun but got rid of it when Arthur shot himself through the brain.  Arthur used Ron Foster's gun so this was not why I gave it away.  It was because ths sight of a gun made me cry.  I have better control now but I still do not want a gun. 

Ron, my former husband, gave up all paternal rights to the kids in 1989 to Craig.  Arthur was to go into treatment for depression on Monday, March 23rd.  Ron promised me he would stay with him every minute then left Arthur alone in the house with his loaded gun.

You might recall I challenged Raye to take the Hare Index at a time when she and Morgan, my estranged biological daughter, were both asserting I am a psychopath with not a shred of proof.  To demand justice and refuse to quit is not psychopathic.  It is honorable and takes fortitude.  Giving up would be much easier.  But that I will never do.   

While I was being attacked in this way I offered to find Hare Certified Practitioners who would give each of us the test, this paid for with a fundrazr.  Both Morgan and Raye dropped the subject. I did not.  I am willing to take the test.  Put the Fundrazr up on Rumor Mill where I have been defamed and let's see what happens.  The money will do directly to the Certified Hare Practitioner.  The results can be published by the Practitioner online directly and copies sent to me and anyone else who is interested. 

I think all of Raye's listeners should insist she take the test with the same guidelines I am willing, eager to accept.  

        If you want to buy the necklace above, please send your bid to

        My earthlink email is broken. I can't receive or send.

        I am now off to the pawn shop to pawn the only piece of gold I have left.

        Thank you so much for your help.


A plan for successfully prosecuting the NeoCon Cabal
This is not a movie synopsis.

Conspiracies which include grave bodily injury or the threat of same have no statute of limitation. All parties involved are viewed as equally culpable for the acts of all.

In the case we we are building subsequent events devolve which impacted an American mother of five. The many acts with which the numerous individuals conspired involved a conspiracy including Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, John Fund, and Dan O'Dowd, the owner of several corporations heavily involved in technology for guidance systems, including drones and UAVs.

Government contracts were used as payoffs for cooperating with plans as one event leads to another to be covered up. These start with fraud, personal and corporate, and lead to treason by a sitting president, George W. Bush.

Determined on making war on Iraq the NeoCons initiated a scheme to quash the offer of Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq, if paid. Bill and Hillary Clinton and Sidney and Max Blumenthal accepted the assignment of ensuring Saddam stayed so the invasion could go forward, a real bipartisan effort to promote war.

Murder charges for every death which resulted from the war and also charges of fraud upon the American people should be filed. Those charged should include George W. Bush, those previously named, and more.

This is a case which exposes the depths of greed and criminal intent which has destroyed millions of people around the world and shattered our nation.

It started in Santa Barbara in 1997. A tiny bit of back story is included.

1982 – Green Hills Software, Inc., is founded in Glendale, California by Glenn Hightower, Carl Rosenberg and Dan O'Dowd.

1997 – Dan O'Dowd, having forced out Carl Rosenberg, sets his sights on Glenn Hightower, the successful entrepreneur who then owned three companies and had provided the capital to start Green Hills Software, Inc. Dan knew he could not raise enough capital to buy the company out at its real worth, 350 million. The best he can do is 47 million. So he cut a deal with his Senior Vice President, Craig Franklin, formerly an R & D guru who has taken to Advanced Products development and sales for the company.

The deal is a “Throw Mama From the Train,” exchange. Craig will make sure essential personnel refuse to cooperate with Glenn's due diligence team when Dan exercises the partnership's sudden death buy out option. Dan will ensure Craig's wife, who he is planning to divorce, does not get a shred of the stock granted to Craig the year before.

1998 – O'Dowd has a phony stock option agreement written. Immediately after Hightower signs the new stock option agreement he activates the sudden death option. Hightower goes forward with financing his payment to O'Dowd, anticipating no problems in finding the money.

Glenn is shocked that critical personnel will not cooperate with the buyout, instead threatening to walk out. He realizes he has been subjected to a conspiracy and files a law suit. But he lacks proof, which surfaced without his knowledge a short time later.

Dan is launched toward his life ambition, having more money than Bill Gates. Craig is also launched toward his ambition, engaging in incestuous sex with little girls.

7. Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 7, Nos a, b., c, d, and e, are true and exact copies of the originals in my possession of the following court documents:

[a.] Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, September 17, 1998, DECLARATION OF WAYNE B. WEISMAN FILED BY APPLICANT GLENN HIGHTOWER IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION”

[b.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, HIGHTOWER'S OPPOSITION TO O'DOWD'S MOTION FOR ORDER DISSOLVING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999, Filing Date September 2, 1998; [c.] Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, RESPONSE TO OBJECTION TO (PROPOSED FIRST MODIFIED INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999; September 17, 1998

[d.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, REMITITUR,” Copy of original order, opinion or decision entered in the above-entitled cause of July 1, 1999 and that this order, opinion or decision has now become final, signed by Joseph A. Lane, Clerk, September 3, 1999. Opinion Hightower is likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd.

[e.]AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98,” a true and exact copy of the originals that are in my possession, which is a series of documents generated by the law suit filed by Hightower against Dan O'Dowd over O'Dowd's exercise of their sudden death partnership agreement on January, 1998. Decision that unlawful action is not proved.

Throwing Melinda from the Train – The judge and counsel for the Franklin vs. Pillsbury-Foster divorce was the same as in the John Cleese Case several years later. Judge Thomas Anderle and attorney Jacqueline Misho. Local gossip in Santa Barbara is that Anderle and Misho have a S & M relationship. It is certainly true that Misho is said by fellow attorneys to be the least ethical attorney in the area. Her list of unethical practices includes the theft of documents and lying in court.

In 2010 Cleese will contact Melinda through his attorney before adding Misho to his After Divorce Tour.

Glenn should have talked to Melinda.

About Morgan – Morgan is the biological child of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and her first husband, Richard Lee Barteaux, a psychopathic individual. All three children fathered by Barteaux, Morgan, and two by his second marriage, show signs of psychopathy.

Morgan, who Craig adopted along with her brothers and sisters in 1989, began accepting $5,000 a month to slander her mother from Craig in the summer of 1997. Then nearly thirty, Morgan had never managed to get a job and her attempt to break into the movies had fallen flat on its face. In August of 1998 she was dumped by her wealthy boy friend, Eugene Volokh, author of the Monica Lewinsky strategy for the NeoCons, in August of 1998.

Barely a month later Craig discovered her in bed with John Fund during a conference in New York. Fund is a long ago boy friend of her mother's. Morgan was in NY while traveling to New York, London, and Paris with Craig. At the time Melinda was in the hospital having two different surgeries, one a corneal transplant, which failed.

John Fund, on the Editorial Staff of the Wall Street Journal, is at the high point of his career and has been maneuvering to revenge himself on Melinda for years by seducing one of her daughters. But he was not the only one with an agenda. Morgan's was just as devious. 

1999 – Melinda's divorce finally ends. Divorce Judgment, August 16,1999.

Morgan Pillsbury – Franklin Transcript” The document is transcribed from a tape made by Morgan Pillsbury during a conversation with Craig Franklin in October 1999. Franklin was attending an Advocates for Self-Government conference in Atlanta Georgia. Morgan was in Jersey City, New Jersey. Hightower needed this information.

Fund loses out on a promised job as speechwriter for Bush because gossip about his liaison with Morgan became public through the tape Morgan made just weeks before, today referred to as the Weasel Search Tape, published by John Connolly with his article, “Sex, Lies and the Tape two years later.

Fund had become pivotal to the NeoCon Cabal in the White House because he was assigned the job of ensuring their theft of elections remained unknown to the public.

Although fraud and conspiracy can be proven Melinda is forced to settle the law suit she filed in Santa Barbara because the court decides fraud and conspiracy are fine when a divorce in involved and corporations can assist, in this case Green Hills Software, Inc. Perhaps Green Hills should have been named in the divorce.

Morgan gives a deposition for the case which is never certified.

March 2001 - Settlement Agreement
Melinda will later learn the settlement agreement is completely flawed and unenforceable. She is still owed the stock, interest and dividends, and damages which would be much more than the original stock.

She was forbidden by Green Hills attorneys to discuss the settlement agreement with her divorce attorney, Laura Dewey, who remembers her saying this. Todd Porter, the attorney she had retained on contingency, was paid the full amount he was offered from Green Hills though his agreement with Melinda was on contingency.

Morgan returns to NY. After the Blumenthal – Drudge suit is settled Fund starts calling her again. Morgan and John moved in together in July of 2001, as Connolly is writing the article, information supplied by Morgan.

September 4, 2001 - Sex,Lies, and the Tape – by John Connolly is published on Weasel Search, now hosted on American Political Journal.

Fund begins battering Morgan, who asks her Melinda for help. Melinda refuses to listen to Ayn who advises, “Let's let John solve the problem for us,” in referring to Morgan. To cover up what is happening Fund first tries to marry Morgan so he can have her institutionalized and then she leaves him because she is again battered.

Morgan moves to an apartment in Manhattan for which Melinda pays. John moves in with Morgan so he can force her to sign a statement saying he did not abuse her. He offers to pay her for this then forces her to sign by telling her his friends Cheney and Rove are helping him. He then drags her down to a notary public to sign a statement to this effect. He batters her again just as Melinda is arriving from the airport. Morgan files a complaint for domestic violence at Melinda's insistence but does not tell her about the involvement of Cheney and Rove. Melinda is present in the police station when the photos of her injuries are taken. Photos are noted on the police report.

The political manipulation of events through the police and District Attorney's office begins. The existence of photos is denied and rebutted. The police report goes up on American Politics Journal.

Melinda and Morgan ask everyone they can think of for help. One of these people is Sidney Blumenthal, who, Morgan says, had a keylogger put on her computer to steal information he wanted for his book. Morgan retaliates by putting a keylogger on Blumenthal's computer.

An attempt is made to kill Morgan and she goes into hiding with a family in Georgia. Over the summer of 2002 and into the winter Morgan is reading Blumenthal's correspondence.

She discovers Blumenthal and the Clintons are attempting to persuade Hussein to stay in Iraq. Morgan tells Melinda who, stupidly, does not understand this is actually being carried out for Bush and tells someone she knows in the CIA, Donald Steury, the husband of an old friend. Steury told Melinda he was the historian for the CIA, which he characterized as, “a frustrating job.”

Melinda also asked Dean Ahmad, an old friend and founder of the Minaret of Freedom, to check where the email originated. Dean says it was likely from the emirates or Baghdad. This was a mistake, she later realizes, one which opens up the floodgates of even more opulence for Dan O'Dowd via government contracts.

The chain of custody on the deposition was through US Mail received by Craig Franklin from the GHS attorney, handed to his then girl friend, Anne Fisher, to admire during dinner as he told her what was happening and what was in the envelope. The envelope was then mailed to the recipient, John Fund. They probably had decided mail was more secure and would not create a record. Wrong, thanks to Craig.

The juggernaut for war in Iraq continued to roll through the early months of 2003. The Clintons are not indicted.

Immediately Melinda and Morgan are hit by a barrage of media attacks appearing from sources known to be connected to Fund. The site Melinda had put up to get their story out,, is taken down. John Fund puts up his own site, using the uncertified deposition Morgan gave for the Green Hills Settlement lawsuit the year before, received from GHS through the offices of Craig.

Melinda is also hit with an IRS lien which no one, not her bookkeeper, not the CPA firm who files her taxes, can explain either to themselves or to her. The IRS will not settle. The lien remains in place today on her cabin and her car.

Melinda's support ends and she is forced to leave Santa Barbara. She goes to North Carolina where she believes she has an expert who will be able to help her with the Green Hills Problem. Eventually she will discover the 'expert' is a handler. Morgan has been impregnated and married her handler, Jay Gell, whose sister is also an operative who worked on the Swift Boating of John Kerry. Morgan emptied Melinda's remaining bank account.

Morgan begins attacking Melinda and her brothers, Arthur and Justin, for no discernible reason. Melinda is shocked and bewildered. Today she admits she is a slow learner in this regard.

At the end of 2005 Melinda returns to California with her son, Arthur and they move into the cabin.

2006 – the law suit in NY against Fund ends because the judge is ordered to force a settlement. Melinda begins her first Radio Show on

Morgan and Jay begin attempts to get back into touch with Melinda so they can further drain her and also get more material with which to destroy her.

2008 – Melinda's handler, Van Hughes, is revealed to be a con-artist by another radio host who researched him. Melinda keeps writing. Hughes had also defrauded Justin, having him and his girl friend come and work for him, bleeding him for money, and then threatening him and forcing him to move out. This will result in his contacting Craig to get support to return to college and returning to Santa Barbara in early 2009.

2009 – Morgan and Jay are working to get in with Craig again so they can get him to pay them for continuing to destroy Melinda. This starts with expressions of love and apologies to Melinda. These continue until Melinda again trusts them enough to believe they want to help her, which takes some months and includes plying her with lies about her other children. The model is isolate, make the victim angry, and then egg them into behavior which impacts their other relationships.

2011 – Morgan and Jay have persuaded Melinda they are going to help her take care of the GHS problem. The entire plan is a lie with no possibility of working. Jay asserts he can sue them in North Carolina. Melinda becomes aware she has again been lied to in early 2011. She responds by cutting off relations with them and putting up a website about Green Hills Software. She has begun to understand the behavior she is seeing is psychopathic but does not yet accept Morgan is also a psychopath. The website, which is rapidly noticed by GHS employees who question Craig about it. Craig's reported response was that Melinda had a right to publish. Questions about libel drew a blank stare, by reports received from those who knew Craig. This resulted in a covert scheme to destroy Melinda and take down the site, the first page of which can still be viewed through the WayBackMachine. Greedville

July 2011 – Melinda is contacted by Rayelan Allan, who owns one of the websites where Melinda posts occasionally. Rayelan, Melinda later realizes, is a CIA asset now running RMN as a disinformation site. Her assignment is to move Melinda out of California and reduce her to homelessness in Ohio, where she knows no one.

This campaign starts by asking her to host a radio show, involving her in the management of the RMN Radio shows, and then by getting her to put up a site, to be reimbursed later, for the Duke of Manchester, a good friend of Rayelan's. After Melinda has been working with Rayelan for a while Rayelan begins working on Melinda's fears for her son, Arthur, who would be left with no one if she died of her heart condition. Rayelan tells her she wants to become Arthur's Godmother while working to destroy her connections and persuade her to move to Ohio.

By early September, 2011, Melinda was working as Director for Advertising. Soon afterward she was promised a partnership in a corporation, still to be started, called Rubicon Aegis, and persuaded with promises of multitudinous benefits to move to Ohio. Once there, these are slowly withdrawn as Melinda is asked to wait for money to become available.

While on the way to Ohio Melinda was subjected to continuous traumatic attacks via the Internet by the Manchesters, who have been hosted in Santa Barbara by Craig at the Biltmore Hotel on the beach in Montecito. Craig and the Manchesters and possibly also Rayelan, have managed to have Yola take down her websites hosted there which included the Greedville site.

Melinda was forced to spend hours every day responding to the attacks. The rest of her time was spent doing jobs for Rayelan which bore no relationship to the work she was supposed to be paid to do. Rayelan never follows through with her promises, spending her time shopping and eating, paying little attention to the ongoing onslaught except to provide copies, at Melinda's insistence, of the calls being left on her answering machine from the Manchesters, for whom she had vouched as honest, honorable people. Retrospectively, Melinda sees this was a set up.

Rayelan even prompted Manchester when she picked up while he was leaving a recording in at least one instance.

In August of 2013 Rayelan begins the shock and awe campaign, intended to evict Melinda from her corporate housing in Rayelan's house and make her and her son homeless. This does not work as planned for Rayelan. Melinda begins to put together a time line and then, in September, 2013, Melinda launches a counter campaign.


  1. The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    I'm Broke Folks - I sold my jewelry at a Pawn Shop to pay the rent - I have nothing left to sell to pay the server

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 18:38:22

    If you want RMN to continue, you are going to have to help me. I'm old and worn out and I just can't take the pressure on the first of every month any longer.

    I ran to five different banks with two of my friends who are NOT associated with RMN. We pulled everything out of all of our accounts. But we still didn't have enough, so it was on to the pawn shop. Finally, after raising money from family and friends and pawning a ring, we had raised enough to pay my rent. But we ran out of time and friends... and I still need $400.00 to pay for the server. Without a server there will be no RMN.

    Here's the widget... If you can't put $10.00 in... put in a dollar. We have hundreds of thousands of readers each month but only 100 regular donors pay the bills. If you have never given before, just give a dollar. If every reader gave a dollar I wouldn't have to beg for money to keep RMN up and running.

    Are you one of the ones who reads for free? If so, why? Are you afraid of having your name associated with RMN? If that's the case you can put a few bucks in an envelop and pop it in the mail.

    Times are rough for all of us. And I am not immune. Life is NOT fun for me these days and a lot of the frustration centers around raising money for RMN.

    many Blessings!!


    1. Thanks sskids! And look what G found. "Yo, yo, ah, ah, yeah!"

      Part 2

      Cute web site stats and valuation
      to better grasp the RayHob equation.

      as per March 4th in 2015

      Rating by CuteStat is 1 decade 6 years old. It has a global traffic rank of #25,372 in the world. It is a domain having .com extension. This site has a Google PageRank of 4/10. This website is estimated worth of $ 327,600.00 and have a daily income of around $ 455.00. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse

      RMN estimated worth of 327,600 Dollars ???
      Have a daily income of around 455 Dollars ???

      455 in 30 days sums up to 13,650 Dollars per month!

      So WHY do they beg for money?


    2. Yea, I was trying to guess how much advertising money comes in, I don't think it is $13650.00????

      Why are they begging if it is that high?

    3. She made zip on advertising when I started. I raised it some by bringing the rates into alignment with what was being charged elsewhere. But she refused to do the redesign so more advertising could be placed on multiple pages. Look at Huffington. That was the model I had in mind. She just refused. Also, instead of getting money she liked getting 'stuff' which she then used or resold. She also gave ads away to her friends. It was screamingly frustrating because I only got commissions on what I sold and she hogged the space and did not give me the salary promised.

  2. Just letting you know. I think this is the 1st time I seen three begs on one day.:
    'm Broke Folks - I sold my jewelry at a Pawn Shop to pay the rent - I have nothing left to sell to pay the server

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015 18:38:22

    If you want RMN to continue, you are going to have to help me. I'm old and worn out and I just can't take the pressure on the first of every month any longer.

    I ran to five different banks with two of my friends who are NOT associated with RMN. We pulled everything out of all of our accounts. But we still didn't have enough, so it was on to the pawn shop. Finally, after raising money from family and friends and pawning a ring, we had raised enough to pay my rent. But we ran out of time and friends... and I still need $400.00 to pay for the server. Without a server there will be no RMN.

    Here's the widget... If you can't put $10.00 in... put in a dollar. We have hundreds of thousands of readers each month but only 100 regular donors pay the bills. If you have never given before, just give a dollar. If every reader gave a dollar I wouldn't have to beg for money to keep RMN up and running.

    Are you one of the ones who reads for free? If so, why? Are you afraid of having your name associated with RMN? If that's the case you can put a few bucks in an envelop and pop it in the mail.

    Times are rough for all of us. And I am not immune. Life is NOT fun for me these days and a lot of the frustration centers around raising money for RMN.

    many Blessings!!

    p.s. Couldn't find anything for sale on EBAY