Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Princess of Panhndling Speaks.

The Highly Repetitive and Turgid Dame of Dementia again rolls out a retreaded panhandling plea


Before I begin the overview of my day in court, I want to thank the donors who have contributed $4,100. I appreciate all of you so very much. Without your support, I could not continue to keep RMN on the web. And especially this month where my moving expenses have eaten up everything I have. Your support made it possible for me to continue. Thank you, thank you.

Suckers – I wonder what will sink in first, that the Dinar is a Ponzi Scheme or Rayelan is a Con-Artist? No Matter, it is your money you are wasting
Now... on to my overview of what happened yesterday in Melinda Pillsbury-Foster vs Raye Allan Smith.
Melinda told the judge that I brought her to Ohio to help run RMN (Lie).

It is Raye who is lying here by misrepresenting the deal she offered me. It was a surprisingly good deal from the way she laid it out. And it grew and became more generous over time so finally I could not resist. The deal included taking RMN toward the main stream. Frankly, I would not have been interested in RMN the way it is now. Readers are probably having heart failure hearing this because you love RMN the way it is. I did not and this was not in alignment with her plans.  But it was me she was lying to. What she said did not matter because she had no intention of keeping her word. Anything would do to get me to Ohio. We'll get into her reasons later.

She said that she drove across country at her own expense. (lie). 
Rye said she is not a journalist. She also can't read. I said I paid for my gas and food on the trip, for which I was not reimbursed. She had agreed to pay for the whole trip – and not as an act of charity but because she needed to be rescued from the terrifying Lee – Powers Family who were then fussing over her, cherishing her, and assisting her from this very space I have occupied. 

Raye told enormous slanders about these people. They are not murderous. They were not trying to poison her. They are ordinary people who rescued her sorry ass from California. It was only after I had been here for months that I realized how huge the lies I had been told were. I never talked to Leigh but had one disturbing conversation with Amanda which gave me pause for thought. Brittany, Angel's other daughter, seemed like a straight ahead nice person.   Notice the poison mention.  She will probably use it again with her round of panhandling with her new victim.  Who will it be?  Jim, after he is run out of money and things to sell? 

She talked about the Duke and Duchess of Manchester who I introduced her to for about 10 minutes of the 20 minute session. She brought up a number of things that were not related in anyway to the case. The Judge finally asked her what any of this had to do with the case? I don't remember her answer. 
The Manchesters were part of the what I said, it was not that long, because, which I did not get to say, they are complete scumbags but Raye told me they were her best friends and attested to their good characters and their honesty. She said they were being maligned in the media because of some dark CONSPIRACY. 

This was bullshit – and she knew it. The entire world media covered the case and reported it because it was so scandalous.   See July 2011 Manchester Time Line

Raye's friendship with them began in 2009 when an article about the first announcement that Alex had committed bigamy was made. Laura called Raye and asked she remove the article from RMN, according to Wendy, who was the defrauded past wife of Manchester. Wendy had seen the article was posted on RMN and then that it had been removed. She attempted to contact Raye. Wendy offered hard evidence. The support for her kids had been stopped because Manchester had told the Manchester Trust he had not been legally married to Wendy and so the kids were illegitimate. 

His reason? He hoped the money would be redirected to him! Raye refused to take the information. I am sure she was tickled to have a Duke and Duchess as close friends. She fed me this line of blarney just after the Queen's Court in London had determined that even though, by English law, they were not married, the children were entitled to support.

A man who would do this should be horsewhipped. Raye's lies cost me a lot of money and I am the sole caretaker of a disabled son. I don't work for fun, I need the money. This goes to Raye's motto, QUOTE Raye: “I am not a journalist and the truth does not matter.”

And the Manchesters had only begun to cost me money, thanks to the Wicked Witch of the East and West.

I am sure she will write her version of the court session. Since almost everything she writes is either made up completely, or completely distorted so that it fits her agenda, I suspect that my recollection will be the only accurate reporting of this. I don't know if court transcripts can be obtained. If I can get them, I will post them.
I already did.  See previous post.  Yes, please post the transcripts. I was going to do it but if you pay for that so much the better.

I spoke for about 5 minutes. The first thing I said is that what Ms. Pillsbury-Foster presented is either a distorted version of the event or an outright lie.

Notice she said this again. Did you ever notice how she projects her own behavior on to others? I sure have. 
I presented a letter to the Judge from one of the 4 people who knew the real reason that Ms. Pillsbury-Foster was in Montana and why she ended up in Ohio. 
This is another whopper. I will give you the facts when she finishes lying about me. 
If you don't know the story behind this, here it is again:
Melinda can not live in her cabin in the winter because it is in the high mountains of California and the roads are not plowed so she would not have been able to get out or in. She has to find a place to live every winter. 
Note that I lived at the cabin year round. I have friends who will cheerfully attest to this fact. They can so attest because they visited me at the cabin in all seasons of the year.  One of them is Dr. Arthur Ogawa. Arthur is a physicist who left his work at the Stanford Institute to home school his children. His wife, a programmer at Apple and one of the original Apple Kids, had decided they wanted them home schooled and raised in a more rural area. So they relocated to Three Rivers, not far from me. Arthur visited me back here last summer and got a look at the house, Rayelan and her cohort of 'workers.'  His comments were priceless.  

Now, what four people who never saw the cabin and with whom I never discussed my home did you tell this lie to?  You will be asked in court. 
Melody Gillespie, a friend of mine from Porterville, is on the phone with me now and is happy to affirm I wintered at the cabin. Melody is a nurse and did a freedom Radio show called Mel's Bar and Grill. Stopping Agency abuse and understanding your mortgage note where her two prime topics. Melsbarandgrill [at]yahoo [dot]com

For three winters she has stolen three bedrooms and the only full bath in the house from me. She has never paid one dime in rent or contributed to the utilities. 
I was promised corporate housing which would be private. I was surprised to find only one bathroom for everyone. At the Cabin I have a private bath, as does my son. Raye routinely used the bathroom for her own body and for her dogs. She promised me they would not come upstairs because she knew I was coming with our dear Meow, an elderly kitty who is very timid. Raye kept washing her dogs in the tub and leaving the floor and rugs soaking. She is the biggest slob I have ever known. And on top of that as soon as I refused to be left homeless when she turned off the corporate phone, on which I made the calls as Director of Advertiser and my Internet she started little tricks like having a valve put in so she could stop the drain in the tub, turn off the hot water, turn off all the water for periods and then stop heating the upstairs in winter. 
I was already working for her when I came out. There was not a shred of pity in this woman. She wanted me here so she could make a killing making me homeless for my sexual pervert former husband who has actually made a number of his girl friends homeless using similar techniques. 
Read this from Anne Fisher, who contacted me the first time in 2003. We still chat. It was her story and the stories of other women which solidified my determination to do something about this incest seeking scum bag. Notice how Raye has defended him. That is because she is still hoping to be paid for making me homeless.  

Raye, remember, cares nothing for the facts.  Her only consideration is getting what she wants. Devious, malicious and destructive behavior are her stock in trade.
By the time I realized Raye was not just incompetent but malicious I had been here for over two years and was a legal resident. As soon as I realized what she was doing I called my attorney in California and we sent her an offer of settlement. She refused to even sign for the certified letter.  Raye evades the facts on every possible occasion.  If at any time this woman had stopped lying and made a reasonable offer of settlement I would have joyfully returned to my home in California.  She didn't because her agenda was the largess Craig would dish out if she managed to deliver. 
She and her 35 year old disabled son live upstairs. I live downstairs and in the basement. I added a toilet and a shower in the basement. I love to soak in a bathtub. I haven't had a bath in almost three years. I am going to be so happy to move to the new house. My bedroom has a full bathroom right off it. The tub is one of those that has the end which has a gentle slope so you can lay back and relax. I may not come out of the tub for weeks. 
And for the good of the world let's hope you never leave the tub, Raye. The world would be a safer place for all of us. 
I have one of the worst cases of restless legs that my doctor has ever seen. I take pills for it and I have a homeopathic lotion that I use. But the best thing for restless legs is to soak in a hot bath. I have not been able to soak in a hot bath since Melinda arrived. She made me make appointments to take a bath. 
Raye used the tub frequently, which anyone could tell by the filth left behind from the dogs, until September 2013. There were no appointments. She used it whenever she wanted. And talk about irresponsible. She decided to have the bath redone – this took three weeks – and then did not even remove her piles of 'supplies.' Note: No one but her kept anything in the bathroom, ours were in our rooms because she had that bathroom full and also the half bath downs stairs. In fact, any corner she saw was a target for becoming a pile of more stuff. 
If you wonder why I didn't tell her to go to hell and use the bath at anytime I wanted...Remember... she has mental problems. 
Another libel. Come on Raye, time to sign up to take that Hare Index. I bet your Readers would be happy to fund that for you, me and Morgan. Questions would be put to rest and I am eager to take it.

She came very close to throwing a pot of boiling water in my face. If she could do this... and since I suspect that she is the one who stole my guns, I think I would be dead if I tried to take a bath without her permission... and even if I was able to take a bath, she would give me only 5 minutes and pound on the door saying her son needed to use the toilet... as she did more times than I can remember... when I was still using the upstairs bathroom. 
Never happened, another complete invention.  And no one ever asked Raye to leave the bathroom. When she was in there we used the rest room down stairs, both myself and my son. It is Raye who is obsessed with guns, not me. My son shot himself through the brain on March 22, 1998. I owned one gun, which I gave away. It was locked up in a gun box but I could not bear to look at it. He shot himself with a gun belonging to the man who gave up rights of parenting to Craig. Ron Foster AKA Kellett. I have never stolen anything. This is another foul lie, just what one can expect from someone who is so clearly a psychopath. Take the test, Raye. 
Rather than having to endure the crap she would throw at me for using HER bathroom, I chose to use the toilet in the basement and take sponge baths. I eventually installed the shower. 
Note: This is all fantasy on her part. I never said a word to her about using the bathroom, before of after she turned off the corporate phone and internet. And to note as well, she never thanked me for moving her ten loads of junk from the bathroom to the attic where they remain today so work on the bathroom could go forward. 
I served her with the eviction order the first of September. She appears to have made NO effort to find a place. She must think that the court will rule that I am forced to pay her rent. That won't happen. I'll go to jail before I give one more dime to this liar, fraud, and thoroughly dangerous and disgusting human being. 
Isn't it cute that Raye thinks you can just lie and evade the loses you visit on another human being?  How would you like to be left destitute 3,000 miles from your home because of this ugly behavior?  

I arrived to nothing but evasions on the promises made to me.  I was patient and understanding.  I chauffeured this creature at her whim, worked like a stevadore to clean up the downstairs and basement while she filed her finger nails and pretended to be sick.  As soon as there was something she wanted to do she was out the door, bouncing. 

In effect, I was kidnapped, a clever way to carry out her scheme with Craig. She tried to evict me but I was a legal resident.  She refused to admit I had been working for her AT ALL. Notice this admission on her part - in court she admitted I saw working for her but tried to skirt around the promises for a partnership and payment for the redesign in equity plus salary.  I had no obligation to pay rent for utilities and so did not. But I was paying for our cell phones and a hot spot which costs around $300 a month. You owe me for this, Raye. 
I look forward to the case that I bring against her on April 2nd. My lawyer only sued for $7500.00. I don't know why he chose such a low number. Maybe it's because I can only document the rent. I can't document all the money I gave her to make the trip from Montana to Ohio because that particular computer is missing along with my 2011 tax returns. I had all of the receipts of these expenses in my tax returns. 
Raye is such an idiot. It is because I don't owe you, you owe me. You lied me here. You drained me and with the cooperation of the Manchesters and Morgan and Jay you tried to kill me off and or make me homeless. You even told me when I arrived I would not live long – but that you would take care of Arthur. Of course you meant you would steal his disability, like you steal everything which is not tied down. We will soon find out about those tax returns. I contacted the IRS myself to see if they had them, you know, reported you to make sure. Did you know they keep copies and you could just request they be sent? Are you Readers this dumb, too? 

And don't worry, the IRS is very capable of finding those missing records. 
Not only is my 2011 tax info missing, but my 2013 tax info is gone. I had all my tax records on the same shelf in the basement. It was easy to get to by either the side entrance or the back door. One of my dog sitters saw her leaving my backyard and jumping over the fence. I believe that is when she took my records. 
Note: This is another whole cloth fabrication – Translation, a lie.  And not to worry Raye, I am sure the IRS has copies - if you filed them at all. 
I don't know if there is anything I can do about the 2011 records. I will have to recreate everything for the 2013 filing. That will be the first thing I have to do once I am moved. I won't even have a minute to take a break. 
You can't really be this stupid, right? This is an act, isn't it? 
It's raining and snowing today and the truck we are using to move is open, so I need to find or buy a tarp to cover everything. But I don't have enough money to even buy a tarp or put gas in the Jeep and the truck that will be moving things. 
Smallest Violin Plays for you. 

I know the widget is full to the rim and over, but if I don't get at least the money to buy gas, I am stuck in this house with a woman who I personally believe is not only mentally ill, but who murdered my friend's Golden Retriever and then left the box of rat poison in the hallway where we would find it... and maybe my own dogs would eat it. We think Buck did get some. He threw up 4 times... bile and fluids and white something. 
Don't forget to account for those donations to the IRS.  I'm sure they are eager to hear about them more specifically from you.  I did point out generally how much you receive. 

I have never harmed anything in my life. I worked in animal rescue, I worked for battered women, answered the phone for Right to Life. You are a retired CIA whore who should find an honest job at McDonalds. 
Anyone who can murder animals can murder humans. There are some people who believe she has already done that. If she's done it once, she can do it again. If I die in the next few months, please contact the local police and tell them about Melinda. 
Notice how the idea of proof never impinges on her tiny and malfunctioning brain? 
You can't imagine what living with her has been like. I can't leave the house without hiring dog sitters because I fear she will either let them out as she did before. I found little Max cowering in the middle of the busy street I live on. I ran out in the middle of traffic to get him. The poor little thing was trembling so badly I thought I was going to have to take him to the vet to calm him down. 
Never happened. And Buck always ran up here to me when were was lightning – as long as he could. 
I certainly need your prayers. I want to live through this move with my three dogs and all my friends remaining alive. 
Now, what is she going to use as an excuse for her life incompetence, venality and self indulgence when I am not here? Soon, you will find out. I have an idea!  I nominate Hobie or Lynda Brazier to move here and live with Raye.  Perfect. 
An update on My Golden Retriever, Buck. I am giving him glucosamine with condroiten. (I have no idea how to spell these two words and don't want to get up to get the bottle.) He spends most of his time on the floor, but when he does get up to go to the bathroom (quite literally - this is where I put his pee pads), he is walking almost normally. I believe it was the glucosamine/condroiten that has done the trick. If anyone knows about something else that will work, please email me. 
As for money... I have $5.63 US in my Paypal and I am overdrawn in my bank account by over $400.00. If you have any extra funds and can help... please do. 

What did I tell you?  Overdrawn again and she can't imagine how it happened. 
BTW... Melinda has sent emails to most of my donors using an old list from three years ago. I have no idea what she told them. If you received one of these emails, please send it to me so I can post it.
Transparency is a beautiful thing. The book will reach more people. 
I know we have reached and exceeded the goal. But if I don't raise more money, I won't be able to buy the gas for the vehicles to finish the move. I also need to buy paint to paint some of the walls and doors in this house. 
Thank you so much!! Your help keeps RMN on the web.
Blessings to all,


  1. Quote Melinda say:
    "You are a retired CIA whore who should find an honest job at McDonalds."
    Well, I just had to pick out this above recommendation to elaborate on its dramatic consequences.

    Provided she would get a job there at the burger stables, my gift of foreseeing tells me she won't survive the trial period,
    for several reasons, I can clearly see some of them right now:

    1) She cannot hand over the burgers and potatoes in a normal way. She lets the cheese and meat drop on the floor, pick up and put back in between only the cheese and keep the meat in her blue jeans to bring it home to hungry Buck.

    2) She will always forget to give back the change and demand the cheeseburger price for the meat-only burger.

    3) She will wear day after day her collection of fancy shoes and offer them, as she has learnt in her younger years, casually to guests who draw big purses with promising thickness.

    4) She will constantly blather about her family ties to the McDonalds lineage and that she had been married to Donald Duck.

    5) She would change her name and personal papers to Rayeduck Donaldsburger and confuse her colleagues.

    6) She would touch and squeeze the food with her dirty fingers and tell every customer "I'm not a fast food seller and hygiene doesn't matter".

    Good appetite. Grin.


    1. G~, How delightfully graphic and apropos to the subject at hand. Let's not forget she would also tell them she was Ronald McDonald in a past life on Obergon. I am sure she would find a way to weave him into her story line. Thanks for the beneficent guffaw!

  2. What's really a shame is, she's pretty much admitted that the cost of the server and even the domain, isn't more than $500 per month. I'm in the IT world, I know what things cost. And, I moved a house with the help of my kids, who I paid for labor, for under $800, and I can tell you, it was far more furnishings than she has, basically two houses into one. We downsized and gave half to charity. It's the Clinton mantra, repeat a lie enough times and it becomes the truth. So sad to see donators admit they are down to their last dollars, but give that money to the GRayevy train without hesitation. I believe in karma, and hers is gonna be a bitch. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

    1. She has no sense of shame, no simple decency, no honor. She is completely unorganized in every thing she does and blames everything on someone else. Right now I am the target but I know she did the same to the Lee - Powers family because I heard her. And she was convincing so I know how she is slandering and libeling me. I was shocked at the piles of mail, dog chewed all over the floor when I arrived. She thought it was funny. The woman should not be in charge of anything larger than a lemonade stand.