Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rayelan provides insights into how her mind works

Agent 86 has some questions which require answers regarding Rayelan.

Does she ever stop lying?  No, she does not stop lying.  She does not recognize the difference between a lie and a fact.  See top of site page where she is quoted saying, "I'm not a journalist and the truth does not matter."  That was a sincere observation providing insight on her view of the world.  

How would you like to do business with Rayelan?  Let me tell you, it is scary, very scary.

First the rent was $500, then she said $600 and then it morphed into $400 for the server and $750 for a total of $1150, all in the same post.

Now this post says rent is $750, which is it? 

It can be all numbers at any given moment.  None of these is stable or part of what we think of as 'reality.' 

Notice she says she has been evicted when this is not the case. Eviction only takes place after a court hearing.  Again, Raye and reality are disjoint sets. 

Rayelan also does not understand the concept of 'budgeting.'  To budget and not immediately indulge every conceivable whim would be wrong because it would make Rayelan unhappy and discontented.  Right and wrong, like facts, are different for Raye than they are for you and me.  

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 12:49:08

        I normally pay my rent out of my social security. But there were emergencies at the end of the month that ate up all but $88.00

        Most of the money went to overdrafts. I still don't understand how that happens since I check the balance on my smart phone before I make any purchases.

        The only thing I can think is some merchants don't update minute by minute like most do.

        $337.15 of my $1250 went to overdraft charges. Leaving me $913.00. The auto-payments I had set up came to $326.00. Buck's appointment today for a longer lasting cortisone shot came to $150.00. With the rest of the purchases, glucosamine for Buck, Buck's office appointment, money for my moving workers, parts to fix the brakes, and heater in my Jeep, I have $88.00 in my bank account and I have $324.00 in Paypal.

        That adds up to $412.00 and my rent is $750.00.

        I need $338.00 asap so I can pull it out of a machine today and again tomorrow.

        I can only pull out $300.00 each day which is $600.00. I can transfer the rest to a friend's paypal card and she can pull it out.

        The landlady is coming to pick up the rent money tomorrow at the new house. Please help me pay the rent for me and for RMN. Since my landlord evicted me, I am no longer obligated to pay the rent on the old house where the squatter is fully ensconced in the second floor (three bedrooms) and the attic.

        I really do need to pay the landlady her payment on time. I need $338.00 asap.

        Thank you so very much!!


  1. when a deranged person sorts of Raye Smith loses contact with reality and ascends to her own heaven
    we may call it 'she found her own rayelity'

    if I think about it, I might try to register my second(!) urban expression at

    rayelity = detached reality


    G (ist of the matter)

    1. Mind-bogglingly perfect. We should start our own Rayelity Dictionary with her picture on the cover. I could include it in the book.

  2. I spent my Social Security on Family Heirlooms at the Goodwill Store -- No Money for Rent for my 16 Storage Units (views: 435)
    Rayelan -- Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 12:49:08

    Thanks, you 6 , for the $185. :)PLEASE CONTRIBUTE MORE, especially the 10 morons who clicked this post looking for a message (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 10)
    hobie -- Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 16:56:27
    Thanks, Reader P., for the $50. :) Another $110 and we're there, Please Contribute your hard earned money so that Rayelan can piss it away on family heirlooms. Blessings. (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 3)
    hobie -- Tuesday, 3-Mar-2015 18:40:28

    1. Thanks sskids! You know, the donations could be from morbid curiosity about what will happen next. Perhaps she could get 16 Readers to each adopt a Unit and support it until it is time for its contents to be donated back to Salvation Army or Goodwill, which is doubtless what will happen. Rayelan will die before she sells the 'precious' items she groans over and fondles. I assume these are in the Units. This is almost good enough for a graphic.

    2. Anonymous gave $50
      may this multiple exponentially; blessings

      Anonymous gave $20
      Thank you for creating this space for our family of light and love to gather!

      pauline carrier gave $50

      Anonymous gave $100
      Get the word out FukuShima. peace.

      ShadowSoul gave $500

    3. Thanks, SSkids. They have to either be so deluded they are barely functional or putting money in the till for Green Hills Software to keep Rayelan going while they work on getting me through some other means. Time will tell.