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And now, the Response to Rayelan's latest Panhandling Rant

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Hi Folks - Here's an Update
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Mar-2015 00:31:23

Lots of emails from friends and reader-friends asking where am I, what am I doing?
I am doing two things right now...
1. Moving from the house I have lived in since I came to Ohio.
2. Trying to figure out how to get my three year "house-guest" out of the house I live in so I can stop paying two rents!!
Melinda was never a house guest. This is a lie used to evade accountability for having enticed Melinda to relocate to Ohio so she could be stripped of resources and left homeless.
The house guest who overstayed her welcome by over two and a half years has sued me in small claims court. Because I don't want her to know anything about my rebuttal to her claims, I am afraid I can't share anything with you.
Instead of reading Raye's lies read the law suit. Issue again reverts to the fraud perpetrated on Melinda by Raye.
And that brings it to the next point... which I can't share with you because I don't want her to know what I am doing on the legal front.
If you can't share your brilliant insights why do you mention having had one?
It's been hell for me. I am glad that the boil has come to a head and I am in the process of lancing it.
It has come to a head. A relief to me, especially since every lie you have told, at least all I am aware of at this moment, are now being exposed.
My house-guest who overstayed her welcome is Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. I would like to warn everyone who reads this that she is a leech who will suck you dry of your money and your energy. She prefers people who are open-hearted, trusting, and who have never dealt with a psychopath.
Rayelan throws around libels freely. These statements are libelous and can be proven as such. Remember, actually is a leech. None of you know anything about Rayelan except her claims to have access to power through men and having been a CIA asset who used sex to a weapon. Now, she panhandles from her credulous Readers, spends money like an addict. And this is what the woman brags about.
You may remember, and if not you can go look at the post where I challenge both Raye and Morgan to take the Hare Index, the most reliable test for psychopathy. I volunteered to take it and that offer stands. But as soon as I mentioned the idea both Raye and Morgan went suddenly silent. What does that tell you? Here is the Post - Contribute!!!!! Fundrazr for Three Hare Index Tests Let Raye take the test, too. I am very, very willing to do so because I know what the outcome will be. Transparency is a BEAUTIFUL thing.
I am moving... it is very slow because at the moment I don't have the money to hire people to help me. I am continuing to move what I can by myself in my Jeep Cherokee.
I have to stay here and continue to pay rent on the old house because Melinda is upstairs and has no intention of moving.
Who ever said I was never moving? I'm all packed and ready to go, just waiting on final approval. It is hard finding a place appropriate for two disabled adults and two cats. All Raye had to do was settle and stop lying when this started. But she could not do that because she wanted to collect from Craig for making me homeless.
Raye is slow moving because she has made tens of thousands of dollars libeling me and she is the laziest person I have ever met and cannot resist buying junk. If she moved around more she would lose weight. I told her straight to her face it was irresponsible to focus on collecting junk and beading when so much needs to be done to enact change. Instead of doing anything useful she decided to put in a place to sit in the back yard.

I have friends staying at my new house to make sure things stay safe there.
Right, her friends are Angel, Leigh, Angel's mother and probably the Deadly Handyman and Angel's brother, Thomas Scott Beckenheimer, oh, he of two active warrants. These are the SAME people Raye claimed her trying to kill and or poison her and rip her off, which is why I needed to come to Ohio so urgently. Raye asked me to write a police report on their for her.   March       5       Criminal Complaint Lodged Against the Powers - Lee Family 
Why would she do that? It had to be a powerful motive to get her to kick out the people who had helped her move to have a place to put me after she enticed me, against my every argument and having hooked me with the promise of enough to establish a trust fund for my disabled son, to come to Ohio where I knew NO ONE.
I'm 66 years old and I have NEVER had anything like "The Melinda" happen to me. I am very thankful for this. However, at age 66 I don't have the energy to engage in the constant battle that she wages against me. Everyday she adds more to the website she has dedicated to me.
Let's pause for a moment to consider why I started this website and had used the same technique to protect myself from the assaults of others who Raye knows well and is working with. Unlike many RMN Readers I did not take conspiracies seriously until it happened to me. Large amounts of money make for large motivations.
How does billions of dollars strike you as a motive? Not for Raye but for those who motivated her to entice me to Ohio?

I am not the only one she has created websites for. The moment you get on her bad side she tries to destroy you by creating websites that slander and malign you. I have had friends read the website and most say that they could find nothing on the site that is true.
This is sheer hyperbole. Let Raye name her friends who said that. I put up sites with proof, documents, depositions, affidavits, quotes and other hard evidence. I do not libel anyone. If I had I would have been sued because those I have exposed hated it and had the money to do so.
Raye does not seem to know documenting what you say is standard practice in both journalism and in court. List of sites below.
Many women and victims have thanked me for helping them get out of relationships with these people. I wish someone had done this for me.
Richard Lee Barteaux – Put up years after he died because only then did I find out he was a psychopath who fathered three disordered children, one of them my first child, Morgan. It is mostly just documents supplied to me by his disgusted relatives. I did no research.
John Fund – A NeoCon
Morgan Gell – Richard's oldest child
Drone Free Zone – Green Hills Software, Inc.
Craig Franklin – He married me to get sexual access to my daughters then paid Morgan $5,000 a month to slander me and $10,000 in an attempt to murder my son, Arthur, her brother.
The Duke of Manchester – Raye's BEST Friends! He and his wife were put up at the Biltmore in Montecito by Craig and suddenly decided to attack me, calling my clients and libeling me online. What had I done? Been ripped off for two months of work and a website and then told him I would not sue because I could not get blood out of a stone. Manchester did not have the money to pay me and Raye knew that she she told me he was a principled man who could be trusted. Why did she do that to me? The site remains a resource for people being enticed into trusting the Manchesters.

This morning I discovered that she has now created websites for every person who is helping me in my move... AND one for the owner of the house she lives in.
If you have extra time and want to see the huge scenario she has created in her own mind, all you have to do is google the name "brobst" and "melinda pillsbury-foster".
Raye again outs herself as being unable to see what is before her eyes. You don't have to do the search. I did it HERE. Ten sites came up with a mention of my name and “Brobst” Here are the ten hits which come up. These are court documents originating on this site and in my archive, which links here. There is one page from our church bulletin which has both names, in entirely different articles.

It's my belief that she has told herself this lie for so long that she actually believes it. It will take a lot of time on my part to gather all the evidence I need to prove that what she is saying about me is not true. But I have to do it.
Facts and Raye have no common meeting point, as evidenced by her inability to see what is a different site from this one or my archive and a church bulletin. Remember, Raye is PROUD of not being a journalist and thinks the truth does not matter.
Sadly, I am moving myself using my Jeep, and at the same time I am trying to tell the truth about how Melinda Pillsbury-Foster of California came to live in my house in Ohio.
I can hardly wait. This kind of narrative will be full of discrepancies between her present lies and past lies. Goodie, goodie.
Melinda has all the time in the world. She doesn't have to worry about paying rent or utilities because I am paying them. She hides in the bedroom she calls her office and creates websites aimed at destroying me and taking Rumor Mill News from me.
There is one website on Raye. Nothing more is needed. I do pay utilities. I pay them in CALIFORNIA where my home is which Raye enticed me to leave without having rented out. She was desperate, desperate, to have me intervene and SAVE her from the Lee – Powers Family. It was probably they who needed to be saved from Raye.
I would not want Rumor Mill News on any terms. It is a loathsome example of disinformation and should be off the internet. I stay out of Raye's way because she is disgusting. She screams, uses filthy language and is abusive. The rooms where she lives are stuffed full of junk because she is a hoarder.
I am too tired right now to write any more, but I promise I will.
Yes, please do. See Above.

And now the wind up and pitch for money....
As for my financial situation... it's dire. The move has taken more money than I ever thought it would. What has also happened this month is my 15 year old Golden Retriever, Buck; is having severe problems with his back and left leg. He can barely walk. Many times he pees and has to lie in his pee until I discover what has happened.
I am using an oil made by Dr. Tennant. It's a muscular-skeletal blend for soreness. I put it on Buck at night and it seems to work for 24 hours. I have also used it on myself and it really works. I don't know who sent it to me but I thank them very much. When I have more time, I am going to contact the company and see if they will advertise with us.
The vet bills and prescriptions for Buck cost close to $300.00. That's my margin each month after the bills are paid and food for humans and dogs is purchased.
At the moment I am -$396.73 overdrawn in my bank account and I have $96.05 in my Paypal account.
I'm not asking for money, but if you feel moved to contribute here is the Fundrazr/Paypal link:
Tomorrow I am going to post a number of things for sale. Most will be jewelry, but I will also have a few designer handbags. I am hoping that I can raise enough money to pay the bills for RMN as well as hire the help I need to complete my move and finally get away from the psychopath who lives upstairs.
More Later!!

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