Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another Whining panhandling plea from the Queen of Incompetence!

Perhaps Huntington was just honoring a lien from the IRS.  Remember, Raye stopped using PayPal because they started reporting to those nasty people. I have wondered if this evasion of the IRS is one of the things which brought Raye and Craig together, not that there is any hankypanky going on there, rest assured.  Raye is decades too old for Craig, who likes his women in the single digits. 

And tomorrow we are going to court in Jefferson on the issue of unlawful detainer and eviction.  I wrote a motion which was received by the Eastern Court this morning.  I'm sure Raye will be excited to tell you how it went tomorrow afternoon and I am also sure she will appear in her best duds, probably pink, and put on exactly the same kind of performance she did last week when she insisted she had done the graphics for our business cards for Rubicon Aegis, LLC. 

It was one of those moments she she had insisted she never offered me a partnership. 

Help - Another Crisis - My Land Lady is Coming for the Rent and The Money That Was There Last Night Isn't There
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 1-Apr-2015 12:21:41 

Huntington has screwed me again. This will be the last time I really am going to close that account.
Last night... between my bank account and Paypal I had exactly $750.00. This morning I logged in to my Huntington account because my VA benefits should have come in today and I should have had over $1500 in the account to pay the rent and bills.
When I brought up the account I couldn't believe my eyes. Between last night and this morning, Huntington added well over $700.00 in overdraft fees. There were NO overdraft fees last night or on any night that I checked the balance. But suddenly this morning there is over $750 in overdraft fees.
Needless to say, I am closing the account today!!
But that doesn't help me out because I have a landlady who is driving from Cleveland to Ashtabula to pick up the rent that I don't have.
I truly need help today.
On top of everything, the Fundrazr widget is being upgraded and I don't have access to it this month. There is one other that I will try to fill out the application for, but I don't think they will approve it fast enough.
So... here is the link to the paypal. I need $700.00 for my rent that I normally pay out of the VA Benefit check that comes in on the 1st. But Huntington Bank... at the last minute takes out over $750 in late fees. Never Again. There was NO notice that I didn't have the money in there... I always check my bank balance before I spend a dime. What happened is purchases that I made weeks ago were NOT taken out of the account on the day I made the purchase, they were taken out yesterday. Thinking that Paypal takes out the money the day the purchase is made has been the mistake that I made last month.
If anyone has had this trouble with Paypal before, please let me know. This is the second time these actions on their part has cost me hundreds in overdraft fees.
However, I have no choice today but to ask for help via paypal to come up with the money to pay the rent... $750.00


  1. So looking for fireworks when the land lady comes for her rent? I do not believe her, at $30 per overdraft that is about 25 nsf. More likely, the Goodwill store just got in a new shipment of used junk that Rayelan could not pass up thinking the Rubes of RumorSwill would cover the difference. So I guess Rayelan gets approximately $1250.00 Social security and another $800 veteran benefits per month from her last husband, the one she had nothing good to say about. Good thing she latched onto him when she did, his eyesight and hearing must have been defective.

    1. sskids, how do we know she is paying rent in another place? She could have gotten it free and clear from Craig for services rendered - though probably not until she has really delivered. And that has not yet happened. One does feel sorry for David Kooker's family.

  2. I am pretty sure she said before that VA came in on the 15th. She gets VA and Social Security? I seriously can't believe folks STILL fall for this crap, month after month.

  3. Help - Another Crisis - My Land Lady is Coming for the Rent and The Money That Was There Last Night Isn't There (views: 622)
    Rayelan -- Wednesday, 1-Apr-2015 12:21:41

    Open a new account and notify the VA to hold your payment until you have a new account *NM* (views: 160)
    Dquixote1217 -- Wednesday, 1-Apr-2015 13:25:19
    Thanks. :) LET'S KEEP IT COMING - That $90 is a good start but doesn't cover the rent, yet - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE * (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 2)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 1-Apr-2015 17:50:39

    How about you STOP spending and when you do spend, write it in a check register.

  4. hobie gave $20

    (And this, too, shall pass. :)

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    Nathan Krishnan gave $50

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    1. Do you mean Hobie will pass? Raye bombed out of here with the Deadly Handyman accompanying them on his motorcycle. But I saw his truck earlier today. And yesterday Raye, HERSELF, was removing the flower boxes from the porch. Amazing.

    2. You'd have to ask Hobie, it was his comment.

    3. Ah! Then he means we will go away and the rubes will return to gaze adoringly at Rayelan. Why do I think he is overly optimistic?

    4. Money mysteriously vanishing of Rayelan's bank account (which one?) has such a loooooooooooooong tradition!
      It always happens when she's engaged with her beloved secret service military cia mossad buffoons?
      Here's the video from
      Global Sciences Congress, Denver, August 1993. Introduction by Dean Stonier and Eustace Mullins.

      Please prepare you handkerchief when
      Raye's pity begging self-confessions start at 29:40

      In retrospect it all appears so laughable though it might have been true, not?
      Question arises,
      how come Dean Stonier and Eustace Mullins
      had been deeply duped by this crazy
      Penniless Douchess of Esterhazy?

      Because Raye herself is a secret service military cia mossad buffoon
      remotely controlled and surveilled by her handlers?
      Hidden in plain sight?


    5. Drama Queen is such a bold callous impostor and liar!
      Just one example I picked out. In the above clip from 1993 at 33:30 she says you need a special wrench, much different to those used in the States to take off the hub cap of a Peugeot. Which one? The ornamental hub cap or the wheel hub? Either way, no special wrench needed if the bolts and the wheel wrench have the same fitting size.
      To take off the ornamental cap it`s enough to have a screw driver. To take off the wheel you don't even touch the wheel hub, you just unscrew the bolts. So what is she talking about? She says only after having pulled the car to the right side and stopped it she realized that a front wheel was missing?! What a bunch of silly crap is this? Did she ever drive a 4 wheel car with a front engine and 1 front wheel missing? I doubt it. When one wheel goes off then the car slips aside, the wheel suspension hits the ground and you feel it instantly, the car slows abruptly down on one side and, depending on speed and driving surface, the car will turn around or roll over.

      Smithy's dramaturgy = Braggy blathermouth nonsense to impress the foolish audience?

      I know what I'm talking about, Mississ Raye! I know very well the French Peugeot and Citroen cars of these times. No sorry for Smithy, she's debunked again, in retro mode, going 23 years back, nothing has changed with her, it got even worse and worse, she's a cold blooded shameless fearmongering monster liar.


  5. I wonder if the 'April Fools' even realize they're dropping their monthly homages into two different Fundrazr's now? I imagine one could be honest and close the March one down, but hey, why not milk it?

  6. I assume you are back safe Melinda. Can't wait to hear what happened today. It is 7pm there, 6pm here. On this side there is no new post or comment yet. I do come check often and forgot to tell you that posts don't show up for hours here. It has been as much as 4 hours. I didn't know if you knew that or not
    We just had a 3.3 earthquake. I sure felt it as a jolt and a huge gust of wind coming through the open window.
    . ~dmh

    1. Hi dmh! 3.3 is not bad usually, were there injuries? Damage?


    Money Has Come in and Gone Out Faster this Month Than Normal

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 3-Apr-2015 21:50:54

    I was in the hospital today for dehydration. I am not remembering to drink enough fluid, let alone eat and do all the other things that I need to do just to survive... such as raise enough money to pay for everything.

    I can't believe that I forgot I didn't have all the rent. I pulled the money out of the bank the day that my social security came in, but I had to spend part of it on bills and that's the part I forgot.

    Tomorrow I am driving up to meet my landlady and pay the rent. The only problem is I am $250.00 short of paying the rent and $65.00 short of buying the prescription for my Golden Retriever that takes his pain away.

    And then there is the $400.00 to pay for the server.

    I have always said that we need $1,000 in the Fundrazr Widget by the 10th. But this month, the major fundraising for the month needs to happen right now.

    I normally can pay my own rent and any other personal problems out of my social security. But with having to pay to have the house painted and for help with the move, plus court costs and my lawyer's fees, I am completely out of my personal money.

    RMNews is headquartered in my home, i.e. my home is my office. Moving RMN is one of the biggest parts of the move. You have no idea how much research I have gathered over the years. One of these days I hope to use it to write many books. I must have over 300 boxes full of tapes and letters from whistle blowers.

    Buck, my Golden Retriever is crying. I need to see what is wrong.

    Please help.

    That's Toby on the pillow looking at his big brother Buck and wondering if there is anything he can do to make Buck feel better.

    It Seems I Only Post These Days When I Ask for Money

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 3-Apr-2015 23:14:05

    In Response To: Money Has Come in and Gone Out Faster this Month Than Normal (Rayelan)

    I don't know if money is so tight throughout the country that there are few readers who have enough left over to share, or if you're all so tired of hearing that I desperately need money for some crisis and you just tune me out.

    I don't blame you for tuning me out. I have posted so many pleas for money in the last few months that even I am sick of seeing and writing them.

    There is a reason that money is so tight. Google Adsense cut us off. It was a major chunk to lose and I haven't found another advertiser to replace them.

    And of course I also had the added expense of lawyer's fees. Even though I won the case, I know I will never see any of the money I sued for. but that's a whole other story. What I need right now is to see the widget filled with a $1,000.

    Thank you so much for understanding.


    1. More and more people are coming to understand you every day, Aging Party Girl. Take a look at your hits. Maybe the CIA can start buying ads. They are always looking for 'girls' like you.