Monday, February 9, 2015

A Really Charming E-Mail

This has appeared, I guess.  One of the, what did I call them?  Right, one of the growing number of  LBers, sent this on to me.  Thanks for sending!

Hi, Folks -
Another charming e-mail:
Re: To the Reader who wants to report RMN for ....
What a dirty lying sack of shit you both are.
If Rayelan received a death threat her time would be better spent reporting it to the proper authorities instead of panhandling her gullible readers.
She ran the same bullshit last in the last two months. The old "have to pay the handyman scam", she upped the ante with a phony death threat.
Post this, you dirty grifter.

So Jeff Gordon seems to have actually allowed it to be posted. 

There are lots of further ramifications here that potentially go far beyond Rayelan and her disinformation site and this long ongoing con.  

What would an ambitions computer geek do to fulfill his dream of being richer than Bill Gates?  What if, already enmeshed in one conspiracy he found even more opportunity for riches by cooperating with Bush Co. in 2003, making it possible for the cover up leading into the Iraqi War to avoid exposure?  

It happened.  

I mentioned someplace my site, Just the Evidence, had  been hacked, this matching curiously Rayelan's urgent pleadings I come to Ohio.  Evidence was removed.  This was no amateur job.  But Back Ups Exist and will be going up.   

There is no statute of limitations to run here, by the way.  Conspiracy to commit murder has no limitation.   

I was asked it this was dangerous.  Yes, it is.  Pray for me. 


  1. I am sure Hobie was expecting an over whelming wave of support and money from the true believers. How dare anyone call the beloved Rayelan and the ever faithful Hobie a lying sack of shit.

  2. You never know. He could have written that one himself.

  3. Funny how that didn't get an overwhelming wave of money. No money to pay those all important bills OR the handyman. Gosh, I AM concerned. dmh

    1. I am shocked, shocked. Please, Please, donate to Rayelan and Jeff so they can continue to live the posh lifestyles to which you have accustomed them. If you don't Rayelan will threatened to take away your safe place - again.

    2. They got two $10 donations in addition to the highly suspicious $500. and $300 from anon. What kind of idiot would give that kind of money? Must be something else going on, because people that stupid don't generally have much money.

    3. Alas, if only that were true. It could be the CIA making a direct deposit - or it could be Craig. This is all, of course, speculation. The question is how does she intend to use the money. Is she piling it up to hire a hit man to kill me and my son? She has, of course, threatened to do that.