Monday, February 16, 2015

Rayelan the Magnificent, Queen of Conspiracy, Strikes Again - This time at the bathtub

I took a bath late yesterday and the bathtub's drainage was in perfect order. Since I had recently cleaned out the material, hair mostly, which will slow the flow it was working like a champ. 

A while back Rayelan, now Raye, ordered one of her minions to stop the flow of used water from the bathtub. This lasted for three days during which time I emptied it myself using an appropriately sized trash can. Evidently the lack of reaction on my part eventually motivated her to turn the spigot and the flow of water was restored. If damage had been done because of spillage she would, of course, been accountable.

This is happening right now so I thought I would share these pictures and one more which I thought you might elicit a chuckle.  See at the bottom.  

Arthur had evidently used 4 1/2 inches of water for his morning ablutions.

Here you see the seat Arthur has to use to bathe.  The retained water created a hazard to him as a disabled man. 

So, again the Master of Guile has struck a blow for the New World Order, her real employer.  Moving the water with the handy implements below seems to have increased the pain in my right shoulder brought on by the last episode of harassment, namely building the berm of snow so I could not use my car.  Another police report, with damaged, will be filed.

Yet another moment of drama for the Queen of Crude, Rayelan the Magnificent and So Very Clever retired CIA Operative, if not Asset.  

Stay Tuned for the next Episode of the Rayelan and Hobie Show!

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