Monday, February 9, 2015

And Another 20%er

Any population breaks down into categories in relationship to their ability to innovate and accept change. 

5% will try anything once.  My Dad would always buy a new kind of cracker he discovered on the market shelf but often this was the only time it was purchased.  

15% will try something new if they are desperate enough.  This is one of the reasons you see so many people being taken advantage of by mortgage fraud types.  Desperation does this. 

60% adopt change when enough of it has seeped into the main stream so that it seems like just another choice. 

20%  Just have to die.  This explains the many bodies left in Pompeii. 

This explains the kind of activity going on in the mind responsible for the Post below.

(Thanks kindly, e. :)
Reader e. writes:
Re: Reader: 'I too question this continuous pl....
Dear Hobie,
I have noticed something very interesting in the last few years: the more brilliant, outspoken and politically active (for lack of a better description) a person is, the more crap they seem to get in their lives to try to stop them. Usually this seems to come in the form of narcissistic and/or psychopathic individuals who do everything they can to make the 'targeted individual' miserable in a plethora of ways. Money and physical illness seem to be their favorite methods of serious interference.
In fact, now that I think of it, the best people I know seem to be under constant attack these days and Raye is no exception, except that she's exceptional (:)). When I was an unwitting natural health activist, long story, I was under constant attack and an attempt was made on my life. It may be difficult for those who live more quietly to understand, but the situation and the life under constant threat is real...I've been there.
Until you have walked a mile in another's shoes...
Raye has persevered for years in a world that feels like trying to run through cement when constant roadblocks are put in your path. I remember a lot of bloggers and alternative news site owners getting a horrendous pneumonia last year and I did not think it was accidental.
I personally did everything I could think of to help her get well, including prayer, because we need sites like RMN to stay on the web. She, like so many of us these days, is under constant attack because of the beacon of Light she shines on this mess of a world.
Can you, oh you detractors say that you are doing the same?
Blessings to all, even y'all fools

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