Sunday, February 8, 2015

GreyOtter does not think you need to know the facts. Rayelan Makes Death Threat

Does is ever occur to anyone to find out if something Rayelan says is factual?   Or is there general agreement, with Rayelan, and between RMN Readers, that they are not journalists and the facts don't matter? 

Saying someone made a death threat is serious.  Of course, no one took it seriously when last summer Rayelan told her buddy Manchester, there was a contract out on my life and the life of my son, so it appears everything RMN Readers 'think' is sadly lacking in any objective discernment.  Manchester leaves report of death threat issued by Rayelan on his former wife's answering machine at her work.  Death Threat.

Of course, if GreyOtter actually used his real name it would be possible to hold him accountable for what he says.     

Common Ground Independent Media

Rayelan vs Handyman's Death Threat
Posted By: GreyOtter <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 8-February-2015 18:25:41

I know that such a threat coming from an ex-convict has to make a chill run down Rayelan's spine.
She should capture his picture with here cell phone, and post to RumorMillNews with his personal information, and threat.
He would ignore any kind of restraining order...they are normally ignored by most violent individuals.
There's a chance the local law enforcement might consider it a "Terroristic" threat, and get Homeland Security involved.

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